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As I'm sure was evident to everyone I interacted with today *waves weakly at [personal profile] raisedbymoogles and [personal profile] jlsigman*, today has not been a good day. On the up side, I did manage to limit myself to locking down my writing:beast wars tag rather than deleting everything up to and including my journals and AO3 account. So, um...yay?


Oct. 26th, 2010 02:20 pm
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I'm sick, I'm at work, and I have Power Rangers crawling through my brainmeats. Also, I re-read some old fanfic last night and discovered that one of my OCs isn't so much a Sue as she is a horrible person.
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That you can tell how depressed I am by whether I'm watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, or heckling Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Tonight, I'm watching.
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Why the Adventures of Sinbad (the series with Zen Gesner) is available on DVD in Canadia and not in the US. *woe*

(This post brought to you by receiving Tetsu, a minor recurring character from Sinbad, as my second [community profile] intoabar character, and thus being forced to watch poor quality streaming video to remind myself who he was, because they don't want to sell me DVDs. Sad dragon.)

(Yes, I am aware I can just order them from Amazon.ca. That is not the point.)
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You know, the one where I hate everything I've ever written or ever will write, and would like nothing more than to never write again? Yeah, that one.

And yet I'm still considering signing up for the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon. Because I am an idiot, that's why.

Edit: And I am an idiot not once, not twice, but THREE times!
Look behind the cut to see what kind of an idiot I am! )

You do not EVEN KNOW how close I was to picking "spider" as the creature I wanted to write in Beast Wars. But we all know 'Bolt likes being tied up spider would be redundant.
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...four genuinely GOOD Knight Rider fics on FF.net. Two expand on episodes. Two are crossovers. One crossover is unfinished.

Needless to say, I have read them all.

This makes me a very sad dragon indeed.
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Tell me I'm not allowed to knit a Heraldwhite and blue scarf, hat, and mitt set for next winter. Mostly, tell me this because gods know I never wear white (and also, by the time any of the above were finished they wouldn't be white, they'd be cat hair colored). But I have a lot of nice white wool yarn to use up...

I should not have watched the MANTIS pilot before the series, because going from that insanely pretty cast to the substantially less pretty cast of the series made it harder to watch (though, easier to focus on plot, so there's that). Plus, there was 100% less wet-Carl-Lumbly-in-swimtrunks in the series. I pout.

I have eaten approximately all the food in the world today, and am trying to convince myself I ought to eat the salad in the fridge rather than order pizza. I blame hormones.

Alas, I cannot blame hormones for the fact I've been too unfocused to write for something like three weeks now. That's just evil brain chemistry at work. Bad brain. (Though I did almost want to start my Lone Ranger-as-Herald fic today, in part because yesterday I found a site with some Lone Ranger radio scripts posted.
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Dear Brain,

Icky dream imagery behind the cut. )

More exhausted and tired than when she went to bed,
Dragovian Knight

And I have writing angst that I kind of want to post about, and I kind of don't want to do it on my IJ behind lock because I would sort of like to have, you know, a conversation about some of it. But that has to be weighed against my fear of people wandering in and pointing at me and calling me a bad person.
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Having something you would love to coerce someone into writing for you, and not being able to foist it off on anyone because it features one of your own Sues. Yes, that is how far my writing mojo has fled, guys; even my own characters can't entice me anymore. Thank GODS I have crappy 80s television to watch.
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Sometimes, I wish that I were a better writer, who could write things with plots and nuance and depth, and that I cared about any of the popular fandoms, so I could participate in things like remixes and big bangs. Pity my brain doesn't seem to work like other people's.
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I want something to read. Want desperately. Unfortunately, the mood I'm in, I suspect the only thing that will satisfy is the sort of thing I'd write myself, and I don't have the energy to write anything. Or the desire, really.

Plus, RPM apparently had a new episode Saturday and I don't care all that much. Even a brief hiatus apparently = loss of interest for me these days.

Perhaps I will pull out Ruby* or Dean** and play games. Or perhaps I will just knit hats until my hands fall off. ::flops and looks mournful::

I want pizza.

*my Nintendo DS, and oh gods, can you believe I still haven't even unwrapped Dragon Quest V?
**my Wii; I have the new Indiana Jones game and I haven't unwrapped it, either

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