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I mean, the thought, "I should take some programming classes, maybe some introductory engineering, so I can write giant transforming space robots with greater verisimilitude"...that's perfectly normal, right?
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I am one prompt (Talent) away from having written for ALL the previous [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100 prompts.

I have a title - A Talent for Understatement - which would seem to indicate my last drabble of the Past Prompts round should be a Rhinox drabble. I'm just not sure what he should be under stating.

All of my other Talent ideas involve Blackarachnia and porn, but we already KNOW Blackarachnia's primary talent is turning Silverbolt into a puddle of goo.

Edit: I think my next entry - the zombie apocalypse meme one - has given me an idea for my last drabble. XD

Edit 2: And now I do believe I have written for ALL the prompts! *victory lap*
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While I was sitting in the drive-thru waiting for my noms, I tweeted to the effect of "OMG I am a grown woman writing about robots who turn into animals; what is wrong with me?" (If you follow my twitter, you saw it; if not, that was the jist, though I'm too lazy to copy/paste over here.)

And then I thought, Self, you should clarify that you weren't making an, "Oh, woe, how is my life so empty?" post, but rather a "How is Sharktopus the best movie I saw in 2010?" post. I mean, I saw many movies in 2010; what is up with my brain that the one which I tentacles-down liked the most was Sharktopus?

(Dinocroc vs Supergator was a close second, I admit.)

Only my food came, and all that was too long for Twitter anyhow, so I didn't clarify. And now I'm sure everyone who reads my Twitter feed thinks my life is sad and empty enough that Beast Wars is the best part of it.

But that whole thought chain up there? Reminded me that I wanted to do a Sharktopus/Beast Wars crossover.

Yeah. That...can't possibly end well, can it?

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