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The more certain I am that, in the aftermath of KARR, they deliberately disabled some of KITT's basic decision-making functions. Because if his primary purpose is to protect human life, starting with his driver, then there is no way Michael should be able to get into some of those situations with KITT just sitting there waiting for orders*.

In this vein, I'm pretty sure that Ali isn't taking KIM on the road until some of that old self-preservation programming is put back. I actually think - and Brain, there is no way we should know this much about an AU we are not writing - that the Foundation board intended KIM to fail after Devon bullied through the building of a second car. Pity for them that I gave her Ali as a driver, and that Ali is already predisposed to a certain paranoia. (A woman didn't come up through the LAPD in the 70s without knowing who was out to get her, after all.)

I just want to write the fics I signed up for, guys. Make the imaginary people behave. *cries*

*No, Brain, you are not allowed to hit the angst button and have KITT want to act, but be unable to because of these alterations to his program. Although if someone else wanted to hit the angst button for us, that would be acceptable.
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In the Knight Rider pilot, KITT jumps over the car in the demolition derby, and I believe jumps over something else later, but only tells Michael about turbo boost at the end when they jump through the side of the semi. And Michael seems terribly surprised by the whole thing, even though he took it in stride before. (I would have noticed earlier, except to me turbo boost is such a basic function, like driving by himself, that I barely notice when KITT does it.)

Did I mention my show needed a continuity editor?
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REALLY, Amazon. As if I wouldn't already own this if I had the money.

My "Express Checkout with Payphrase" on Amazon today is "D's Instant Stab". :D
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But J, did you read the unused version of the Knight Rider 2000 movie? I...am not 100% in love with it, but it would have been so much less sucktastic than the version we actually got that I almost consider it canon. (Though I don't understand this thing they seem to have with making KITT something other than basic black. Still. Silver is better than red.)

Also, have you seen the fic on FF.net that's a bunch of missing scenes from "Knight in Disgrace"? Because if you haven't, I'll find the link.

When I whine tomorrow about being exhausted, I expect sympathy, damn it, and not anyone pointing to this post and going, "Well, perhaps if you had gone to bed at a reasonable hour instead of reading Knight Rider scripts and posting to your journal, you wouldn't feel so bad."

Also? 101 day streak. I very nearly didn't bother to write, because my goal was the phoenix, but I know that if I quit 750 words my fics are all dead. Not that I'm actually generating fic at the moment. But eventually I'll run out of things to complain about and have no choice but to resort to fic.

Hi! I had four Venoms today. I bet you never would have guessed.
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The Knight Rider Archive would be vastly more awesome if most of the pages weren't white on black. *paws at eyes and whimpers* Also, I'm glad fanfic is free to ignore the writer's bible, because apparently KITT only being able to follow Michael's directions, rather than show some damn sense once in a while, was an edict from above...presumably so they could justify paying Hasselhoff after it became clear who the real star of the show was. (Bias? What bias? I have no idea what you could be talking about. There is clearly no bias here.)

For the record, I have been watching the same four episodes of Knight Rider on continuous loop for the past three days. Because the DVD drive is stuck shut. And yes, sure, I COULD go down there with the tiny screwdriver and unstick it, but it's...a lot easier just to watch the same four episodes over and over. I mostly just stare at KITT, anyway.

In totally unrelated news, how is it that nobody has ever told me about It's Effin Science? They blow shit up! WITH SCIENCE! This is totally relevant to my interests!
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If Michael Long got his face shot off on August 8, 1982 (A Good Knight's Work), how could Michael Knight have caught the Chameleon in August of 1982 (Knight of the Chameleon)? Unless we're going to make an argument that Michael is an Immortal, that is.

No, that is not a crossover I intend to write.
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It still weirds me out a little to hear the Ghost Host's voice coming out of KARR. I half expect him to say, "Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense your car shouldn't be talking to you."

KARR is a lot crazier in this episode. ::pets him::

Edit: You know, if I had KARR he'd never have to tell me to press Turbo Boost twice. He would, probably, have to make me STOP pressing it. (Srsly, the fun we could have busting into casinos and then vanishing into the desert...)
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Ohhh, evil Optimus Prime KARR, why are you so amazingly sexy? *purr purr purr* Seriously, giving you one episode...even if was an awesome, series-altering episode...was a disservice to us all.

On the other hand, Mike, you BASTARD, throwing KITT at KARR when his systems weren't even all online. "Suck it up, you're playing hurt"? Seriously? Asshole.

