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You know in Feral Scream, when Cheetor is turned all Demon Kitty? The engravings, the redesign, the whole look...kind of gorgeously viral, don't you think?

All I'm saying is, Hex has a pet, I think Megabyte should have a pet.

In non-crossover writage, lampshading the fact that my season 2 AU is going to be all girls, all the time:

Cheetor: Gee, Optimus, there sure were a lot of femme protoforms in the stasis pods.
Rattrap: Why d'ya think I signed up on this bucket, kid?

Must now work "Crusher recruits lionesses, who have been pretty happily terrorizing the local wildlife" into my timeline. Also must come up with names. And talk myself out of giving them both normal beast modes and transmetal beast modes, because having black lion, blue lion, and red lion options would be way, way too tempting.

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