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Is that there are SO DAMN MANY reasons I need to throw Angelo's (very very SLOOOOOOWLY acquired) skill points to bows.

Well, no, okay, one reason: Seraph's Arrow.

Guess I'd better be stocking up on magic water, instead.

Angelo's Fisticuffs skills bite, by the way. Very few special attacks to show off.
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Why don't WE get arcade games like this, huh? WHY????

Dragon Quest Battle Road trailer.

If anyone needs me, I'll be planning my Carmen Sandiego-esque theft of all Japan's arcade games.

I may need to devote my life to finding a way to move to Japan, OMG.
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I lied.

Well, no, I did not lie so much as not realize my scanner was going to act like a fucking piece of crap and refuse to scan. I did manage to get the DQ-related doujinshi stationery, and the first two stories of Love Affair, scanned.

You will find the doujinshi stationery behind the cut. Warning for large images. )

The Love Affair scans can be found here (it starts on page 7 because there are many, many pages telling us this is Love Affair, a Marcello*Kukule Anthology, and also a table of contents). Usual warnings for Templarcest, not worksafe-ness, and crack. I really think these would benefit from being able to read Japanese.:
Story 1 (ringo): Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11

Story 2 (TK-Brand): Page 12 Page 13 Page 14

Lastly, icons. )
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::stares longingly at Dragon Quest Swords screencaps::

Am getting ready to put my first content up on Dragovian Shrine. Too bad the caps are all tiny. And far too numerous to put up here.

Instead, I shall put up shots I found from Itadaki Street DS. )
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Apparently, not even the zombiepocalypse can prevent the USPS from delivering the mail (then again, with the workers at my local PO, how would you TELL if they were zombies?). This is good, because today my order from Rare Romance came.

I had won two doujinshi (Love Affair and Love Addict) and a sheet of doujinshi stationery off eBay, and then gone to the non-eBay store and discovered grab-bags of monochrome doujinshi stationery. So I emailed and asked if I could combine eBay and non-eBay purchases, figuring the answer would be no, but hey, it never hurts to ask, right?

Well, much to my shock the answer was yes, so I bought two grab bags and said that if there was anything Dragon Quest related, that would be my first choice. (Hide your shock.) I figured I might get a couple of DQ sheets, and the rest random stuff I likely wouldn't recognize, but hell, I'm never one to say no to pretty things that can go on my walls, whether I recognize the source or not.

I opened the envelope up to a note saying that since she couldn't find much DQ stuff that was monochrome, she substituted some full color sheets instead. And close to half of what was in the grab bags was DQ of one stripe or another, including a DQ7 where the characters actually look GOOD (DQ7 was not blessed with very good character designs), and a gorgeous, gorgeous DQ4 sheet. And so I squee'd, and now I pimp, although I have quite likely raided all the DQ stuff because I am selfish like that.

Tomorrow, if I can clean the cats off the scanner, I shall share pictures of my pretty pretty things (including the doujinshi, which have many many pages and are going to be a bitch to scan). Because I'm selfish, but not totally evil.

ETA: And, argh, someone has posted an "OMG I NEED HELP" message to me on YouTube, which I know about because they send me emails when I have messages, and the subject of this one is, "I'm sorry, I need help again" - only YouTube is doing some sort of maintenance that requires them to not let me access my messages. So I am feeling very thwarted that I can't answer their question. It's like seeing the Batsignal and not being able to reach Commissioner Gordon. (OMG YES DQ8 IS SO JUST AS IMPORTANT AS STOPPING TWO FACE!)

ETA2: My condolences to all of you who were eaten by zombies today. Hopefully, some brains and a good night's sleep will sort you right out.


Jun. 8th, 2007 11:28 am
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So, if I were to be wishing for high speed internet SOLELY so I could go on YouTube and track down every bit of DQ Swords footage...that would be officially pathetic, right?

And print screening poor-quality YouTube videos in hopes of making icons...that would also fall into the pathetic category?

I'm going to make my nephew translate the DQ Swords website for me even if I have to resort to threats. I suppose that's...yeah.


ETA: This was apparently the first trailer that was released. I'm just a little bit in love with all of them.

ETA2: Gameplay footage. I'm sorry exploration doesn't seem to be a big part of the game, but this is totally made up for by the ability to chop up slimes. :D


Jun. 8th, 2007 01:09 am
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I feel vaguely disloyal for this icon.

And no, I don't want to hear any comparisons to Sephiroth's sword. :P

ETA: And wow, if I felt guilt over the new icon, I ought to feel truly awful about the new layout.
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Dragovian Shrine actually has a purpose, now.

Now, to dig up content. :D
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Slime Knights has re-opened, this time focusing on Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker.

Join up, keep Squeenix happy. Want them to know there are lots of DQ fans so they release DQ Swords, after all.

Dragovian Sanctuary is going to wind up expanding, isn't it? Or maybe Dragovian Legends WILL wind up having content after all...

(ETA: Hah, I just remembered I have dragovianshrine.info, which was forwarded to Dragovian Sanctuary, and now, umm...isn't. Because I don't have enough to do! I NEED another website! ::hysterical laughter::)

ETA: And we're counting fannish communities now (seen via [livejournal.com profile] cathexys):

If you manage any communities that were created for purposes related to fandom, then go ahead and add the interest to the community's interest list. Whether the community is still active or not! Simply go to the Community Management page. Click the 'Info' link next to the community. Paste fandomcommscount into the 'Interests' field. Save the changes. You can watch the community count here.
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OMG, I...::flails::



Must...have...DQ: Swords.

And OMG could the Hero BE any more ADORABLE? ::cuddles::


ETA: Well, I certainly fall hard and fast, don't I?

Images taken from http://www.square-enix.co.jp/dragonquest/sword/main.html.

Icons totally shareable, or there wouldn't be any point in posting them, would there?


And we have names for the ones with names (left to right): Dean, Setia, and Baud.

Yes, my inner Supernatural fan is snickering at Dean. Hush.

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