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I am so making myself these socks. Though I think I'll use Deep Waters as the web color instead of Foliage. And I'm making them for my December visit to Jack Skellington Disneyland rather than for Halloween.
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So last night I dreamed I was in a parking lot, watching a bunch of teenage girls dressed as Princess Aurora (most in dresses that were more "senior prom" than "Disney Princess", and also, they had their hair dyed pink to match the dresses...one girl was in a pink cocktail dress with purple feathers at the neck, and hot pink curls...oh, and there was one chartreuse-haired Lois Lane. My brain is apparently populated by anime schoolgirls.) arrive for some kind of costume party. Anyway. This lead me to wake up thinking about costumes, because at the Disney Trick or Treat [personal profile] queenoftheskies and I knocked around the idea of going in costume next year, but didn't come up with anything to really go AS.

And of course, my mind went "Maleficent...Evil Queen..." because those ARE the Ladies of Disney Villainy, after all, and I love them best. But every year there are quite a few Maleficents and Evil Queens, and this year there were quite a lot of Queens of Hearts (both classic and Burton). And then it hit me.

Ursula. I can go as URSULA!

I mean, let's face it, I've got the build. The costume from the waist up is simple: a lavender leotard, a black strapless swimsuit over it (and likely, a sweatshirt under it, if it's as cold as it was this year), a bit of lavender body paint, blue eye shadow, screaming red lipstick and a white wig. