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Did anyone get a good look at Darcy's hat (and can you point me at a likely pattern)?
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Tiny things. For a tiny ball joint doll that will be traveling to live with [personal profile] darthneko as soon as I find a box to ship said tiny doll in.

The doll in question is a Hujoo "Nano Freya" 12 centimeter kittygirl. She is adorable, as you can see from all the photos in this review.

Or you can just click under the cut and see the photos of tiny doll wearing tiny knitted things. )

And that (plus WoW, plus some writing) is what I have been doing instead of posting on the internet.
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As promised, my order shipped on Monday. I chose UPS SmartPost, which is the slowest shipping method, but because I'm in Southern Nevada and they're in Petaluma, CA, my estimated delivery was still Thursday.

Checked my delivery estimate this morning, and it had been revised to today because UPS was going to deliver rather than handing the box off to the post office (benefit of having it delivered to work, I suspect). And indeed, UPS had delivered before I even got to work.

Everything was neatly bagged up in plastic, by type: the jars of dye (holy crap I'd forgotten that 2oz of dry dye powder is a lot) were in one plastic bag, the mixing bottles were in another, the yarn was individually bagged and then bagged up together. Barring the intervention of a trickster god, I don't see any way for dye to get where it's not wanted in an intact package. Everything was nestled down in packing peanuts that, my shipping email informs me, will dissolve in water.

The yarn I got was the Queen Anne's Lace (#28) and Bamboo Cotton Fingering (#57). The one thing I don't like is there's no identifiers except the yarn number written on the bags; for fiber information, you have to check the website. However, both yarns appear to be in nice, securely wrapped hanks, ready for dying (unless you are me, and intend to re-wind everything for various and sundry experiments). Both yarns look just like they do in the photos, with no obvious flaws or trash in them, and the fingering appears to be a nice, even, fairly tight spin that I can only hope will knit up as nicely as expected. The Queen Anne's Lace is much looser *points at the thick-thin texture in the photo* and I may hate it, but I've been looking for something with a bit of texture, so we shall see. I am kind of wondering/hoping the fingering will be sturdy enough for some light lace socks for summer.

So far, Dharma Trading is getting 5 stars from me; I will update if I find anything horribly horribly wrong when I start winding the yarn into balls.
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Dharma Trading is the first company that's ever called to confirm that my shipping address is legit (I have everything shipped to work because I'm there more than at home). Possibly because I just ordered for the first time in five years and last time I ordered, I was working at home and could sign for things (and if necessary, guide the UPS drivers along the scary rural dirt roads that have no street signs).

Hopefully, the yarn (a cotton/bamboo blend)and dye will not take too long to get here, though I missed today's shipping deadline and nothing can go out until Monday.
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These gloves, for those following along at home.

This pair is in inexpensive acrylic (Caron Simply Soft, purple with gold trim) while I make sure the modifications I made for doing the cuff in the round works. So far, so good. I actually really love Simply Soft, because it is SOFT and it has a nice sheen (sorry, fiber snobs). Alas, the "soft" part makes it not-durable and it snags if you look at it funny, and I don't think the test gloves will have a long life. Hopefully when I make these up in KP's Galileo (bamboo/wool blend) they'll be sturdier.

Unrelatedly, I really want to get some of this yarn and play with hand dying, since summer is here and it's certainly hot enough to set colors just by putting a plastic box o' yarn out in the sun for a few hours. (When I was making soap, I used to be able to oven process it in the back seat of my car in summer.)
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But I really kind of want these gloves.

(Not sure I want to knit them on straight needles, especially since I'd be fine with pull on gloves and purely decorative buttons. Perhaps I will convert the whole thing to in the round.)
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It displays items in your shop and lets people check out right from whatever page they're on.

What it doesn't do is work on Dreamwidth.

So y'all will just have to settle for a link to my shop, which currently has a whopping 3 items and 2 custom knit listings. Clicky clicky.

In other news, it is flippin' cold tonight. :(

PS - If you are wondering, moogle, yes, that dragon hat is presently folded up in an envelope waiting to be mailed to you. :)
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About how I want to shape the end of the dragon tail hat. This means the hat I'm making for [personal profile] raisedbymoogles is gonna be used for science experimentin'!
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Things that I have knit in lieu of being a functional adult.

First up Aster's dragon hat is finished. )

Last year, my boss found Bernat Denimstyle (cotton/acrylic blend) at Hobby Lobby and wanted me to make her a hat. I kind of fell in love with this yarn, and wound up making beanies in almost all of the colors. As you can see behind the cut. )

But! BUT! Dragons can knit things that are not hats. Like this baby kimono, which, fine, has a hat with it. )

And also these hand warmers, which do not have a hat. They do, however, have beads at the wrist. )

And what's presently on the needles is more hand warmers, because KnitPicks had a sale and I fell in love with the Heart Multi colorway in their Stroll sock yarn. This color is, of course, discontinued. )

So there you have it: photographic evidence of what dragons do when they can't cope with anything but knitting and YouTube.
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Since I don't have anything interesting to post, let me show you [personal profile] white_aster's half finished dragon hat.

