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I think pheonix down and kazing only works on those who WANT to be alive, or haven't been killed by.... Whatever the he'll septiroth may be.

I just...I don't even.
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I spent last night/today comment ficcing at [personal profile] myopicmirror04, because I made the mistake of writing down a few lines, and those lines spawned a few more, and then... Not really a surprise, given that this is how most of what I write happens.

Just to be clear: I don't know what came before, I don't know what's going on, I don't know if it falls into any of my existing universes, and I don't know if there will be more. What I do know is that if I don't post it and tag it, in six months I'll be going, "OMG, does anyone remember that thing I wrote, I can't find it on my hard drive."

He looked up at his name, through light which shimmered and wavered like water. )
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When I first read Reflections on Dragon Quest VIII, I was all "shiny!" over the existence of a really long, thinky blog post about my most favorite game in the universe.

And now the shiny has worn off and I'm just "ARRRRGGGHHH, MAXIMUM GENDER FAIL, ARRRRGHHH!"

It starts when we get to Jessica, who "is molded with the innuendo that Hori's DQ team loves--suggestive humor, but rarely anything explicit. Personally, she is about as asexual as they come, never showing romantic interest in anyone."

Yeah, Jessica, a good fuck will totally solve that little "grieving for your dead brother/only friend in the world" problem you have*. Forget avenging his death and saving the world; why you don't flirt more, huh? In fact, to be a real girl you should totally have hooked up at Alistair's funeral.

That was promptly followed with "I've always been amused by the stats of female characters in RPGs. Occasionally, there is the she-male brute like Alena from DQ4 or Ayla from Chrono Trigger, but those are exceptions to the rule. Females are like males with different stats tilts." and "So the females have to be tomboyish and are given powerful magic abilities, since that can hardly be protested. In hand-to-hand combat, they're just not going to be able to cut it alongside male warriors. So they're casting spells. Magic proficiency isn't supposed to mesh with what you see in the real world, irrespective of who the caster is. It's magic, after all!"

I will let those speak for themselves.

And then we get to Red: "Red is an unscrupulous feminist. She strikes out on her own in Cap'n Crow's cave, using Yangus' obvious affection for her to beat the party to the treasure. But her charade is stopped when Crow's apparition beats her unconscious. At that point it's time for a real rumbler like Yangus to step in and get the job done!"

Red is a thief. Of course she's going to use every dirty trick at her disposal to get the treasure for herself! If she had been a he, we'd admire his sneaky use of the party to clear the area of monsters.

Luckily, the game does have one real girl in Medea: "Unlike Jessica, she is the classical maiden. Consequently, she doesn't fight, nor is she dynamic--until the end of the story, she is merely a melancholy backdrop reminding you of the damage Rhapthorne has done."

Yeah, that. Raaaaaaage.

*Angelo: Even I would not be so crass as to suggest that as a solution to her pain.
Marcello: And yet, that doesn't stop you from pursuing her from the moment you meet.
Angelo: Well, I never said it wouldn't provide a temporary distraction.
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I like hyphens. ^__^


  • Hats knit for the Hundred Hat Project: 58

  • Socks completed: 1

  • Drabbles: a surprising 10, five of which are connected

  • Not-drabbles: an even more surprising 5

For record-keeping purposes, the drabbles arecut because the list got dreadfully long )
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[personal profile] myopicmirror04 made me an awesome, awesome DQ8 trailer set to Nox Arcana's Ancient Legacy! *sparkly eyes*
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First off, you should know this is all [personal profile] queenoftheskies fault. She claimed the springkink prompt Dragonquest VIII, Marcello/Eight: undeserved compassion - I think it'd be easier if you would just hate me , and she said, "I have $scenario; give me some ideas how it could have happened." And so, I started tossing out ideas, one of which was, "Angelo finally snapped and decided to kill Marcello."

And then the bunicorn which had snuck up behind me bit my ass. -__-

And then drabbles happened. (The draft from earlier now has the proper number of words.)

I think it would be easier if you'd simply hate me. )

Have some baaaaaby dragons: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Is that there are SO DAMN MANY reasons I need to throw Angelo's (very very SLOOOOOOWLY acquired) skill points to bows.

Well, no, okay, one reason: Seraph's Arrow.

Guess I'd better be stocking up on magic water, instead.

Angelo's Fisticuffs skills bite, by the way. Very few special attacks to show off.
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For [livejournal.com profile] harrowed_corky: Angelo holding Jessica

I had to put together three four different screen shots, and then try to match the colors 'n' shit.

If I could draw, life would be so much easier.

Work? What's that?

