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Because basically my head is full of ALL THE COOKIE RECIPES I want to try/modify.

I have a LIST. It is a long list.
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Yeah, after a good start I just couldn't make it. Better luck next year.

In the meantime, there is this embroidery machine just sitting in our living room, and I am on the internet browsing ALL THE THREAD. All of it.
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As promised (or threatened): food pictures below the cut.

Noms. So much tastynoms. )

In short, we are going to be eating Thanksgiving until the END OF THE YEAR. Seriously.
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Yesterday I made pancakes.

Yesterday, I also discovered the kitchen spatulas are not silicone.

This horrible oversight has been corrected. *picks bits of melted plastic out of leftover pancakes*
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To celebrate being together in the new house, [personal profile] darthneko and I will be making a proper fall feast in true Azerothian fashion, courtesy of the World of Warcraft Official Cookbook (Amazon link). We shall be dining on a slow-roasted turkey, stuffing made from Mulgore spice bread, cranberry chutney just like that which graces tables across Azeroth during Pilgrim's Bounty, and side dishes of buzzard bites and fel eggs.

I am really looking forward to the fel eggs.

Expect pictures of tastynoms. Also expect us to start creating our OWN WoW inspired recipes at some point.

I will also be sending Winterveil cards to any and all who would like one. Message me or leave a comment with your address (comments are screened) if you'd like a card. :)
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No, really, what the actual fuck?
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The cuteness of pandas compels.

(Chibi panda cookie/sandwich cutter set on Amazon. [personal profile] darthneko, we need this.)

Edit: Also, I now have glasses I can actually see through.
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A coloring book (Amazon affiliate link), to be precise.

All kudos to [personal profile] darthneko for being best waifu and doing the heavy lifting of assembling it for me. ♥
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Like me, [personal profile] darthneko has now plunged into the world of self publishing. Unlike me, she is producing things she'll actually admit to.

Sadly, it is not (yet) the novel she's been working on. Instead, it's her first coloring book!

Cover image below the cut. )
Meanwhile, I am still writing porn that I won't admit to, because it pays better than my half-assed fantasy ideas would.
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The writing bunny, that is. I have an actual character (a cast of them, even) and actual plot and actual WORDS for the first time in years. (No, my Amazon smut does not count as writing.) I am creeping around these things ever so carefully for fear of spooking them and making them vanish.

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Still pissed at World of Warcraft. Did not finish NaNo. Did get several bits of short porn up on Amazon (and then subsequently stuck in Amazon's adult dungeon, which curtailed January and February's income quite a bit).

Not feeling particularly fannish (as in, am not watching anything but let's plays and the occasional WoW machinima). Am conspiring with [personal profile] darthneko to write non-porn because seriously, Amazon, what do you WANT from me? There is way worse shit merrily topping your erotica categories without you slapping the adult filter on it.

I may be slightly bitter about the latest dungeoning, because the story was so consensual it HURT.

And that is my current state of not-deadness.
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It's NaNoWriMo prep season, and I shall spend November writing a book, cheerleading my sister, and pestering my wife to finish her NaNo. What's everyone else doing?
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Because Warlords of Draenor has been a crap expansion that broke several core elements of the game that I enjoyed (crafting, you fuckers) in the name of "level cap as fast as humanly possibly and go raid and don't you dare do anything else". *ahem* But they didn't ruin Brewfest, and so [personal profile] darthneko and I resubbed for a month so that we could race rams and throw beer steins at dwarves and get Brewfest clothes for all our low level characters.

And then, yesterday, we successfully got our last few characters their clothes, and took them, one by one, to a quiet spot by the path up to Ironforge.

Screencaps followed. So many, many screencaps.

And then my lovely wife spent tonight doing this:cut for image )
You can also go see the image on Deviant Art here. For the record, I had to feed Hardwire something like 30 Alterac brandies from my Alterac brewpup before we finally got him to puke.
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And didn't AT ALL cause me to instantly cease writing for pretty much the entire month of July. >_>

Undaunted, I have signed up for NaNoWriMo. The fantasy/romance idea that I've been kicking around and really, really love, is going to be the sacrificial project. You can find its NaNo page here.

You can all feel free to kick my ass for words come November 1st. In the meantime, I have porn to write, ebook formatting software to learn (so I can stop letting Amazon convert my word docs into whatever the hell it feels like), Dragon Naturally Speaking to train, and another fantasy novel to pound into a rough draft so I can start polishing off the WoW artifacts (look, it was easier to placeholder name the villain Illidan and the location Nethergarde Keep than to come up with real names).

And that is what I am doing. Now, I must go make myself a suitable writing icon.
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GIANT ROBOT DUELING, guys! This kickstarter needs to be a raging success!

Click it! CLICK! You know you want to!


Aug. 19th, 2015 01:17 pm
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[personal profile] darthneko has a book proposal up on Inkshares, which is a crowdfunding-type site that publishes book based on demonstrated reader interest. I think this is a really good idea, and I want to read it, so please help me peer-pressure her into writing by hopping over to Inkshares and staring at following her.
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I emerge from hibernation because I just streamed Transformers: Age of Extinction (it was free to stream on Amazon Prime), and I have to ask: WTF am I watching? My take-away of the plot is "humans are dicks; many things explode." Accurate? (Edit: oh, and Optimus torture-porn, mustn't forget that Prime, as the only recognizable character, needs to get the shit kicked out of him in a vain effort to garner some fucks from the audience.)

Edit 2: My god, it keeps NOT BEING OVER. This movie is never-ending. Possibly because it's 3 movies. There's a human movie trying and failing to hit the humor during apocalypse of PacRim, there's a TF vs Evil Bounty Hunter movie, and now there's a dinosaur rodeo taking place in China. Godzilla would greatly improve that last movie, I'm just saying. The dinobots are fucking adorable galloping around, though. And green Autobot, I have no clue who the fuck you are but godDAMN are you a pretty color. *shallow*

This was totally my favorite part of the movie:

Oops, sorry, I meant this:

Dinobots are adorable fire-breathing metal babbies.

In other news, they revamped the entry page since last time I was here. Guess it's been a while.
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I will be on a plane to visit [personal profile] darthneko.

In ten days, I will be married to [personal profile] darthneko.

Considering I probably followed her journal for three years without managing to speak to her, we got to know each other during an absolute clusterfuck of an RP, and most of our dating has involved playing pandas together in World of Warcraft, I think we're doing pretty good.
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And it has been awesome. [personal profile] darthneko and I spent the day running pandas and draenei through Brewfest fun, the journal layout [personal profile] plures was doing for me is finished, and a commission from back in July arrived today as well. Plus I got birthday wishes from lovely people, and my beloved drew me something I've been talking about forever, which is that my plague bear would be the BEST BABYSITTER.

Just look at him not eating the panda and worgen cubs crawling on him. Good bear. )

And now I'm going to wrap up the day by eating orange chicken and watching a the start of a new Hyrule Warriors let's play.


Sep. 19th, 2014 10:18 pm
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Warlords of Draenor spoilers. Oh gods. THE SPOILERS.


I want Yrel though. I want the THING that happens. OH GODS. THE THING!


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