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Today's winner:

"Now, why did you say you don't date?"

"Because I'm anti-social and I get more than enough of dealing with people at work."

"You know what the cure for bein' anti-social is, don't you? An extra long tongue." *leans in* "I can touch my nose with my tongue. Want me to demonstrate?"

"No. I really don't need a demonstration."


(You know who is unfailingly polite? The guy who works security at the brothel. Make of that what you will.)
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So today I wander into work and see a large Toys R Us box sitting behind the counter (for lo, I do not trust UPS to successfully find my house, as there are no street signs).

Bossman: How are you today?

DK: *busily opening box* I am here...and so is my Toys R Us box!

Bossman: What's in the box, GI Joes?

DK: *having just revealed shiny new Black Dragon and Sky Striker* Yes! How did you know?

Bossman: Well, it's you, and it's a box from Toys R Us. It had to be GI Joes or Transformers.

DK: ...Ironhide should be here tomorrow.
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Last customers of the night had an adorable small daughter of about age nine.

"Ma'am," she asked me, "what's that pink thing?"

I looked, filled with trepidation, at the cage she was pointing at. It was the cage containing our white mini rex rabbit.

Our MALE white mini rex rabbit.

Our MALE white mini rex rabbit who, in deference to the heat, was sprawled in his cage with his bright pink package displayed for all to see. *facepalm*

"That," I said, because no way in hell was I telling this child she was looking at rabbit balls, "is just a part of the rabbit without fur. Rabbits are pink under their fur."

And then I rang her parents up and they left and we closed and I was like, "I HAVE TO BLOG THIS IMMEDIATELY."

So I have. :D
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Me, trying to explain to Bossman the difference between the old computer and its replacement, using terms he will understand: "Until now, you've been driving a Studebaker, and you just traded it in for a GTO with three deuces."
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Is I can do things like send that Mustang vs Camaro link to Bossman, and it will result in him sitting in the back office, googling to find out what the car on Memphis Beat is. (It's a GTO. The car in the promo is a Chevelle, but the actual car in the show is a GTO.)

And in the course of googling, he discovered that the Hawaii Five-0 remake will apparently have a 2011 Mustang 5.0.

Which he spent, like, 45 minutes trying to find a picture of. We watched the show trailer, saw about two seconds of the side of a black car (at a really not good angle for identifying said car), and determined that yeah, that was probably as much of the Stang as we were going to see.

Good thing there weren't any customers the last hour tonight. *snerk*
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Dragon Cave has new eggs since last time I was there: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

My love affair with the new computer had not ended by the time I left for home. In fact, I was asked if perhaps the computer and I needed some alone time (I replied that it was probably best if we had a chaperone).
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The new computer at work, that is. I have spent the entire day stripping data off the old, slow, buggy computer (surely I can't be the only one who gets kind of sad when retiring a computer?) so it can be given to the owners' son, and then setting up the new, fast, shiny computer running Win7.

(Because I am fickle, my *sadface* over the old computer lasted all of five minutes. Then I opened the new computer's box and said, "OOOOHHHH, hello gorgeous!")

New computer asked for a name. I chose Dante. (Dragon sets up the computer, dragon names the computer.) If you think you know which Dante...there is a very slim chance you're right. :D

So far, I do not hate Win7. But I still have a lot of software to install. In fact, I think I shall introduce Dulcea to Dante right now and see about getting iTunes on here.

I hope Rommi doesn't crash from jealousy when I get home.
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I may possibly have stopped wearing my shoes at work (thank gods they're very tolerant of me there). Since doing so, my tendinitis hurts less and my bad hip doesn't hurt at all.

Alas, I have not yet learned to bend annoying customers out of the store.
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I don't want to write, but I want to want to write. I assume this is some form of progress.

Ex-employees are causing problems for my workplace, to the point where I'm dreaming about (completely different) ex-employees vandalizing the store. And these aren't even people we fired; they quit (for no reason, in one case; just didn't wanna work no mo').

I need a vacation. *sigh*
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...to make ends meet without wanting to slit my wrists.