*attempts to regain non-annoyed state*

So, guess who scored the last package of eel rolls from the sushi counter when she stopped at the store tonight? :D And then when I came out, I guess the Big Guy had been summoning Pontiacs* (because my truck loves me, that's why) because there was a blue Grand Am on one side of him, and OMG a G8 sedan on the other, and I was so good and I looked with my eyes but not my hands even though it was SO GORGEOUS I KIND OF WANTED TO RUB UP AGAINST IT OMG. *cough* And then a sexy red Grand Am went slinking by as we were leaving, so we followed it. Because it was heading to the same exit. My truck and I are not creepy stalkers, really.


Snow: *rattles cage door* Noms plz?
Me: Okay honey, give me a minute, I...SNOW WHITE, you have half a bowl of food in there!
Snow: Alfalfa pellets! :(
Me: Alfalfa pellets are what normal rabbits eat.
Snow: Do not want.
Me: If you don't stop leaving half your food, I'm switching you to the cheap stuff.
Snow: *ears droop* Eat all the things?
Me: Yes, eat all the things!

Mind, next week I will probably break down and buy her the pumpkin seed and papaya treat jar (it's marketed for birds, but Snow loves pumpkin seeds and papaya both), but don't tell her that. I'm bunneh whipped enough as it is.

*People think I like Pontiacs because of Knight Rider. In point of fact, I initially watched Knight Rider because I thought the star was sexy...and I'm not talking about Hasselhoff, here.

Edit of ARRRRGH!: I am trying to work on the next part of Indestructible, and normally I am very good about keeping my fic on Splinter, who is the smallest flash drive (yes, my flash drives have names; how else would I keep track of them?) and therefore not much use for music and video files, but somehow I have managed to get fic files scattered across Hudson and Goliath, too! And I don't know if they're duplicates or I'm just dumb and reused names, and this means I have to dig out Broadway and Lexington** to see if THEY have things on them they shouldn't, and then compare everything just in case.

Maybe I should just go to bed. :(


**A theme, you may be detecting one.
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Direct quote from Knight Rider 2008 episode 1x10 "Don't Stop the Knight". The scene: Mike is being held at gunpoint by three women.

Mike: A little help, KITT.
KITT: Lethal, or non-lethal?
Mike: Non-lethal.

Yeah. SO not buying that 3k has the same primary programming as 2k.

Edit: Not that I'm not enjoying Indestructible - because, really, what's not to love about a 'verse where KITT 2k gets so thoroughly fucked over? - but I feel kind of like I should get back to Fallen Knight. The only problem being, all my ideas are for Later In Our Story, and my OC needs a bit more establishing first. Not to mention, I need to do something about the fact that when last seen, she was bleeding out in KITT's front seat. (Hey, it's a driverly TRADITION in KR!)
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I have this impression - and it's not really something I can prove, where I can point to either series and go "there, see, right there" - but I have this impression about the how relationships between Michael and KITT (2k) and Mike and KITT (3k) differ.

It goes like this:

Michael: KITT, we need to do [insanely reckless thing].
KITT: I believe [insanely reckless thing] would be a bad idea, Michael.
Michael: I know, buddy, but we have to do it anyway.
KITT: All right, Michael, because I trust you. But I will say "I told you so" if [insanely reckless thing] fails and we somehow manage to survive.

Mike: KITT, we need to do [insanely reckless thing].
KITT: I believe [insanely reckless thing] would be a bad idea, Michael.
Mike: Just do it anyway.
KITT: ...*does [insanely reckless thing]*

This probably explains my preference for the original, even though I can't prove this is actually how either pair relates.
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By skipping through to the last episode on the disc so I could see KARR go full-on Bayformer, is how. Bad dragon, no cookie.

Things I have learned from finally watching "Knight Fever" (KR2008 episode 1x09):
Do I really need to spoiler cut for a show nobody cared enough to watch? )

Right up there with "Knight of the Living Dead", but still pales before classics like "Junk Yard Dog". Of course, I may be biased. (I may also have responded to someone waxing enthusiastic over KITT's AI by saying out loud, "Yes, and only thirty years after Wilton Knight's original team accomplished it!" A bias. Yes. I haz one.)

Next chapter of Indestructible is probably KR2008-centric, is my excuse for watching DVDs tonight.

Edit: Kittehs nommed Rommi's speaker cord. Now I have to replace her speakers along with her power supply. Wretched, wretched kittehs. *sad*
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That KITT 3k's idea of changing the subject is hitting the brakes so Mike smacks his face on the steering wheel.

Yeah, I give it about fifteen minutes in Indestructible before Mike is asking Michael if they can please swap cars. At least, after 2k is no longer homicidal.
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I spent this morning trying to get Dante to understand that yes, he does have printers. He used them ALL DAY YESTERDAY (when I was printing out things for today's Bark for Life, which is like the Relay for Life, only you take your dogs with you; we is a sponsor). The print spooler kept being off, even though I kept going into services and restarting it and double-triple-quadruple checking that, yes, the print spooler is set to auto restart. I rebooted. I turned him off completely. I turned the PRINTERS off. At one point, he recognized the printers as printers, but still claimed "function not available" when I'd try to, you know, PRINT.

