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So at some point last night, Amy Jo - who is the most indoor of indoor cats - made her way outdoors. Once outdoors, she found her way into the crawlspace under my trailer.

Yes. Where the bugs live.

I know this because I was awakened at the crack of dawn by plaintive wailing from under my floor.

Dutiful monkey that I am, I trundled outside and pulled off a section of skirting, located the source of the pitiful wailing (on the far side of the trailer, of course), opened a can of cat food, and called her.

She took one step, apparently walked face first into a spider web (to judge from her shocked and affronted reaction to what, from my position, looked like empty air), sat her ass back down and started crying again.

No amount of calling, cajoling, or tapping the can of food could entice her to move (though by the end, Mornelithe Fluffybutt was clearly considering daring my proximity for that can. And I was considering taking him inside and leaving Amy Jo to fend for herself.). No. No, if escape meant crawling through a fascinating variety of webs, Amy Jo was just going to wait for rescue.

Suffice to say, I am a good, good monkey, Amy Jo is safely back inside, and by some miracle, even though I look like an extra from this movie, absolutely nothing crawled on me. Which is why I am sitting here posting this on my journal rather than having my richly deserved shower and change of clothes (though those are next on the agenda). XD
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Velcro didn't make it. I found her gasping for air by the wash machine this morning, and she died in my arms.
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Then earlier you saw that my oldest cat, Velcro, was having a Very Bad Day at the vet.

More behind the cut, including mention if icky feline wounds. )

She is in the shed again, and wants so very badly to climb up on to the wash machine and from there onto the shelf where I have the sheets and towels, and between the collar and the drugs and the wounds she just can't. So I tucked her into bed with a clean blanket and turned off the light in hopes she will be sensible and go to sleep until later, when I will give her the first dose of oral antibiotics and rub ointment on her owwies, and pray that she doesn't rip my face off for my temerity.


Sep. 24th, 2010 11:41 am
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Kittehs nommed the cable on my 16" size 9 circular needle.
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By skipping through to the last episode on the disc so I could see KARR go full-on Bayformer, is how. Bad dragon, no cookie.

Things I have learned from finally watching "Knight Fever" (KR2008 episode 1x09):
Do I really need to spoiler cut for a show nobody cared enough to watch? )

Right up there with "Knight of the Living Dead", but still pales before classics like "Junk Yard Dog". Of course, I may be biased. (I may also have responded to someone waxing enthusiastic over KITT's AI by saying out loud, "Yes, and only thirty years after Wilton Knight's original team accomplished it!" A bias. Yes. I haz one.)

Next chapter of Indestructible is probably KR2008-centric, is my excuse for watching DVDs tonight.

Edit: Kittehs nommed Rommi's speaker cord. Now I have to replace her speakers along with her power supply. Wretched, wretched kittehs. *sad*


Jun. 19th, 2010 03:15 pm
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This is possibly the cutest thing I have seen this week. And now I want a tiny tiger suit to dress Mittens up in. ♥
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Overall, writing went better than I expected, given that one of my cats became so enamored of the stupid pom-pom on my slipper (they were a gift; I don't do pom-poms), that he bit my damn toe trying to get to it. I swear, sometimes I hate cats.

Yes, I can totally stay up until 1am writing, because I have Mondays off. Nyah. :P Though this does make it so much harder to go back to a "normal" sleep schedule on Monday night so I can be up Tuesday. On the other hand, it's a lot less stress having my 750 Words over and done with already. Someday, I hope to actually have words I can keep/share again. Words are easy. Writing is hard. :(

(And...just to put my MASSIVE STUPIDITY out in public...I'm seriously considering that if I get my 750 Words daily word count average up high enough, I will sign up for NaNo this year. *facepalm* Way to keep raising the bar until it smacks me in the face, I know. I DID NOT CLAIM TO BE SMART, OKAY?)

Finally got the swamp cooler up and running today (needed to...we've been over 100F for the past several days), but I don't think the expensive blue pads cool as well as cheap aspen pads do. Dammit. New pump is up and running, though, and the belt - which has been falling apart for three years, but miraculously held on through every summer - has been replaced. Mind, I had to replace it with a belt slightly too large, because every place in town is out of the correct size - I guess my swamp cooler has an extremely common belt - which means it's humming a bit, but it's running, and that's what matters. Now that the swamper is up, and the house is at least a little cooler than outside - though I still may go get aspen pads when I go looking for a proper size belt - I brought Snow inside. She doesn't seem all that bothered by the cats, and the cats, for their part, haven't poked/grabbed at/molested her at all (though they do like sleeping on her cage - understandable since her cage sits in the airflow from the cooler).

Okay, I'm going to try to sleep now, since it's somewhat cooler and I have some scotch in me. Hopefully, no cats will feel the overwhelming need to cuddle, because OMG it may be cooler, but it's still too damn hot in here.
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Because if I used paper towels to clean, I'd use up a roll or two every weekend. My little plastic basket follows me around the house, and then when the rags are all dirty, I dump them back inside and take them out to the wash machine. Normally, this is a perfectly fine plan

Tonight one of the cats managed to get his head stuck through the handle. Naturally, instead of pulling it free, he freaked the hell out and ran through the house with the basket attached, before finally getting it caught under a chair and either squeezing through the handle completely, or finally figuring out that he could just back up to get loose.

I think I found all the rags, at least.

KITTEH SO SMRT! *headshake*

It's too hot to sleep. I am going to be so very dead tomorrow. *yawn* I really must get the swamp cooler up and running for the year.
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Dear Hercules,

Nobody is going to steal your new fur mousie. I brought home an entire bag full of toys so everyone could have one. Please stop running up and down the hall, growling, with your tail puffed out; it is becoming annoying. Thank you.

Love, Me

Dear Mittens,

The same goes for you.

Love, Me

Dear Everyone,

If I find any mousies buried in the litter box there will be hell to pay.

Sternly, Me
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Due to a tragic ordering fail at work, my cats are eating Friskies until at least Monday. They inform me this is not what they signed up for. But at least they won't eat me in my sleep.
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Yes, I know, weird. But I feel the need to mention that, not only has Before Grain grain-free chicken cat food put weight back on Velcro (who is Very Old, and six months ago I thought I might not have another six months with her, so I went and bought trial size bags of every high-end cat food my store carries) and gotten her acting half her age, I switched Hecate to it about six weeks ago, and so far it's been almost a month since she's had a recurrence of her Very Annoying and Stressful Health Problem. So Before Grain is getting two paws up from us (even if, at $23 for an 11 pound bag, it's too spendy to be the main cat food around here).


Jul. 2nd, 2007 09:45 pm
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What is it that makes cats chew on packing tape? It can't possibly taste THAT good.

ETA: Look, I'm not alone in being tired of the whole "my story is crap" trend fandom seems to be in. ::feels all validated and shit::

::did not actually need validation::

::wishes fandom would listen, though::

If I would get off my ass and work on my July 10 prompt which sucks*, I would be free** until the July 29th prompt. Which will be short and probably fluffy. ::does not get off ass::

*It doesn't, actually; I am being funny, by which I mean, obnoxious.

**For a value of free that means "[livejournal.com profile] het_challenge story still looming like a looming, unplotted thing, OMG", but whatever.

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