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Because this Blackarachnia 'n' Airachnid vid to "Super Villain" isn't going to vid itself, you know.

(I mean, unless one of you would like to...? *hopeful*)

The Airachnid clips should be easy; I have three episodes with decent footage to go through. Blackarachnia, on the other hand...three seasons with her in a decent percentage of eps (or possibly I just don't remember the ones without her). There just IS no bad footage of her hot, poisonous, and deadly self. /bias

Gods help me, I want to vid SOMETHING to Powerman 5000's "Transform", too. *ponders*

ALSO, tonight I did something I haven't done in FOREVER and nommed down all the recent TFP episodes, then when I ran out I just started over. Thank you, gods-bedamned season ending cliffhanger, for getting my fanlove flowing again.
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But it would require me to gather footage from ALL the continuities. Which may be...asking rather a lot of myself.

Still, these LYRICS...

How come everything is not like it used to be
And how come everything is never the same
There you wanna, gonna get, first time, last place
Nothing stays the same here, including your name
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Thing the first: You don't even LIKE Transmetal II Blackarachnia
Thing the second: She went transmetal like three episodes before the end of the series


No, not even if you take out the long instrumental sections.
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Because a) I am a bad person and b) I like the Beach Boys and c) I had a "now you're just being silly" square on my bingo card.

Yes, I really did it; I really forced Arcee to endure being vidded to 'Little Honda'. )

Sorry, IJers, you will have to visit the Dreamwidth post to view. :( Or download from Mediafire.
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Dear Windows Movie Maker,

I am never going to finish this Arcee vid if you don't. STOP. CRASHING.

(And Windows Live Movie Maker for Win7 is, as far as I can tell, worthless for this sort of thing, so I can't even haul it to work and finish it there.)

Look, I'm almost done; all I have to do is tweak the timing a little, and then I promise I won't use you for DAYS. Just cooperate for a little while longer.

Yours in extreme frustration,

Edit: DONE! DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE! Now I just have to save the movie as a wmv (and how much do I wish I could just default WMM to save everything at the maximum possible output always?), and then convert to an avi, and then go to work a few minutes early and upload.
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With any luck, successfully embedded. Or just download the avi file (about 31MB) from Mediafire here.

Spoilers for the first five minutes of Darkness Rising. Yes, including That Scene, but not That Other Scene from pt 2.

No, that is not my actual YouTube account. If anyone ever wants to get pissy about the music vids, I don't want my DQ8 stuff pulled down. Not that I'm paranoid, I just really would have preferred to upload somewhere other than YouTube.

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I was going to bring Baby's First Vid to work to upload today, and when I got here I realized I'd copied the wrong file onto my flash drive. Because I r smrt like that.

Edit: Also, it seems that Airachnid and Blackarachnia are going to share Super Villain. OH NOES, now I have to rip BA footage from my new DVDs.
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And not at all a list of ideas. :D

Mustn't make an Arcee vid to the Beach Boy's Little Honda...

Mustn't make a Predacon vid to Weird Al's Jurassic Park...

Really, REALLY mustn't make an Airachnid vid to Powerman 5000's Super Villain...

Or a Blackarachnia vid to Alice Cooper's Poison (or maybe vice-versa on those last two)...

Still not a vidder.
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No need to waste a bunch of time tracking down source clips. :D

Did require me to cut down T.N.T. quite a bit, though. *frown*

But hey, for baby's first vid, I am not displeased. Now, assuming WMM can export something that doesn't look like mud...really, I'm terribly unhappy feeding my beautiful HD avi files to it, because it doesn't seem to have the option to export a finished movie at similar resolution...where are the cool kids uploading their vids to these days?
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Found a converter to turn my mkv files into avi files. You know, like Windows Movie Maker can work with.

We're all gonna die. So doomed. So. Doomed.

(Really, my issue with vidding is less a matter of "I'm going to find time for this HOW?" and more a matter of how vidding, like everything else in fandom these days, is FRAUGHT! WITH! MEANING! Which is fine if that's how you roll, but I can pretty much guarantee no vid I ever make will have more meaning than, "LOOK! The Impala* is pretty and I like this song!" and I have to get over the feeling that if all I want to do is set pretty pictures to music, with no deeper symbolic meaning or social commentary, I am Doin It Rong.)

Also, there is a really good chance I will vid twenty-seven different fandoms to Born to Be Wild. Just to warn you.

*Replace with Arcee or KITT or whatever as needed.

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