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On the one hand, I really like this font. (fontbundles.net affiliate link)

On the other hand, I'm 99% sure I've seen it and its ilk on bad-boy romance covers, ie it is not genre suitable except for the porn I am trying to wean myself off of. (And oh, god, porn...today I purchased my first ghostwritten gangbang short, which I have no guarantee of making my money back on, but it was that or despair of ever releasing on that pen name again. Wish me luck.)

And on the mutant third hand, even if it's not really genre-suitable for what I write, that is a very good price on a very nice commercial-licensed font if I ever decided to whore myself out making covers for other people.

(Also, I really need to be writing and not browsing font and stock photo sites, but apparently my brain has fixated on "how do I market" and is stressing over that to the detriment of actual words.)

Date: 2017-07-10 07:00 pm (UTC)
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from the designer brain pov, it's a very modern font, which is why it's more genre appropriate to contemporary bad-boy romances. =P It's very pretty, but it's a contemporary handwriting type of script. I'd put it off of the fantasy genre font list just for that, not because of association with a different genre. Though it's possible, with enough design treatment (ie, the visual effects applied to the font) that it could still work for fantasy, though I'd think maybe as a secondary title font.

I will cross my fingers that the ghostwriting works, love, and then I will nudge you to get away from the marketing things - we will cross that hurdle when we get there.

Date: 2017-07-11 12:12 am (UTC)
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On the one hand: Yeah, not the best for fantasy genre things.

On the other: I bought the Queulat family when it was on sale because I love slab serifs, and paid full price for Beorcana (limited set; I am not swimming in money) because I'd been lusting after it for ten years. (It was designed by a friend of a friend so I had seen the early beta version, which I can't tell apart from the final version, something something x-height ligatures kerning etc.)

If you can afford it, Pretty Fonts is a nice thing to treat yourself with, even if you can't directly claim a specific commercial purpose for it right now.

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