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It's still the 6th where I am, okay?

In honor of the release of The Mermaid's Madness, which Amazon has utterly failed to get to me in a timely manner, a question, an answer, and a link to more of the same:

Q: When you realized that The Stepsister Scheme could be the start of a series, did that realization come complete with ideas for the other fairy tales you'd like to use, or did the later books develop as you looked for new fairy tales?

A: I'm trying to remember how exactly it happened. I started thinking about Stepsister back in 2004, even before we had sold the goblin books to DAW. Once I actually started writing it and signed a contract with my publisher, I figured out pretty quickly that I wanted to do The Little Mermaid in book two. Red Riding Hood for book three came pretty quickly too, mostly thanks to a single line in the first book.

Book four took longer to figure out. I had some ideas about what I wanted to do in the last book, but I didn't have a convenient fairy tale to match it up with. So I spent more time reading and rereading fairy tales, both online and in books, and eventually came across The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. I'm a little ashamed to admit I'd never read this one before, but it fit beautifully with where I wanted to go with the series. I'm very excited about retelling this one.

Go here to see what other people wanted to know about, and what Jim had to say! Go here if you somehow failed to pre-order the awesome and want to rectify that!


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