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And I certainly am not thrilled by the idea of moving again, less than a year after the last move.

However, the place I am (knock wood, fingers crossed, etc) hopefully moving TO? I am extremely thrilled about that.

So if anyone would like to send good energy into the universe about [personal profile] darthneko and my home buying adventure, it would be much appreciated.
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Dharma Trading is the first company that's ever called to confirm that my shipping address is legit (I have everything shipped to work because I'm there more than at home). Possibly because I just ordered for the first time in five years and last time I ordered, I was working at home and could sign for things (and if necessary, guide the UPS drivers along the scary rural dirt roads that have no street signs).

Hopefully, the yarn (a cotton/bamboo blend)and dye will not take too long to get here, though I missed today's shipping deadline and nothing can go out until Monday.
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...went to my town's fall festival and had roasted corn and an Indian taco and a Texas Twister and got temporary tattoos down my arm (since I can't afford a real one right now), and held the tiniest chihuahua I've ever seen, and drooled on a 2011 Camaro. And now I'm home going, "OMG you don't really expect me to write 750 words, do you?"

Alas, I really do expect that of myself. But here, have a photo of my fake ink.

Yes, you may in fact see the faintly lingering traces of hives in this photo, from the ant bite I got last week. )
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Via [personal profile] marthawells and half the rest of the universe: Westboro Baptist Church fails to grasp just who they are taking on at Comic-Con. My favorite is the Starfleet officer with the "God Hates Jedi" sign. ♥

In less happy news, [personal profile] ardwynna posts about Bismark, a German Shepherd at the Baldwin Park animal shelter who is scheduled to be euthanized in two days due to lack of space. If you know anyone who wants a dog in the California area, boost the signal, yeah?

But so we don't end on a downer, [personal profile] rosabelle wrote about Aang giving Zuko a puppy! :D :D :D :D :D

Edit of "OMG they're bantering again!": I just finished my 750 words, and the first hundred or so of it was this from the Fallen Knight 'verse (and yes, Dulcea was playing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" when I wrote it, though I can't decide if that's a song Ali would actually listen to...I've always liked it because the band of demons sounds awesome).

I really cannot allow KITT and Ali to banter unsupervised anymore. )

And then, because goddess forbid I should let KITT have an angst free morning, at the end of my 750 words I wrapped up with a teeny tiny bit from Indestructible.

This bit starts from right after the last part I posted...you know, the 'oh KITT D:' part. )

Edit of "Ah hah, I remember what I wanted to talk about!": I watched one of the special features from the Knight Rider 2008 dvds last night, and one of the people responsible for designing the Knight Industries Three Thousand mentioned that modern cars can do "most" of the things the original KITT can do. "REALLY?" went I. "Modern cars can drive themselves and have lengthy philosophical conversations? THE BIG GUY HAS BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME! Tomorrow he's driving to work while I watch DVDs, and then we're brainstorming fic!"

Alas, the Big Guy is still holding out on me and made me drive myself to work. :( Plus, he wouldn't even scan and identify the hot car that drove past in the opposite direction at about 80MPH. And we already know he fails the molecular bonded shell test, from the accident in January. He must be a Team Knight Rider level vehicle.

Big Guy: HEY! There's no need to be insulting.

They also talked about how they didn't want to do the red light, because that would be too close to the original. So then their big solution was to...take the scanner and mirror it. Okay then.

Most of the trip to work today we were surrounded by white Fords. It was disconcerting. Like that classic BSG episode where the Viper pilots met angels or whatever and came back with their uniforms bleached all white. (Look, I was 7-8 when that episode aired; this is the best description you're getting from me.)
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Ohhh, evil Optimus Prime KARR, why are you so amazingly sexy? *purr purr purr* Seriously, giving you one episode...even if was an awesome, series-altering episode...was a disservice to us all.

On the other hand, Mike, you BASTARD, throwing KITT at KARR when his systems weren't even all online. "Suck it up, you're playing hurt"? Seriously? Asshole.

*attempts to regain non-annoyed state*

So, guess who scored the last package of eel rolls from the sushi counter when she stopped at the store tonight? :D And then when I came out, I guess the Big Guy had been summoning Pontiacs* (because my truck loves me, that's why) because there was a blue Grand Am on one side of him, and OMG a G8 sedan on the other, and I was so good and I looked with my eyes but not my hands even though it was SO GORGEOUS I KIND OF WANTED TO RUB UP AGAINST IT OMG. *cough* And then a sexy red Grand Am went slinking by as we were leaving, so we followed it. Because it was heading to the same exit. My truck and I are not creepy stalkers, really.


