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I am gradually replacing the TF blogs I was following on Tumblr with Warcraft blogs, and my dash is a much happier place. Also prettier.
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...y'all would totally be watching the trailer for the big budget, live action, modern day movie version of Beast Wars in this very spot.

But since I can't, here, let me block it out for you. Dun worry, it's short. )

There are other single lines ("You do know black widows are deadly, right?") and trailer length snippets (Blackarachnia is utterly fucking amazing, pretend you are surprised by my bias) in my head. NOTHING TO BUILD AN AU OUT OF THOUGH, BRAIN, SO YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.
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Because this Blackarachnia 'n' Airachnid vid to "Super Villain" isn't going to vid itself, you know.

(I mean, unless one of you would like to...? *hopeful*)

The Airachnid clips should be easy; I have three episodes with decent footage to go through. Blackarachnia, on the other hand...three seasons with her in a decent percentage of eps (or possibly I just don't remember the ones without her). There just IS no bad footage of her hot, poisonous, and deadly self. /bias

Gods help me, I want to vid SOMETHING to Powerman 5000's "Transform", too. *ponders*

ALSO, tonight I did something I haven't done in FOREVER and nommed down all the recent TFP episodes, then when I ran out I just started over. Thank you, gods-bedamned season ending cliffhanger, for getting my fanlove flowing again.
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But if I leave these scenelets in comments on IJ, I will never find them again.

A gathering of snippets from the Beast Wars AU which completely lacks the Wars part and so is more Beast Exploration and Interaction. )

Yes, I did waste the entire day writing this slag. Your point?
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Which is why, in my head, Airazor and Tigatron are going O_O inside the (otherwise deserted) Autobot base, and Quickstrike and Inferno are out in the desert spying on it.

This better be out of my brain before I get home, is all I'm saying.

Edit: And while this would not explain Quickstrike and Inferno, saying, "Fuck the Vok, that weird plant sent Airazor and Tigatron across dimensions" is... a damned tempting explanation to use.

*kicks frantically at the bunnies some more*
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I've honestly lost track of what I've written for past prompts; I just know I haven't written them all.

And I've reached the point where unless the other characters DEMAND a prompt, I'm just defaulting to Blackarachnia and Silverbolt. Those two never fail to provide me with SOMETHING.

(Speaking of BA and 'Bolt: [personal profile] raisedbymoogles, have you changed your mind about vidding Holding Out for a Hero? Because if you don't want it, I have Ideas. Once WMM and I are on speaking terms again. And after Super Villain. And after I find time to rip my DVDs to avi files.)

I love...

Jun. 30th, 2011 10:10 pm
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...the stubby little arms of Megatron's original beast mode.
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This week's [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100 prompt is PAST PROMPTS! Thirty-two prompts to choose from, and two weeks to drabble our little hearts out.

Edit: I have officially been watching too much TF Prime; not only did I type Decepticon instead of Predacon, it took me half a dozen editing passes to NOTICE I'd typed Decepticon instead of Predacon.
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Two Beast Wars and fourteen Transformers Prime. The TF Prime ones are not ALL Arcee.

Apparently when iconing Arcee my choices are 'blank' and 'snarky'. I can't fathom how she's my favorite. )

Edit: And then one more. Yes, I am appropriately ashamed of myself.

Oh, and [personal profile] eosrose did a podfic of Lessons Learned, one of my Demona drabbles. ^__^
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"I'm a Predacon. I'm evil. I'll shoot you."

Followed by Silverbolt's utter confusion and betrayal when she proceeds to shoot him. Oh, 'Bolt.

The fact they subsequently start making out probably means I need to do at least one Blackarachnia/Silverbolt fill for this week's [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100, doesn't it? It's like canon kink.

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