This, my friends, is what you get when you name a computer after an SUV with a huge stick up his tailpipe. :P

Eventually, I said, "Fuck you," installed the latest Windows updates so they'd stop nagging me, and rebooted.

And his printers came back.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW, YOU GUYS! Rommi never gave me this kind of trouble even back when we were running Win 3.1.

So today's 750 words started mostly about my adventures with apparently drain bamaged computers, and ended with me outlining how to bring the TKR cars into the Indestructible-verse. *facepalm* Because simply having two KITTs clearly can't get me into enough trouble. (Billy wants Domino. Domino is all, "Yeah, no," about it.) THIS IS BECOMING LIKE THE CRACKOVER* ONLY ANGSTIER.

Also, today I discovered that if you go 20 days without distractions, you get an "undistractible" mutant hamster inna hamster ball badge. :D

*For those who weren't around for my last NaNo project, it was a crossover between Knight Rider, Knight Rider 2008, Supernatural, and Bayformers. The Impala is sekritly an Autobot. KARR kidnapped Dean. Mike and Michael bonded over cheap diner coffee while they waited for their supercars to be towed back to base. Hence the name, crackover. There is still a part of me that wants to finish it.
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I CAN'T GET INTO ECHO BAZAAR! D: I get error message: Something terrible has happened. Possibly a server has caught fire, or a database flared and guttered like a dying star.

::weeps bitter, bitter tears::

So, since I can't go play in Fallen London, I post next KITT ficbit. This would have been so much cooler on screen.

I'm not (just) an attention whore, but I haven't had anything to post in ever so long, and jehanne1431 spoiled me by talking to me about fic. SO YOU MUST ALL SUFFER. )
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*wiggly butt dance*

As always, raw, unfiltered, and doubtless full of typos. Plus, I think everything else I've written on this was past tense. D'oh.

Oh KITT, my hart, you iz brakin it. )
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While I was typing my 750 Words - I figured since I was up, I'd just get it all done right after midnight (KITT wishes I had slept on it, and says [personal profile] queenoftheskies is a dirty enabler) - the site slowed down, and then it showed me as having one distraction even though I actually had no breaks over 3 minutes. In fact, the one break I had was because the site was telling me it was slow, and oh, by the way, it delusionally thought my entry used to be longer, would I like to cancel and revert? That break was about 30 seconds, a minute at the outside, so I am very pissed that my streak of no distractions was broken by site error.


Looking at the graph, it apparently thinks I wasn't typing between the six minute and ten minute marks. And the rating still thinks I have swearing, sexual content, and violence. Swearing I can, admittedly, almost guarantee, since I cuss like breathing, but I promise there was no sex, and the only violence was, I believe, threatening to toss a cat out a window if he didn't behave. Well, there was no sex unless you count KITT getting mindfucked (CPU fucked?) by his new owners.

Oh, well, at least I still have my penguin, which is the important thing, right? RIGHT!

Despite the swearing, non-existent sex, and violence, I am apparently feeling mostly affectionate, and concerned mostly with money. Even though I never once mentioned anything money related. Oh, I do love the cracked out results the word scanner thingy gives. ♥

Here, y'all can view my swearing, sex, and violence, at least the Knight Rider portions of it. )

As I told [personal profile] queenoftheskies (who is a dirty enabler), I have to cross this with KR2008, because seriously, Billy and Zoe would have so much fun tracking down what happened to KITT.
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Posted to AO3: Indestructible. Knight Rider classic, set present-day.

And behind the cut, for those interested, the original 750 words version, typos and all. Go read the final version first. )
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So in that vein, let me throw out this episode synopsis plotbunny, with the understanding that I don't actually expect anyone to write it for me, but if someone did, that would be totally cool.
Never let it be said that I'm opposed to cliches. )
And now, let me be ragingly pissed off. I installed a new DVD burner with lightscribe, and when I tried to fire up Nero it coughed up a hairball and died. So I installed the Roxio software that came with the drive...and suddenly, Nero decided to work again. Only whenever I tried to play a DVD or an avi file, Roxio would try to fire up CinePlayer instead of my preferred PowerDVD, so I uninstalled the whole shebang...

...and now, neither PowerDVD nor Windows Media Player can play avi files. I'm afraid to see if Nero works or not.

*kills Roxio software with fire*

I really need a classic!Knight Rider icon that says, "KITT happens".

Edit: GSpot tells me the codecs are installed (and has successfully test played the files, so I know it doesn't lie); for whatever reason, nothing else can find them, though. I arrrrgh loudly.

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