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2013-11-01 04:59 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: Leaves this here for different, unrelated reasons

Which will probably not become relevant, but one of my muses perked ears at the top two rows. So saved here it shall be. Only sticky because I'm lazy and got tired of looking for it.

Much larger prompt table under the cut )

And some fluff prompts, snitched from an LJ comm )
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2017-06-20 06:14 pm

I do not like moving

And I certainly am not thrilled by the idea of moving again, less than a year after the last move.

However, the place I am (knock wood, fingers crossed, etc) hopefully moving TO? I am extremely thrilled about that.

So if anyone would like to send good energy into the universe about [personal profile] darthneko and my home buying adventure, it would be much appreciated.
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2017-06-13 01:53 pm

My relationship to WoW

Is currently such that, instead of "Yay, I can now log in on patch day and explore NEW CONTENT!" I react to patches with a mild aversion of, "If I don't log in, whatever dumbfuck changes they made didn't happen, right?"
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2017-04-22 12:25 am

Surprising no one

I am sick to fucking death of the fandom police on Tumblr trying to dictate how I use other fucking sites.
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2017-04-21 03:27 am

Yes, it's a song about menstruation

Warning for fake blood and the possibility you might laugh until you can't breathe.

And now, words, because this porn isn't going to write itself.
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2017-04-19 04:06 pm
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World of Warcraft: Legion

The overall gameplay this expansion may be so-so, but the 7.2 cinematic at the Broken Shore has exploded my soul. Oh, Anduin.
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2017-03-14 01:07 pm

Reblogging from my Tumblr

Not because I think anyone cares, but because I'm tired of not being able to find my own damn posts on that site.

I have no clue why Anduin Wrynn gets so much shit, okay? )
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2017-02-14 02:38 am

I need to get better at the blogging thing

Because even though I (sort of) had a cookie recipe for Love Is In the Air, it didn't make it onto the blog (and I fail at pictures). Technically, LIITA doesn't end for another week, but eh, seems silly to post heart cookies after the real-world holiday is over.

At least I am already prepared for Children's Week in April. Maybe I'll just re-launch the blog then.
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2017-01-29 11:58 pm
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Alchemy and Empire by Paul Butler

Gaius Valens dreams of driving the Saxons from Britannia. The Empire and her legions have abandoned the island, leaving the inhabitants surrounded by enemies. Now, on an island already being overrun by Saxon invaders, a darker threat emerges.

That's part of the blurb for a new series I started reading last week (I needed a break from frantically writing porn for an anthology). This is alternate history, and what sold me was this line:

Because they have one crucial thing that the alchemists and Saxon invaders don't—the long lost Imperial airship, the Octavian.

Now, I am not a HUGE alternate history person, and my first choice isn't the late 5th century. But I am big on airships, so I had to pick up the first book. The writing style is perfect for a quick, easy read. I don't know enough about this particular point in history to nitpick details, but I can say the author sells me on the world he's built. I love the characters, who have a chemistry that a lot of writers don't pull off and get some entertaining banter between them. There are some unfortunate issues with typos, but I forgave them because I was having so much fun with the story, which involves a lot of good old fashioned man-versus-monster action.

There are four books so far, with a fifth on the way (though I don't know when). Soon, I hope; I'm looking forward to continuing my adventure with Captain Valens and his crew. The series is in Kindle Unlimited and therefore only available on Amazon, and the books so far are:

Book One: A Taste of Alchemy
Book Two: The Monster
Book Three: Clipped Wings
Book Four: The Saxon Coin
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2017-01-27 02:40 pm
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It has come to my attention...

...that my beloved [personal profile] darthneko is unfamiliar with the novels of Martha Wells, and only learned of her because of the upcoming Murderbot Diaries.

In case any of the rest of you are in similar straits, this is Martha Wells' Amazon page. I will personally vouch for Wheel of the Infinite, The Cloud Roads (and subsequent Raksura books), and City of Bones (which is probably my favorite).
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2017-01-12 02:15 am

I make bad choices at 2am

Which is why I just broke down and watched the trailer for the next Transformers movie.

Yeah. I'm...going to go watch Beast Wars now. It was far better written than any of the current TF garbage.

I really miss Optimus Primal.
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2017-01-02 10:50 pm

This Week on the Blog

Will be slightly delayed because we were busy duo-ing Highmaul raid with the Panda Death Squad. But tomorrow there will be tiny maple cookies, brought to you by elves.

Night elves. From Darnassus. Not Keebler.
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2017-01-01 11:54 pm

Today I learned

...that [personal profile] darthneko had never seen Charlie the Unicorn. This had to be rectified, to explain why I started laughing over an Easter egg in WoW. (In Azsuna there's a cliff with a Devious Sunrunner and a Sinister Leyrunner, who are standing over the body of a dead Sunrunner. Hover over the corpse and you see its name is Charlie. You can loot the Enchanted Sunrunner Kidney from a chest at Charlie's feet once the other unicorns sunrunners are dead.)
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2016-12-18 02:53 pm

This Week on the Blog: Tauren Spice Cookies

I know, I know, I promised orange chocolate chip cookies. But as I was writing up my cookie headcanon, I realized it would make more sense to post those around Children's Week in spring. So instead, this week you get:
Tauren Spice Cookies

I'm not even sure what's on the agenda for next week. Maybe Westfall Stew.
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2016-12-13 12:45 pm
dragovianknight: Nomi from WoW, Caption "Ironpaw Chef" (Cooking - Ironpaw Chef)
2016-12-13 09:18 am

Oh, Amazon, why you gotta have SALES?

I feel strongly that I need this decorating tip set. Because if I'm going to blog about food, it should be pretty food, right?
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2016-12-11 10:08 pm

Behold our blog

Where we talk about tasty tasty noms, with a side of WoW-themed food headcanon.

This week, sweet coconut chicken. Next week, orange chocolate chip cookies.