(I may have no choice. SecondJob is going out for bids because they can't afford the few hundred dollars a month they pay me. On the one hand, I need the money; on the other, I would dance a jig to see it go, if I could cover the shortfall. On the mutant third hand, self employment tax kills me every year.)
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I just spent the last hour+ AT WORK, because some FUCKING DRUNK let his car roll down the hill and it went THROUGH OUR FENCE AND HIT THE FRONT OF OUR STORE!

And I'm the only one who knows how to make the security system copy onto a flash drive.

Yes, I am buying myself lunch on the way home. Because I deserve it.
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...was to start bleeding from the girly bits, thus removing any last trace of humor I might have used to deal with today. Ugh.

Also, the Science Diet mystery shopper is supposed to come in sometime this month and I cannot honorably make Science Diet one of my top three dog food recommendations. I already explained this to Bossman, and he said he wouldn't expect me to. Of course, that still led to me doing the whole "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow" thing from Mulan, but luckily they're used to me at work. They don't understand me, but they're used to me.
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...I have determined that none of you want me to accomplish anything ever again. So instead of doing anything constructive, I post another entertainingly failed Knight Fight mission:

Just as you were heading off on your mission, you suddenly realised that you may have forgotten to lock the gates and raise the castle drawbridge. By the time you find the keys to the gate, which you had left in your OTHER suit of armour, your mission time has ended and you decide to stay home and help the cook peel potatoes......

And eggs need clicky: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

And I somehow have acquired a sick/dying rabbit. By somehow I mean, I brought him home because the alternative was for him to be sent away as snake food, since he's no better after two weeks of antibiotics. Since I figure he has a 50/50 chance of being alive or dead every time I check on him, I call him Schrödinger.
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I don't like counting stitches, and I don't like weetiny needles, and I don't like things I have to wash by hand.

I don't.

So why am I so very tempted by KnitPicks having a 33% off sale on their lace weight yarn? *whines and paws at 100% baby alpaca*

(In other news, I have no issue with people seeking guidance from whatever spiritual source they choose. However, when "God" tells you that he wants you to feed dogfood X, which is over $60 per bag, and you can't AFFORD dogfood X, and you choose to let your dogs not eat until you can get the food "God" wants you to feed? THEN I have an issue with you.)

Edit: Baby dragons need wings: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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At work, we wind up with all sorts of wooden pallets from shipments, which get stacked at the side of the store, and recently the stack had grown unwieldy so there was talk of selling them for like $5 each. And I said I would like to buy some, so I could make a storage patio between the end of my trailer and my shed (because the shed is pretty well useless for storage now, with the washer/dryer and refrigerator in it). To which the reply was, "No, just take some! We want to get rid of them!"

Now, the problem of course was getting them home in Edea, because she's big but not that big. Only at some point, solving the power steering fluid leak became sort of a store project, with G. and G's husband and B. all dismembering my sad sad car, and Edea for the past week has sat in front of the store while we try to find parts (without resorting to a new power steering pump, because $$$), since the mechanics kept blowing me off about the problem. (Edea is a side-mounted V6, they tell me, which apparently means she's hard to work on.) Anyway, while Edea has been pulled apart, I've had use of the store truck, which is big and loud and a bit scary, but does mean I can bring pallets home every night! \o/

After I brought the first load home on Tuesday, I found that two of them were completely solid, with no gaps that I might trip on, and I was like, "I think I shall also build a walkway from my steps to the shed door, for when it rains, the ground where I am becomes most slippery*." So today, B used the forklift to move all of the pallets, and pulled out all of the completely solid ones for me. ♥ Now I just need days off so I can put everything together.

In conclusion: Baaaaaby dragons. Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

*Sadly, I really do talk like that sometimes.
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Sooo tiiired. Worked all day, and then spent over two hours working on the magazine so I can drop off a final proof in the morning. Also huuuungry, though I've something in the oven to remedy that.

Got my car back yet again, but brought the store truck home tonight just to be on the safe side, since I was driving late. Maybe Edea can come home tomorrow.

And then I got home, downloaded my secondary email (the one I use for shopping and forums, so that I don't get spammed to death), and for whatever reason KnitPicks has sent me a $10 gift card. Which, given my addiction to their yarn, is a very good thing indeed. So that part of the day didn't suck.

But OMG my brain is trying to kill me! *cries* (Ficbit behind cut) )

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