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So. Rommi fried her modem tonight, because I was not already sick and twitchy about going in to work early tomorrow. Which means I'm on Dillon if I want to be online. Which in turn means the never-ending joy of keys that randomly don't work (or fall off entirely). And the avi I have of the latest TF:P episode is so out of synch it's almost unwatchable. Okay, that last part was a "Windows Media Player sucks" problem; installing VLC Player fixed it. Crappitude of the rest of the night stands.

All of which means that instead of writing I am browsing Tiger Direct, ostensibly for a new modem, but in reality staring lustfully at tower cases (I fancy this one) and pondering who I could rob so I could just rebuild Rommi completely and take over the world. That...that's a completely rational reaction to a minor repair, right?
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But since I broke another tooth today, I've kind of lost the mood. (And no, I can't afford to go to a dentist, which is why my teeth keep breaking in the first place.)
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Someone please shoot me. :(
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(And yes, I realize that my CAPSLOCK RAAAGE over someone parking along the section of street where I normally park is totally irrational. But I have never been accused of being overly rational.)
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I got home to discover my Nox Arcana CDs were here! Well, three out of four of them were here...the new one, the one I placed the order for, was not in the box. Edit of "Christine is awesome": Literally within an hour of my emailing about the missing CD, Christine had replied to let me know she was taking care of it, and I had a paypal shipping notice letting me know that my package would ship tomorrow.

*sobbing laughter* *feels better now*

Also, I went to fix the float in my swamp cooler, and I don't know WTF the people who put the last float in used to fix it in place, but I was physically incapable of removing it. So I had to kind of...improvise...with the new one. :-/ So far so good.
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Rommi's power supply fan went out last night, and I've no idea if Dillon actually has a regular phone modem or not. :(
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I also had a completely crap morning. :(

Which I then apparently took out on Team Knight Rider by...breaking Kyle and Dante.

Yay 750 Words?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I spent this morning trying to get Dante to understand that yes, he does have printers. He used them ALL DAY YESTERDAY (when I was printing out things for today's Bark for Life, which is like the Relay for Life, only you take your dogs with you; we is a sponsor). The print spooler kept being off, even though I kept going into services and restarting it and double-triple-quadruple checking that, yes, the print spooler is set to auto restart. I rebooted. I turned him off completely. I turned the PRINTERS off. At one point, he recognized the printers as printers, but still claimed "function not available" when I'd try to, you know, PRINT.

This, my friends, is what you get when you name a computer after an SUV with a huge stick up his tailpipe. :P

Eventually, I said, "Fuck you," installed the latest Windows updates so they'd stop nagging me, and rebooted.

And his printers came back.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW, YOU GUYS! Rommi never gave me this kind of trouble even back when we were running Win 3.1.

So today's 750 words started mostly about my adventures with apparently drain bamaged computers, and ended with me outlining how to bring the TKR cars into the Indestructible-verse. *facepalm* Because simply having two KITTs clearly can't get me into enough trouble. (Billy wants Domino. Domino is all, "Yeah, no," about it.) THIS IS BECOMING LIKE THE CRACKOVER* ONLY ANGSTIER.

Also, today I discovered that if you go 20 days without distractions, you get an "undistractible" mutant hamster inna hamster ball badge. :D

*For those who weren't around for my last NaNo project, it was a crossover between Knight Rider, Knight Rider 2008, Supernatural, and Bayformers. The Impala is sekritly an Autobot. KARR kidnapped Dean. Mike and Michael bonded over cheap diner coffee while they waited for their supercars to be towed back to base. Hence the name, crackover. There is still a part of me that wants to finish it.
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I don't want to write, but I want to want to write. I assume this is some form of progress.

Ex-employees are causing problems for my workplace, to the point where I'm dreaming about (completely different) ex-employees vandalizing the store. And these aren't even people we fired; they quit (for no reason, in one case; just didn't wanna work no mo').

I need a vacation. *sigh*
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...to make ends meet without wanting to slit my wrists.

(I may have no choice. SecondJob is going out for bids because they can't afford the few hundred dollars a month they pay me. On the one hand, I need the money; on the other, I would dance a jig to see it go, if I could cover the shortfall. On the mutant third hand, self employment tax kills me every year.)
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I just spent the last hour+ AT WORK, because some FUCKING DRUNK let his car roll down the hill and it went THROUGH OUR FENCE AND HIT THE FRONT OF OUR STORE!

And I'm the only one who knows how to make the security system copy onto a flash drive.

Yes, I am buying myself lunch on the way home. Because I deserve it.
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Remember last summer, when my washing machine started spewing water everywhere? Well, this year it's my well. Pressure gauge looks to have failed, leading to the pressure valve giving way. Leading to several inches of water in my well house at midnight last night, and ankle-deep mud around the whole mess today. ::headdesk::
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Sooo tiiired. Worked all day, and then spent over two hours working on the magazine so I can drop off a final proof in the morning. Also huuuungry, though I've something in the oven to remedy that.

Got my car back yet again, but brought the store truck home tonight just to be on the safe side, since I was driving late. Maybe Edea can come home tomorrow.

And then I got home, downloaded my secondary email (the one I use for shopping and forums, so that I don't get spammed to death), and for whatever reason KnitPicks has sent me a $10 gift card. Which, given my addiction to their yarn, is a very good thing indeed. So that part of the day didn't suck.

But OMG my brain is trying to kill me! *cries* (Ficbit behind cut) )
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So, Saturday after work Edea died again, about 100 feet shy of where she died Friday night. And yay for Boss#1, because she is right down the street from the repair place where Edea was towed, so I caught a ride to the shop with the tow truck driver then walked down to the house, and Boss#1 was all, "Here, you can take Husband #1's truck home so you aren't stranded, and just bring it back Tuesday; we aren't going anywhere and if we do, we can use my truck." And, sure, I don't like Husband #1's truck because it is a big loud evil diesel worktruck, but it was better than having no vehicle at all, even if I didn't go anywhere. (He was all, "I'm sorry, it doesn't have A/C," and I was all, "My car doesn't have A/C; the windows work, right?" I mean, I seriously wouldn't even know what to DO with an air conditioner, it's been so long since Edea's worked.)

This morning - yesterday morning, technically, at this point - I got to work and yes, Edea had been left in front of the house, presumably fixed (again). So I worked part of the day up at the store, and part down in the office, and at 7pm when I got off I said, "Where are my keys?" And I was told they were hanging on the little heart-shaped key holder by the closet.

Only problem was, they were keys to a Ford, but not to MY Ford. And naturally, the repair place had closed hours before. ::headdesk::

So I still have Husband #1's truck for now. And I can only HOPE that the repair place actually has Edea's keys, and that some poor Ford pick-up truck owner is wondering where the hell his keys are.



Jul. 19th, 2009 02:07 am
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It's 2am, it's so humid the swamp cooler isn't working worth crap, and it's still 92 degrees out. Is it any wonder I can't sleep? (And my slipper didn't turn out, but then, I'm flying without a pattern on this; it's a process.)
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Until my car died a mile from home and my cell phone decided to eat its battery. And then the pay phone (because THANK ALL THE GODS Edea died right across from a mini mart with pay phones) ate a dollar in quarters before finally deigning to let me call someone (calls are 50 cents now WTF?).

I am home, Edea is back at the mechanic, and Yami is charging. I knitted a few inches of slipper while I waited for the tow truck. And people wonder why I insist on carrying the entire universe with me wherever I go.
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And now my washing machine has decided to spring a leak. Fuckin' lovely. ::goes to sweep water out of the shed::

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