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...about the Filmation version of The Lone Ranger, is that when the Ranger and Tonto are riding toward or away from the camera, Silver is always in the lead, but the side angles are always with Silver in the foreground, but Scout in the lead. This means that in any given Exciting Chase Scene™ Silver and Scout swap places after almost every cut. It's a little headache inducing.

This morning I also realized that, while I watched reruns of the live action series with Clayton Moore as a wee Dragovian, when I think of the Ranger it is, in fact, William Conrad's voice I hear in my head. I imprinted and imprinted hard.
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Tell me I'm not allowed to knit a Heraldwhite and blue scarf, hat, and mitt set for next winter. Mostly, tell me this because gods know I never wear white (and also, by the time any of the above were finished they wouldn't be white, they'd be cat hair colored). But I have a lot of nice white wool yarn to use up...

I should not have watched the MANTIS pilot before the series, because going from that insanely pretty cast to the substantially less pretty cast of the series made it harder to watch (though, easier to focus on plot, so there's that). Plus, there was 100% less wet-Carl-Lumbly-in-swimtrunks in the series. I pout.

I have eaten approximately all the food in the world today, and am trying to convince myself I ought to eat the salad in the fridge rather than order pizza. I blame hormones.

Alas, I cannot blame hormones for the fact I've been too unfocused to write for something like three weeks now. That's just evil brain chemistry at work. Bad brain. (Though I did almost want to start my Lone Ranger-as-Herald fic today, in part because yesterday I found a site with some Lone Ranger radio scripts posted.
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But unlike Scooby Doo, my crossover actually makes sense.

Because who do we know who already rides an unnaturally intelligent white horse?

Who is driven to bring justice to those whom justice has passed by?

Who wears a mask to cover his scars?


(I will someday write this. Well, probably not Alberich as the Lone Ranger, but the Lone Ranger as a Herald misplaced by a rogue Gate? Oh, yes, I will write it. I will write it so hard.)

(Also, I think the animated version of the Ranger wears white; I will have to pull my DVDs and check that.)

(BWAHAHA, rogue Valdemaran magic in the Old West may be my solution to the problem of writing a Lone Ranger/Zorro crossover! \o/)

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