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The center of the tent rose to a peak. Nyara had gotten the center pole up. She always had a knack for that. (Winds of Fury)

Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more. *snicker*
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Things I Learned From the Second Mage Winds Book

Snark and spoilers below the cut. Mostly snark. )

And so there are my totally unsolicited thoughts on book two, and you probably should keep in mind that I stopped in the middle to re-read the entire Arrows trilogy just so I could briefly have books where I did not want to slap everyone. Now onward to book three, I suppose.
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I grow increasingly annoyed at Elspeth being both a bitch and always right, while poor Skif gets to play the fool in spite of being older and more experienced. Also, the crush thing makes me want to hit everyone.

I'm going to bed. Meh.
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Which is to say, I can't take an Evil Villain™ who is so fluffy he employs a full-time groomer seriously. So now I am filled with amusing ways to defeat the kitty-man of ebil, many employing a squirt bottle.

*grits teeth and hits 'play' on the audio book again*

Edit: Also, WTF is up with Skif suddenly crushing on Elspeth?
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I think if I ever want to finish this novella that's been lying dormant for years and years, I need someone to refocus me away from, "And a group of teenagers learn there is no fucking justice" to a slightly less cynical path. Especially if I want them to be functional when I break them later.

Any takers?
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It dawned on me that Herald-Chronicler Mary Sue Myste's classic Sue-flaws of being endearingly clumsy, too smart/outspoken for comfort, and not really wanting to be there...mean she's basically Bella Swan, sans sparklepire and Olympic-class bitchitude.

Unless you think Alberich would sparkle if we got his shirt off in daylight.

No need to thank me for the nightmares I'm sure this is going to induce. Your emotional trauma is all the thanks I need.

(Also, if Myste outweighs Selenay by that much during the last Tedrel battle, methinks Alberich's efforts to get her into shape failed. Or ML failed math. Or both.)

In other news, ML's tendency toward repeating redundant repetition is even more obvious when you're listening to her books.
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Can anyone point me toward some fannish reviews of Mercedes Lackey's Foundation? I'm trying to get my thoughts to coalesce beyond, "Well, isn't Mags a special little snowflake?" (It was better paced than, say, Brightly Burning, and less prone to repetition than the Alberich books. This is...not really saying a lot.)
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And when you're 90% through the book, and you suddenly have to infodump all this "other" stuff that's been going on between your characters over the past months so there can be a big blowup, that's the BAD kind of telling.
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I just spent twenty minutes going through the online newsletters for Queen's Own (the Mercedes Lackey fanclub that looks, from the lack of updates since '07, to be pretty defunct), looking for the announcement that my persona had met the requirements and was "official". /dork

(Yes, it is almost 12:30 am where I am. Yes, I do have to be at work in the morning. Yes, I am an idiot for still being up. No, I have not actually manage to write a word or do anything useful tonight.)
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But unlike Scooby Doo, my crossover actually makes sense.

Because who do we know who already rides an unnaturally intelligent white horse?

Who is driven to bring justice to those whom justice has passed by?

Who wears a mask to cover his scars?


(I will someday write this. Well, probably not Alberich as the Lone Ranger, but the Lone Ranger as a Herald misplaced by a rogue Gate? Oh, yes, I will write it. I will write it so hard.)

(Also, I think the animated version of the Ranger wears white; I will have to pull my DVDs and check that.)

(BWAHAHA, rogue Valdemaran magic in the Old West may be my solution to the problem of writing a Lone Ranger/Zorro crossover! \o/)
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But Lackey could at LEAST have the respect for her readers not to publish a novella which is a fucking Scooby Doo fusion.
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In comments, [profile] yonmei and I talked about how the Heralds of Valdemar are set up as this very sex-positive group, but there isn't actually much in the way of sex in the books (I mean, fades to black, not sex in the fannish sense)...in fact, few of Lackey's characters seem to have sex drives*. Vanyel, of course, got to have Teh Sexx0rs (and was suitably punished, the little whore), but outside of him, how many Heralds have actually gotten laid?

Oh, and just because I was grousing to [personal profile] queenoftheskies earlier about Things What Bug Me In Published Fiction, I will share this, from the "Nobody Actually Reads the Finished Version Straight Through" file (excerpts from "Exile's Valor"):

page 4: This was more than mere ornament; while there was a Temple of Vkandis Sunlord down in Haven proper - though for obvious reasons, it was referred to even by Karsite exiles as "the Temple of the Lord of Light"

page 6: Vkandis was worshiped here, and by Karsite exiles - just not under that name. The "Lord of Light" was what He was called here.

There is also a continuity error of sorts between this and the first book, where Alberich muses on how ZOMG AMAZED he was by the mirrored wall in the salle, where in the first book, he thinks that this salle is exactly like every other he's been in, with the exception that most salles have a mirror wall made of polished metal instead of silvered glass. Given Later Events™, I daresay the people using polished metal are the smarter ones.

*Dear Misty, Alberich is a healthy adult male, so unless the Karsite Sunsguard castrates its members and you just forgot to tell us...

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