Snow: *rattles cage door* Noms plz?
Me: Okay honey, give me a minute, I...SNOW WHITE, you have half a bowl of food in there!
Snow: Alfalfa pellets! :(
Me: Alfalfa pellets are what normal rabbits eat.
Snow: Do not want.
Me: If you don't stop leaving half your food, I'm switching you to the cheap stuff.
Snow: *ears droop* Eat all the things?
Me: Yes, eat all the things!

Mind, next week I will probably break down and buy her the pumpkin seed and papaya treat jar (it's marketed for birds, but Snow loves pumpkin seeds and papaya both), but don't tell her that. I'm bunneh whipped enough as it is.

*People think I like Pontiacs because of Knight Rider. In point of fact, I initially watched Knight Rider because I thought the star was sexy...and I'm not talking about Hasselhoff, here.

Edit of ARRRRGH!: I am trying to work on the next part of Indestructible, and normally I am very good about keeping my fic on Splinter, who is the smallest flash drive (yes, my flash drives have names; how else would I keep track of them?) and therefore not much use for music and video files, but somehow I have managed to get fic files scattered across Hudson and Goliath, too! And I don't know if they're duplicates or I'm just dumb and reused names, and this means I have to dig out Broadway and Lexington** to see if THEY have things on them they shouldn't, and then compare everything just in case.

Maybe I should just go to bed. :(


**A theme, you may be detecting one.
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One thing I do love about where I live is that I can see the town fireworks displays (every 4th of July and New Years) from my porch, away from the annoyance of actual human contact. I can't hear any of it, of course, except the occassional crack-ck-ck of a particularly big one, so I put on something appropriate, like the music from Disney's Fantasmic!, and have my own private show.

This year, I put on Fantasmic! starting at the villain sequence, which is my favorite part and, at about the midpoint, is suitable for the length of our usual displays around here (13 minutes, give or take). And yes, right around the start of Maleficent's death throes, what LOOKED like the finale of the fireworks started.

Only then, they kept going. Through the finale of Fantasmic! Through the "let's play music while the CMs gently prod the guests into moving" music. Into the start of The Mainstreet Electrical Parade (which is on this playlist because it's the second track of the CD...and yes, my CD was old enough that it is, indeed, the Mainstreet Electrical Parade music that I have, and not the Disney Electrical Parade).

The true finale didn't start until the Pinnochio sequence in Mainstreet. Not that I'm complaining; one can't go wrong when one's sparkling lights are accompanied by electrasynthomagnetic musical sounds, after all. :D I'm just surprised.

And the true finale? Looked like they'd taken a match to all three of our fireworks stores. This totally made up for the lackluster fireworks that brought in 2010.
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Well, you know, because I've already broken all my other toys in the Indestructible verse, haven't I?

Yes, I do write out of order. Apologies to those of you reading this and feeling like ping pong balls. )

I swear, I do know where the shift key is, honest.

My morning drive was...well, fun except for the first idiot of the day. Said idiot came down a side street so fast that he was 3/4 of the way across the (two lane) road I was on before he managed to stop for the stop sign. Instead of just continuing across and doing a U turn on the other side of the street, he edged sloooowly the rest of the way across, then when I passed I saw him back all the way back to the stop sign, stop, and then pull out. LOL, I don't think that you really get a do over on that, doofus.

Up at the intersection I saw a car coming, and thought, "Huh, that looks like a cop car, but it's way too beat up (and no light bar)." So I turn, and he turns soon enough after that in my rearview I can see this poor beat to hell car has a CHP shield on the side. It was heading out to Death Valley; all I can think is maybe there's some filming going on out there or something. Or someone really did steal 'n' trash a CHP car.

I also saw a coyote trot across the road and lope into the fields. Pretty thing.

On the highway, there was a Pontiac SUV (I don't know what Pontiac named their SUVs). I have seen this same one twice now; it must work or live out at the north end. Whenever I see it, I'm reminded of the runabouts from DS9.

