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Which will probably not become relevant, but one of my muses perked ears at the top two rows. So saved here it shall be. Only sticky because I'm lazy and got tired of looking for it.

Much larger prompt table under the cut )

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Which is why I just broke down and watched the trailer for the next Transformers movie.

Yeah. I'm...going to go watch Beast Wars now. It was far better written than any of the current TF garbage.

I really miss Optimus Primal.
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Will be slightly delayed because we were busy duo-ing Highmaul raid with the Panda Death Squad. But tomorrow there will be tiny maple cookies, brought to you by elves.

Night elves. From Darnassus. Not Keebler.
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...that [personal profile] darthneko had never seen Charlie the Unicorn. This had to be rectified, to explain why I started laughing over an Easter egg in WoW. (In Azsuna there's a cliff with a Devious Sunrunner and a Sinister Leyrunner, who are standing over the body of a dead Sunrunner. Hover over the corpse and you see its name is Charlie. You can loot the Enchanted Sunrunner Kidney from a chest at Charlie's feet once the other unicorns sunrunners are dead.)
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I know, I know, I promised orange chocolate chip cookies. But as I was writing up my cookie headcanon, I realized it would make more sense to post those around Children's Week in spring. So instead, this week you get:
Tauren Spice Cookies

I'm not even sure what's on the agenda for next week. Maybe Westfall Stew.
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I feel strongly that I need this decorating tip set. Because if I'm going to blog about food, it should be pretty food, right?
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Where we talk about tasty tasty noms, with a side of WoW-themed food headcanon.

This week, sweet coconut chicken. Next week, orange chocolate chip cookies.
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Because basically my head is full of ALL THE COOKIE RECIPES I want to try/modify.

I have a LIST. It is a long list.
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Yeah, after a good start I just couldn't make it. Better luck next year.

In the meantime, there is this embroidery machine just sitting in our living room, and I am on the internet browsing ALL THE THREAD. All of it.
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As promised (or threatened): food pictures below the cut.

Noms. So much tastynoms. )

In short, we are going to be eating Thanksgiving until the END OF THE YEAR. Seriously.
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Yesterday I made pancakes.

Yesterday, I also discovered the kitchen spatulas are not silicone.

This horrible oversight has been corrected. *picks bits of melted plastic out of leftover pancakes*
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To celebrate being together in the new house, [personal profile] darthneko and I will be making a proper fall feast in true Azerothian fashion, courtesy of the World of Warcraft Official Cookbook (Amazon link). We shall be dining on a slow-roasted turkey, stuffing made from Mulgore spice bread, cranberry chutney just like that which graces tables across Azeroth during Pilgrim's Bounty, and side dishes of buzzard bites and fel eggs.

I am really looking forward to the fel eggs.

Expect pictures of tastynoms. Also expect us to start creating our OWN WoW inspired recipes at some point.

I will also be sending Winterveil cards to any and all who would like one. Message me or leave a comment with your address (comments are screened) if you'd like a card. :)
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No, really, what the actual fuck?
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The cuteness of pandas compels.

(Chibi panda cookie/sandwich cutter set on Amazon. [personal profile] darthneko, we need this.)

Edit: Also, I now have glasses I can actually see through.
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A coloring book (Amazon affiliate link), to be precise.

All kudos to [personal profile] darthneko for being best waifu and doing the heavy lifting of assembling it for me. ♥
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Like me, [personal profile] darthneko has now plunged into the world of self publishing. Unlike me, she is producing things she'll actually admit to.

Sadly, it is not (yet) the novel she's been working on. Instead, it's her first coloring book!

Cover image below the cut. )
Meanwhile, I am still writing porn that I won't admit to, because it pays better than my half-assed fantasy ideas would.
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The writing bunny, that is. I have an actual character (a cast of them, even) and actual plot and actual WORDS for the first time in years. (No, my Amazon smut does not count as writing.) I am creeping around these things ever so carefully for fear of spooking them and making them vanish.


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