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I intended to write my [personal profile] spook_me fics! But no, the imaginary people insisted on not only going AU, but adding a crossover into the mix. Who am I to refuse the imaginary people?

"Hey, KITT, there she is," Michael said, spotting a gleaming black Trans Am parked along the side of the street.

They pulled into an open spot along the curb, a few cars ahead of the Trans Am, and Michael got out, pulling his leather jacket closed against the cold. From the other car, a well-bundled figure emerged, hurrying down the street toward them.

"Ali!" Michael spread his arms for a hug; the woman stopped several feet away and gave him a wry look. With a shrug, he let his arms drop. "You're looking good. How's the little hairball?"

"It's good to see that I'm still not missing anything being on the far side of the country," Ali said, shaking her head, and now she moved in for the hug. With her arms around him, she said quietly, "She still has a crush on you, you know, so be nice."

Michael grinned, letting go. "Like driver like car, huh?"

"You wish, Vegas." Ali pushed away from him to lean against KITT. "And how are you doing, sleek, dark, and handsome?"

"Oh, you know, the usual, Ali."

"Still over worked and under appreciated by your driver, huh? Well, I'd say you were welcome here any time, but KIM's the jealous type." She raised her voice, and Michael noticed that the second Trans Am was nosing out of her parking space, scanner flicking rapidly back and forth. "Aren't you, chica?"

"I am not prone to jealousy. However, it's hardly fair for you to leave me out of this reunion," the car retorted, rolling up to join them.

"Not in a million years, Kimmy." Michael patted the car's hood, and she revved her engine. "How have you been?"

"Lucky that my molecular bonded shell isn't prone to corrosion due to road salt. Ali never remembers to wash me."

"I never wash you because nothing sticks to you."

"A little attention would still be nice. Not all of us have a mobile base to ensure optimum care, you know."

"He's not going to trade cars with me, KIM, no matter how many tales of abuse you spread." Ali waited a beat, then added, "I already asked."

"You did not!"

Ali grinned. "But he can drive you to the diner. KITT and I have catching up to do."

Before Michael could protest, KITT's driver's side door was open - Michael suspected KITT had opened it before Ali even touched the handle, the traitor - and Ali was inside. With a little wave, she shut the door, forcing Michael to step back so KITT could pull out of his space.

Michael glared after them, then looked down at the car idling behind him. "Okay, KIM, I guess it's just you and me for the duration."

"No objection from me," the car replied. "Besides, I can beat them there."

Michael slid into the car, and KIM adjusted the seat to suit his taller frame. "Well then, let's show them who's the better team, huh?"


"The man KIM and I are investigating is David Xanatos," Ali said, stirring sugar into her coffee with far more attention - and far more sugar - than the task required.

"The gazillionaire?"

"One and the same. He's good at covering his tracks with what appear to be legitimate business deals, but there's a surprising amount he hasn't covered up."

"But there's a reason you two called for backup."


"Ali, what's wrong?"

She took a deep breath, refusing to meet his eyes. "I think what I'm on to doesn't just involve Xanatos. I think we're dealing with dirty cops, too."



"What makes you think that?"

"There's one detective - Maza - she's everywhere, even when she has no reason to be close to my investigation. And she's stonewalling me hard." Ali finally looked up. "Even with KIM's help, I haven't been able to outflank her, which means she's got plenty of eyes reporting on us."

"That's not good."

"Tell me about it. I figure either you and KITT can help us work around her, or at the very least provide a decoy."

"Or both."

"Or both." Ali sipped her coffee and made a face, pushing the cup aside. "The thing I don't get is, Maza was the one who sent Xanatos to prison last year. I can't figure out why she's covering for him now."

"Maybe she isn't," Michael suggested. "Maybe she's covering for something else."

"Oh, there's a lovely thought."

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Oh you're off to an awesome start here!

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