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You can just blame [insanejournal.com profile] the_willow for this.

"Who the hell are you?" Jason demanded the moment the stranger emerged from the Weyrwoman's sleeping chamber.

The man spread his hands, a grin on his face. "Name's TJ. Bronze Zeddeth's rider."

Tommy noticed that he didn't add, "Weyrleader of Fort Weyr," though he had that right now.

"You aren’t part of this Weyr. You stole..."

"The flight from me," Tommy intervened, noting the edge of steel forming beneath the newcomer's smile. "You don't think Zordonth was going to manage to outfly Goldarth again, do you?"

For just a moment, he thought Jason might punch him, which was at least preferable to punching their new Weyrleader.

"He had no right to be there. The flight wasn't open!"

"Yes, it was." The Weyrwoman's voice drifted through her door, and a heartbeat later Katherine appeared, wrapped in a sleeping robe, a slight smirk on her face. "I threw it open. At Ritath's request. I thought you'd heard."

Jason sputtered and turned red. Tommy found himself edging in Katherine's direction, half afraid Jason was going to launch himself at her, and noticed TJ was doing the same. From her weyr, Ritath bugled; the bronzes answered.

Without another word, Jason turned and stormed away.
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