Oct. 4th, 2010

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The more certain I am that, in the aftermath of KARR, they deliberately disabled some of KITT's basic decision-making functions. Because if his primary purpose is to protect human life, starting with his driver, then there is no way Michael should be able to get into some of those situations with KITT just sitting there waiting for orders*.

In this vein, I'm pretty sure that Ali isn't taking KIM on the road until some of that old self-preservation programming is put back. I actually think - and Brain, there is no way we should know this much about an AU we are not writing - that the Foundation board intended KIM to fail after Devon bullied through the building of a second car. Pity for them that I gave her Ali as a driver, and that Ali is already predisposed to a certain paranoia. (A woman didn't come up through the LAPD in the 70s without knowing who was out to get her, after all.)

I just want to write the fics I signed up for, guys. Make the imaginary people behave. *cries*

*No, Brain, you are not allowed to hit the angst button and have KITT want to act, but be unable to because of these alterations to his program. Although if someone else wanted to hit the angst button for us, that would be acceptable.

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