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Which will probably not become relevant, but one of my muses perked ears at the top two rows. So saved here it shall be. Only sticky because I'm lazy and got tired of looking for it.

Much larger prompt table under the cut )

And some fluff prompts, snitched from an LJ comm )
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Tor.com Publishing will be opening to novella (20k-40k) submissions on May 1 and July 1.

We will be open for two weeks beginning on May 1 around 9:00 AM EST (UTC-1:00) and ending on May 15 9:00 AM EST (UTC-1:00).

This open period is intended for authors who have completed works ready or close to ready for submission. We will reopen slush a second time in July 2018 for authors who are actively working on (or beginning) something that would fit our list. In other words, don’t panic if you’re not ready to submit in May! We would rather see a polished novella in July than a rushed one in May.
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So, not only did I discover Amazon has a fuckton of Sentai DVDs sets, I also discovered it's possible to stream ZyuRanger and KakuRanger for a very reasonable monthly subscription!
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Hope that someday, I will find a YA, coming-of-age-ish fantasy story with a female protagonist, where the primary conflict isn't "but you're a GIRL trying to do NON-GIRL things! Go put on a dress!"

In particular, I hope to someday find worldbuilding that doesn't fall back on that tired old trope while at the same time positing a world where women are accepted, apparently in numbers and without prejudice, into a military academy.
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...but even so, it always strikes me as so WEIRD to see 1-star reviews on a book that are, essentially, complaining the main character isn't enough of a sociopath. Also the negative reviews complaining about too much character development.

Fortunately, the pro-sociopath reviewers don't seem to be hurting Rick Scott's sales any. Not that I expect the "douchebro killing machine" crowd to touch anything I publish, as they would get girl cooties from it.

My actual wordcounts the past two days have been abysmal, but in jotting notes about various classes and sub-classes I have realized I want to write books about all the different tank styles.
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1,986 words on my LitRPG novel. \o/ I don't even utterly hate every word of it!
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And after a winter of no snow to speak of, I wake up to

I honestly feel like nature is trolling me at this point.

In other news, I am one sex scene away from finishing this short and I have no clue what I'm writing after it's done. Though the steampunk-themed noblebright anthology which is scheduled for after the faerie-themed one looks intriguing; I wonder if they'd be open to a bit of steampunk-flavored Weird West fic?
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I am trying to clear the decks to actually write a LitRPG novel, or at least 50k of one.


Mar. 1st, 2018 01:50 pm
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I just went through and send friend requests to everyone who signed up with my referral code (because I conveniently have your user names on my dash). No need to accept if you don't want to, it's just that knowing people can see my word counts at a glance keeps me from slacking off.
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Total words written in February: 35,018
Total words written in 4theWords: 25,420
4theWords writing streak: Current - 20 days; Longest - 20 days
Total words written in 2018: 51,904

Shorts published: 2
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And I think I honestly used to be a better writer than I am now.


Feb. 24th, 2018 11:29 pm
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I'm going to let my dashboard speak for itself:Cutting for largish images )
I just hit 30k words for the month.
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Like the WoW forums.

The current nightmarish horror that is destroying WoW forever is the possibility of fat humans as a playable race.
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In that I write substantially more when "more words" = "I will get a reward toward a quest".

Here is my year to date chart from Wordkeeper Alpha:

I have a 14 day streak on 4thewords right now. Of those 14 days, 11 are over 1k (and today will be, too, after some 200 word sprints vs some Love Frizis; I need love dust before the holiday event ends, damn it). I finished a 6k word erotic short in 6 days (which is still a far cry from "I wrote my latest short in an afternoon" but I will take what I can get, here).

For the curious who missed my last post, the link is 4thewords, and my referral code is PFXBS32680.

In other, but related, news, LitRPG is the current hot topic of conversation on my primary writing forum as a growing market, and this feels like it should be up my alley, but I keep soft bouncing off the actual books. I stalled out on Dungeon Lord because, even though the narrator is brilliant and the opening with the raid group involved a lot of gleeful recognition on my part, the actual "entry into the gameworld" section just made me hate the main character. I have also discovered that I have no tolerance for main characters who are so new to, not just their specific game world, but the CONCEPT of gaming, that they can't suss out from context basic terms like "vendor trash". I'll give your character (oh god, I almost typed toon right there; no self, this is books, not actual games) a pass if they have trouble with the alphabet soup of AOE and DPS and DoTs and HoTs, but seriously, how hard is it to grasp that "vendor trash" is "trash you sell to a vendor"?