By Walmart, there was a little red Corvette on my tail. ^__^

It was a good car morning. :D

Also, my iPod played the Hawaii Five-0 theme, then the Knight Rider theme, then the Hawaii Five-0 theme again, then Sound of Madness. I think Dulcea is telling me to send my poor characters on vacation before they go crazy, LOL.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Overall, writing went better than I expected, given that one of my cats became so enamored of the stupid pom-pom on my slipper (they were a gift; I don't do pom-poms), that he bit my damn toe trying to get to it. I swear, sometimes I hate cats.

Yes, I can totally stay up until 1am writing, because I have Mondays off. Nyah. :P Though this does make it so much harder to go back to a "normal" sleep schedule on Monday night so I can be up Tuesday. On the other hand, it's a lot less stress having my 750 Words over and done with already. Someday, I hope to actually have words I can keep/share again. Words are easy. Writing is hard. :(

(And...just to put my MASSIVE STUPIDITY out in public...I'm seriously considering that if I get my 750 Words daily word count average up high enough, I will sign up for NaNo this year. *facepalm* Way to keep raising the bar until it smacks me in the face, I know. I DID NOT CLAIM TO BE SMART, OKAY?)

Finally got the swamp cooler up and running today (needed to...we've been over 100F for the past several days), but I don't think the expensive blue pads cool as well as cheap aspen pads do. Dammit. New pump is up and running, though, and the belt - which has been falling apart for three years, but miraculously held on through every summer - has been replaced. Mind, I had to replace it with a belt slightly too large, because every place in town is out of the correct size - I guess my swamp cooler has an extremely common belt - which means it's humming a bit, but it's running, and that's what matters. Now that the swamper is up, and the house is at least a little cooler than outside - though I still may go get aspen pads when I go looking for a proper size belt - I brought Snow inside. She doesn't seem all that bothered by the cats, and the cats, for their part, haven't poked/grabbed at/molested her at all (though they do like sleeping on her cage - understandable since her cage sits in the airflow from the cooler).

Okay, I'm going to try to sleep now, since it's somewhat cooler and I have some scotch in me. Hopefully, no cats will feel the overwhelming need to cuddle, because OMG it may be cooler, but it's still too damn hot in here.
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*sound of a big diesel engine rumbling*
Big Guy: Somebody want to go for a ride?
Dragovian: Big Guy! Your wheel no longer goes \.
Big Guy: Never underestimate the powers of American steel and American ingenuity.
Dragovian: Hey, why's your brake light on?
Big Guy: ...American work ethic

Which is to say, I had my truck back and had to return him for further work already. *tear*
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I came out of Walmart, and what should be parked not two rows from Big Guy but the General Lee! Or at least, an old Charger painted up to be a perfect clone of the General Lee. I had to grin, since that car was one of my first TV boyfriends (before KITT came along).

And now, it strikes me that I started watching Dukes of Hazzard much the same way I came into Supernatural: car first, boys secondary. (Knight Rider doesn't really count, because the show was about the car being the star. I don't think that was the goal of Dukes or SPN.)

And then I came home to the "your order has shipped!" email from KnitPicks. :D I'm going to be buried in alpaca! I'll be able to re-enact that scene from "The Trouble With Tribbles"! Flufffffeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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At work, we wind up with all sorts of wooden pallets from shipments, which get stacked at the side of the store, and recently the stack had grown unwieldy so there was talk of selling them for like $5 each. And I said I would like to buy some, so I could make a storage patio between the end of my trailer and my shed (because the shed is pretty well useless for storage now, with the washer/dryer and refrigerator in it). To which the reply was, "No, just take some! We want to get rid of them!"

Now, the problem of course was getting them home in Edea, because she's big but not that big. Only at some point, solving the power steering fluid leak became sort of a store project, with G. and G's husband and B. all dismembering my sad sad car, and Edea for the past week has sat in front of the store while we try to find parts (without resorting to a new power steering pump, because $$$), since the mechanics kept blowing me off about the problem. (Edea is a side-mounted V6, they tell me, which apparently means she's hard to work on.) Anyway, while Edea has been pulled apart, I've had use of the store truck, which is big and loud and a bit scary, but does mean I can bring pallets home every night! \o/

After I brought the first load home on Tuesday, I found that two of them were completely solid, with no gaps that I might trip on, and I was like, "I think I shall also build a walkway from my steps to the shed door, for when it rains, the ground where I am becomes most slippery*." So today, B used the forklift to move all of the pallets, and pulled out all of the completely solid ones for me. ♥ Now I just need days off so I can put everything together.

In conclusion: Baaaaaby dragons. Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

*Sadly, I really do talk like that sometimes.

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