These are the shots that I used. )

And if I hadn't been cropping for the costume...
Not finding the perfect person, but seeing an imperfect person perfectly.


Jun. 21st, 2007 10:00 pm
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I abuse the gratuitous icon post by posting an icon from my other journal. But I really like how it turned out.

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I lied.

Well, no, I did not lie so much as not realize my scanner was going to act like a fucking piece of crap and refuse to scan. I did manage to get the DQ-related doujinshi stationery, and the first two stories of Love Affair, scanned.

You will find the doujinshi stationery behind the cut. Warning for large images. )

The Love Affair scans can be found here (it starts on page 7 because there are many, many pages telling us this is Love Affair, a Marcello*Kukule Anthology, and also a table of contents). Usual warnings for Templarcest, not worksafe-ness, and crack. I really think these would benefit from being able to read Japanese.:
Story 1 (ringo): Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11

Story 2 (TK-Brand): Page 12 Page 13 Page 14

Lastly, icons. )
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Apparently, not even the zombiepocalypse can prevent the USPS from delivering the mail (then again, with the workers at my local PO, how would you TELL if they were zombies?). This is good, because today my order from Rare Romance came.

I had won two doujinshi (Love Affair and Love Addict) and a sheet of doujinshi stationery off eBay, and then gone to the non-eBay store and discovered grab-bags of monochrome doujinshi stationery. So I emailed and asked if I could combine eBay and non-eBay purchases, figuring the answer would be no, but hey, it never hurts to ask, right?

Well, much to my shock the answer was yes, so I bought two grab bags and said that if there was anything Dragon Quest related, that would be my first choice. (Hide your shock.) I figured I might get a couple of DQ sheets, and the rest random stuff I likely wouldn't recognize, but hell, I'm never one to say no to pretty things that can go on my walls, whether I recognize the source or not.

I opened the envelope up to a note saying that since she couldn't find much DQ stuff that was monochrome, she substituted some full color sheets instead. And close to half of what was in the grab bags was DQ of one stripe or another, including a DQ7 where the characters actually look GOOD (DQ7 was not blessed with very good character designs), and a gorgeous, gorgeous DQ4 sheet. And so I squee'd, and now I pimp, although I have quite likely raided all the DQ stuff because I am selfish like that.

Tomorrow, if I can clean the cats off the scanner, I shall share pictures of my pretty pretty things (including the doujinshi, which have many many pages and are going to be a bitch to scan). Because I'm selfish, but not totally evil.

ETA: And, argh, someone has posted an "OMG I NEED HELP" message to me on YouTube, which I know about because they send me emails when I have messages, and the subject of this one is, "I'm sorry, I need help again" - only YouTube is doing some sort of maintenance that requires them to not let me access my messages. So I am feeling very thwarted that I can't answer their question. It's like seeing the Batsignal and not being able to reach Commissioner Gordon. (OMG YES DQ8 IS SO JUST AS IMPORTANT AS STOPPING TWO FACE!)

ETA2: My condolences to all of you who were eaten by zombies today. Hopefully, some brains and a good night's sleep will sort you right out.
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Okay, I've been to the Dark Ruins. Do I do the Baumren sidequest, or go straight to Argonia, get Charmless out of the way, and then do Baumren later?

While you decide, I'm going to put FF12 in and die at the entrance of the fucking tomb again.
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However, my trip into the horrible, evil, did I mention horrible outside did net me a takeout box full of carne asada, two takeout boxes full of nachos (err, I didn't realize what an order of nachos meant at this place...I think there will be leftovers, yes), a large soda full of ice, an envelope full of doujinshi, and Rurouni Kenshin disk 5. All in all, not bad.

So, naturally, with this bounty at my fingertips I'm going to...play Dragon Quest VIII. Shaddup.

Can cats be zombies? Hecate just tried to chunk my finger. Oh, wait, that's normal for her. Good thing she has tiny jaws.

And on this zombie thing...::stares out at the world baking under the desert sun::...would dessication immobilize them and end their threat? Or just preserve them and make them dangerous for longer periods?
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I believe there is something drabblicious on my InsaneJournal that you might enjoy.

ETA: I see LJ has new virtual gifts, and I just have to ask...is that box of tissues for when we wank? Because fandom needs a bigger box than that.
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I posted an Angelo/Jessica ficlet on my InsaneJournal.

This one's actually been sitting 3/4 finished on my hard drive for approximately ever, and I'm not certain I didn't post it during a WiP amnesty. However, tonight I was looking for something to post on IJ - in the name of getting in the habit - and stumbled across this, and finished it.

And now, I am going to bed.

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