I have no actual plot for a LitRPG novel, and looking at what's available on Amazon I suspect anything I wrote would fail to hit the market and sink into swift, 1-star oblivion. But I kinda want to write about a gaming couple where he got his girlfriend into the game thinking he'd have a nice healbot, and instead she decided to tank for his squishy DPS ass. And then *handwave* they end up in the actual game for REASONS and PLOT happens. IDEK, this is just me being contrarian to both the Douchelord Gamer Dudebro MCs and the Clueless N00b MCs.
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I always forget that. But I have no regrets over getting my hands on a free copy of the audiobook version of Dungeon Lord, because the narrator is a ton of fun to listen to as he does the dialogue of a raid group on Discord.

I'm only half an hour in, so not to the meat of the story yet, but I'm totally delighted by the DPS who pulls the boss, then rage-quits because the healer had better things to do than heal his squishy ass. Either the author plays WoW (and the game they're playing really feels more like WoW than a modern game) or he watched the Leroy Jenkins video too many times. XD

Not gonna lie, this makes me want to read LitRPG way more than the "here are all the character sheets in table form" books do.
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This is quite possibly the best MCU movie I've seen. Very tight, fast paced, and clearly written with the assumption that viewers are familiar with these new-fangled things called "movies" and "comic books".

On a more shallow note, pretty people, pretty costumes, RHINOS IN ARMOR!!!, and I was quite okay with how much time T'Challa spent shirtless and wet. >_> Also, amused that Wakanda is apparently a lion pride where they put one strong male in charge as a figurehead and then women take care of everything.

Shuri is the BEST and I love her.

Can we just cancel the rest of the MCU and make all Black Panther movies? Maybe the next Avengers can be T'Challa and his team of amazing women.

(Also, I am ready for my Beast Wars reboot, Hollywood.)
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Though, honestly, I have kind of been expecting something like this, which is why when I accepted the invite for THIS week's raid, I didn't accept the invite for NEXT week's raid at the same time.

And now I have declined next week's raid, because seriously, over the past 3 Saturdays this group only managed to show up last Saturday (when I was unable to go), and didn't bother to tell anyone the raid was off either of the nights they failed to show. Since it wasn't just a case of "raid leader isn't here" and was, instead, a case where MOST of the group wasn't even on as far as I can tell, I have to assume they're telling certain guild members about the change of plans but not everyone. (I am not in the guild, but my sister and nephews are, and THEY didn't know the raid wasn't happening tonight, either.)

I want the Ahead of the Curve achievement, and the mount that goes with it, but I don't necessarily feel obligated to get it with a guild that has an inner clique who gets informed of major schedule changes, and the rest of us can fuck ourselves.
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So instead, I am distracting myself with 4thewords. I looked at this site (which gets you to write by giving you monsters to defeat with various word counts) a long time ago, back when it first started up I think, and it was cute but I didn't think it would WORK for me. I certainly didn't think it would work well enough to make me pay for it, not even at $4 a month.

Well, recently I noticed there is an entire thread devoted to this game on one of my writing forums, and one person's sig says, "I wrote 127k words in January because of this stupid game." Okay, even among writers who churn out pulp romance at high speed, that is a pretty impressive word count, so I figured it couldn't hurt to give 4thewords another go.

And amazingly enough, it's working. I started the game 8 days ago, and between two erotica projects and two non-erotica projects (plus a small file accurately entitled "Bitching"), I have written over 10,000 words. Painlessly. Oh, this monster gives 120 minutes to write 500 words? Let's just do that...three times in a row. I am avoiding the rather daunting "2100 words in 10 hours" boss fight in favor of the holiday event, which involves defeating small (200-600 word) monsters for roses and "love dust". My avatar now has heart-shaped emoji eyes and I really, really want that rose crown.

In-game achievements aside, I have gone from struggling to force out 500 words a day, to easily breaking 1k per day. I just bumped my word count goal for the year from 175,000 words to 300,000, and according to my goal graph on WordKeeper Alpha, I am less than 3k words behind my new schedule. I fully expect to catch that up within a week.

If anyone else would like to give 4thewords a try, my referral code is PFXBS32680. There's a 30 day free trial, and then your first paid month gets you an extra 20 core crystals - almost half a month's subscription - and gets the person who referred you 44 core crystals (ie, a full month).
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I am seriously tempted by these watercolor brush pens (Amazon link).
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But I just spent the past two hours explaining plot/backstory/character relationships in the piece I'm currently struggling with in terms of "well, they took out the healer, and that split the tank and DPS up", and I actually think the story arc makes the most sense that way.
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Is anyone familiar with The Writer's Productivity Crash Course? Useful, or bullshit?

I mean, I know "useful or bullshit" largely depends on what works for each individual person, but the look inside doesn't give me much to go on so opinions would be appreciated.


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