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I feel strongly that I need this decorating tip set. Because if I'm going to blog about food, it should be pretty food, right?
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But OH, the baby dragovian is in love! Beaded Bugs

At this moment, the only thing stopping me from buying a bug is not knowing which one I want. Do I get the beautiful blue and black dragonfly who could be Wingstorm? Do I get a spider? WHICH spider? The black and green one that my color preferences demand? The gold and crystal one that stubbornly keeps catching my eye? The elegant all black, or maybe the black and crystal? Black and amber? I can't choose.
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It has all the Disney Villainesses on it, and it says, "It's hard to be BAD/When you look this GOOD."

I kind of want someone to make me a Blackarachnia shirt that says that. I have money, perfume, and hats for bribes.

*looks hopefully at the talented people on dwircleflist*


Apr. 17th, 2011 06:30 pm
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[archiveofourown.org profile] darthneko has a spiffy scene break graphic for her Torchwood fic. I want a spiffy scene break graphic for my Beast Wars AU, but I can't think of what it ought to be. Someone should make me something spiffy.
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Beast Wars: season one and ReBoot: ALL the seasons AND Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM (aka "the good version") have all been purchased and should arrive at various points in June. (I chose super saver shipping because I'm cheap, but it means Sonic will be arriving with ReBoot. I'll manage somehow.)


Apr. 7th, 2011 03:44 pm
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Talk me out of buying Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM on DVD.
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When I pulled out my Beast Wars DVDs this morning, I noticed they were looking a bit scratched and worn and sad, so I toddled myself over to Amazon to see how ridiculously overpriced a replacement set might be.

And look what I found, guys! :D

June 7, I will have shiny new Beast Wars DVDs to wear out, yessss.

Also? They apparently re-released the first two seasons of ReBoot without me noticing. Has anyone heard about the quality of this new set? I know the original DVDs had Issues.

Edit: Or I could just wait, and get all four seasons of ReBoot in one set! *flailyhands* *squees* *wishlists*

Now they just need to re-release Shadow Raiders. Which they will not do, because only three people watched it. Sigh.
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I want ALL the yarn. (I wish the fingering weight was superwash, though.)
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Instead of the traditional Christmas gift card everyone else is getting, Bossman and Boss#1 (mostly Boss#1) discovered Hobby Lobby and bought ALL the sock yarn.

Not literally, but I have yarn here for like 10 pair of socks. I can make a whole new sock wardrobe! (Sadly, most of the yarns are blue, which means they will be getting the spiral stripe treatment with some of my green-based yarns. I think I have some Stroll yarn in the old Turtle colorway that will do nicely.)

Now, I have a lot of sock patterns, and most I can convert easily enough to knit two at a time. However, if any of you have links to cute sock patterns that are written with two at a time magic loop knitting in mind, now is the time to link me them.

Meanwhile, I will be busy deciding which yarn gets knit into Nutkin socks. I think the green/blue/lavender grey multi...
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Because I spent far too many hours last night looking for (and failing to find) decent Thundercats porn, here is my ridiculously detailed Holiday Wish:

WilyKit attends a Third Earth celebration that owes entirely too much to Jean Auel (read: orgy) that the older Thundercats forbade her and Kat to attend. She gets drunk, she has lots of really fun sex, and she winds up pregnant. At some point during her Pregnacy of Teen Pregnancy WOE, she and Kat run away to live with the natives and we get teh twincest. Long and delicious and plotty preferred, but cracky and Clan of the Cave Bear flavored will be eaten up with a spoon, because those books warped me as a wee dragon.

My Sekrit Dark Wish is that the 'Cats punish her for her wanton ways by making her have sex with ALL the Thundercats (kind of like catching your kid smoking and then making them smoke til they puke). Or she could just become the official *ahem* Thundercats 'ho.

Yes, I know; I am a Very Bad Person. But if you can't ask for the Dirtybadwrong porn at the holiday season, when CAN you ask for it?
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And it is made sillier by the fact that I don't write with pens anymore, preferring to work on Rommi. However: Disposable Fountain Pens! Do want!
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REALLY, Amazon. As if I wouldn't already own this if I had the money.

My "Express Checkout with Payphrase" on Amazon today is "D's Instant Stab". :D


Jul. 12th, 2010 08:38 pm
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Power Rangers Time Force/Power Rangers RPM crossover! That starts like this...

Consider this a prompt, or swipe it wholesale. )
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I want more fantasy fiction to reflect some of the stuff in this blog post. (link via [personal profile] twistedchick) A sample: ...until the late nineteenth century married couples were typically co-workers. Our foremothers were not halves of two-career couples, but halves of a two-person career. Crafts guilds assumed it: In some cases, craftsmen with living wives were not assigned apprentices, because wives filled that role. Legal authorities also presumed a two-person working unit. In colonial Taunton, Massachusetts, a man who attempted to get a permit to run a tavern after his wife had died was refused because no one could do that job alone.

I want some good Pern fanfic incorporating ideas from this comment by [personal profile] elf. I think, for the purpose of my sanity, I'm going to believe that Mirrim was *not* the first female green rider in five passes or whatever it was supposed to be, but that it was rare enough to be "scandalous,"...any woman who impressed was required to take a male name & live as a man. Their female identities were just not recorded anywhere.

I want my truck back. *woeful* There is a chance - a slim one - that Big Guy will be ready by the end of next week. Then there's dealing with the DMV to get the salvage title converted to a rebuilt title, but still...truck! And then I'll be one step closer to no longer driving my falling apart zombie!car.

Big Guy: The freedom of the open road will be sweet like Mom's apple pie.
Me: Yes, dear.
Edea: Braiiiiins.
Me: *sigh* Yes, dear.
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Or at the very least, because whining sometimes works, and my motto is "do not ask, cannot has".

Could someone make me an animated icon featuring Sahz (from FF13) and Balthier (from FF12), and Dante (from Devil May Cry), that reads "Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man"? Blank background for the first frame(s), then a different guy for each frame of sharp, dressed, and man.

Yes, I could do this myself, but I'm lazy.

I would not say no to a similar icon featuring various incarnations of Zorro, come to that.
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But Knit Picks has their sweater kits half off right now, which means 15 balls of Wool of the Andes (7 of one color, 8 of another, colors vary depending on which kit you get) for $14.99. I cannot resist yarn for $1/ball. Plus, free sweater pattern if I ever decide I do want to make a sweater!
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I don't like counting stitches, and I don't like weetiny needles, and I don't like things I have to wash by hand.

I don't.

So why am I so very tempted by KnitPicks having a 33% off sale on their lace weight yarn? *whines and paws at 100% baby alpaca*

(In other news, I have no issue with people seeking guidance from whatever spiritual source they choose. However, when "God" tells you that he wants you to feed dogfood X, which is over $60 per bag, and you can't AFFORD dogfood X, and you choose to let your dogs not eat until you can get the food "God" wants you to feed? THEN I have an issue with you.)

Edit: Baby dragons need wings: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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