Two photos behind the cut: )

The pattern is, mostly, the Dragon Hat from Morehouse Farm. By which I mean, I looked at how the spikes were made, said, "Oh good gods, why didn't I think of that?", and proceeded to make a hat without looking at the pattern again. The yarn in Lion's Tweed Stripes in Athena (no, you can't make me feel guilty for knitting with acrylic yarn), knit on size 8 needles. And if you think the spikes are all different sizes...yes, the spikes are all different sizes, from the nine stitch "nub" at the front to the nineteen stitch third spike, and back down to thirteen for number four. The spikes will continue to taper down until I decide it's done.
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...I still have to admit that the TF Prime RP wiki has some pretty cool worldbuilding for our game canon.

PS: Still not dead. Busy knitting hats and watching my way through Final Fantasy XIII. Oh, and breeding little vampire mice on OviPets. MY LIFE, SO THRILLING.
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...to play with KnitPicks' wool/bamboo blend yarn. Anyone have some cute sport-weight hat patterns to throw my way?

(In unrelated news, I have reached the please die go away stage with customers today. So glad tomorrow is a day off.)
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I rang in the new year by playing WoW with my sister* and writing ridiculously self-indulgent, schmooptastic shipperfic that no one but me will ever see. I don't even feel guilty about writing ridiculously self-indulgent schmooptastic shipperfic that no one but me will ever see, and in fact, I keep reading back over it and purring at it.

Speaking of things that make me purr, on the RP front the Shadowrunner/Barricade showdown is rapidly devolving into violence porn**. ♥ XD I kind of approve of this start to the year. And by "kind of" I mean "so damn much". ♥

I think I need to consider swapping out some of my icons, if only because I don't have one I really want to use as my default right now. Hmmmm.

So far, the closest thing to a resolution I have is "write the damn character profiles for Rattrap and Airazor so you can bring them into the game, dumbass." (Yes, their apps have been approved, I'm just not happy enough to post them for everyone to look at. Because I have standards. Or something.) My other resolution may be "do not give into the temptation to app Sharpshot." Because really, the last thing this game needs is a pink Ranger. >_>

Speaking of the RP, we could still use players. *stares meaningfully at you all* Grown-ass players. As opposed to irritating fanbrats.

FAILED at the Hundred Hat Project Two: Acrylic Boogaloo, with a final total of only 75 hats. Stay tuned for me to launch into the Hundred Hat Project Three: Revenge of the Stitch as soon as I get my knitting mojo back.


*We started out with SRS QUESTING and ended up hunting birds for their eggs so we could make eggnog.

**This thread may yet need a warning; Cade's player and I be enjoying ourselves a bit too much.
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I am so making myself these socks. Though I think I'll use Deep Waters as the web color instead of Foliage. And I'm making them for my December visit to Jack Skellington Disneyland rather than for Halloween.
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Is previewed here.

I could SWEAR I've seen the Oak & Acorn socks elsewhere. Am I delusional, or are they doing reprints in this thing now?
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Does US3 needles for DK weight yarn seem a bit tight to anyone else? For a sweater, I mean. I ask because I have some socks knit in sport weight on size 3s and they have a drape approximating cardboard.

Of course, I could just knit a swatch and see, I suppose.
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KnitPicks sale. Don't wanna talk about it. OH BUT ONE OF THE COLORS I BOUGHT IS CALLED ROBOT. :D
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If you were to read the following instructions in a knitting pattern, where would you start counting from? Where would you start picking up stitches?

Count 10 stitches from right to left of CO edge of Back portion, right side of fabric facing you, place removable marker.

Start where removable marker is placed and pick up 10 stitches from the Back's cast on edge.

It's after midnight, and I'm having fun with allergies. I should go to bed. Mind you, that would require me to have sense.

And because I apparently have lost the ability to post without somehow mentioning Transformers Prime (look, I'm only on day three of Shiny New Fandom; this will stop, I promise, I just can't promise when): you know you are completely fucked when you find yourself thinking, "I would totally buy an Xbox360 for the game version of this." I didn't even throw in the qualifier that the game would have to be good.
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But I'm seriously tempted to knit this sweater in KnitPicks' Crayon Boucle. Color: Macaw.

Yes, Macaw is also available in Shine Sport, which would be a much more reasonable choice for yarn. Your point?
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That look like they have vines up the back. Anyone know of a good wandering cable pattern I could adapt to my needs?

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