Mar. 29th, 2010 10:51 pm
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Me 'n' Jose Cuervo wrote 564 words of Angelo and Hades bitching about their mothers in law. Will post tomorrow, when I can be sure it makes some kind of sense.

And because I have NO SHAME at the moment, a double drabble for [ profile] the_willow.

You would make a good Weyrleader, Goldarth said.

Tommy snorted. "What brings this on?" he asked, shouting against the wind of his bronze's flight.

Ritath will rise soon.

"Yeah, well, I suspect Jason has that all sewn up. Again."

You would be a better leader. Zordonth and his rider are bossy.

Tommy nearly choked, though he had to admit that since the first time Zordonth had flown Ritath, Jason had fallen in love with the sound of his own voice; he could imagine the bronze was as bad as his rider.

"What would Scorpinath have to say about that, huh?" And Kimberly; the green rider was crafthold bred, which complicated matters outside of mating flights, but Tommy genuinely...liked...her.

Scorpinath is a green, Goldarth replied, vaguely distainful.

"Scorpinath's always been good enough for you before."

That was before Zordonth flew Ritath.

Of course. Tommy should have known his bronze wouldn't be able to stand his clutchmate beating him for the senior queen of the Weyr.

And Ritath should be flown by the finest, fastest bronze, Goldarth added.

"Which would be you."

Of course.

Tommy shook his head, amused. "Stay modest, Goldy," he said, patting the bronze neck. "Stay modest."
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