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...but fukkit, RANDOM PORN until I hit 30k words.
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And you know, I love Dragon Quest and all, but 28k in I have to say...I WOULD FUCKING KILL FOR SOMETHING WITH FOUR TIRES AND AN ENGINE TO SHOW UP RIGHT NOW.


Okay, that's out of my system. I can go back to letting Alena eviscerate a troll now.

Edit: Or a giant spider. I bet I could work a giant spider in...or a flying wolf, maybe. Hell, a fucking munky. MAYBE A PURPLE DINOSAUR I DON'T KNOW. *twitch*
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I think I'm going to repost "A Dark Forsaken Road" (Dragon Quest VIII AU; Angelo gets imprisoned and brainwashed by Rhapthorne) to AO3. The idea is that posting will encourage me to actually finish the damn thing, and then I will continue to write.

Of course, with my luck I will proceed to write in a dead fandom, but. You know. Can't have everything.

I should import my Dragon Quest icons to Dreamwidth, just in case.

Edit: Does a story need a major character death tag if the character(s) in question don't stay dead? (Yes, I do abuse my fandom's resurrection magic, so there.)


Aug. 15th, 2010 05:55 pm
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I've had a surprisingly productive afternoon. I opened Liquid Story Binder and set up a planner for Fallen Knight, and now I have the remaining chapters mapped out, at least as far as (most of them) having titles and one line summaries of what I expect to happen. (I think of the chapters as episodes, so each is really a mostly self-contained storylet.) I'm still not sure how I'm working the end, but I shouldn't get totally stuck except on details.

Now to see if I can do the same for Indestructible. And I suppose I should also paste it all into 750 words.

There are new bunnies lurking around, though, which is terribly frightening. I don't NEED more stories at this time!

Edit: Wow, that was over 1000 words I just added to 750 words (a scene I wrote in the notes for the chapter)! And it's not even a fraction of the length of that chapter. I'm doomed. :D


Aug. 15th, 2010 11:10 am
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I can't believe I didn't haul my ass out of bed until almost 11 this morning.

I also can't believe I woke up with the realization that, the way the first half of Fallen Knight is going, there is no good way to justify most of what I had planned for the second half.


*kicks rocks*

*makes self go do laundry*

Edit: And then one of the cats randomly FREAKED THE FUCK OUT when I picked her up, and now my arms look like the world's most incompetent suicide attempt. *goes off to find alcohol and to swear in pain a lot*
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Dear KITT and Ali,

Please stop snarking at each other so we can actually proceed with the story.

No Love,

Teh Authoressssss

No, srsly, they won't shut up. )

I swear, I want to wring both their necks. You know, if KITT had a neck to wring. And if they weren't both fictional.

Perhaps tomorrow it shall be time for more Indestructible.
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Don't worry about a funeral; I plan to leave the body for the cats to eat.
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As in, I dun wanna write. But I have to write my ficathon walked into a bar fic. It should be easy! It's Hades! And Angelo! In a bar! Bitching about their mothers in law!

But I dun wanna.

And of course, that means nothing else is getting done, either, because I feel like I should make myself sit here until there are 500 words. Sigh.
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Dear Brain,

Icky dream imagery behind the cut. )

More exhausted and tired than when she went to bed,
Dragovian Knight

And I have writing angst that I kind of want to post about, and I kind of don't want to do it on my IJ behind lock because I would sort of like to have, you know, a conversation about some of it. But that has to be weighed against my fear of people wandering in and pointing at me and calling me a bad person.
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My two complete Valdemar fics are uploaded to FF.net, and one of them is also on AO3...though since AO3 wouldn't import the FF.net version, I had to fill out all the information. Which I hate, much preferring FF.net's dropdown lists. Because I'm lazy, and tagging things requires thought.

Now I'm kinda sorta thinking I should play more with my characters. And finish Violations, my novella, though I suspect that's still a bit too ambitious for me. Also, there is a tiny part of me that feels like AO3 has a more judgmental audience, since it's the sandbox that the cool kids built, so I'm not completely comfortable there.

At some point, I must finish my Knight Rider fic, too. Which is also probably more ambitious than I have skill for.

Writing for public consumption wearies me. :(

Edit: And argh, is there any way to make AO3 stop fucking numbering the parts of my series? Or at least edit the numbers so they're correct, since I'm neither writing nor uploading things in order?

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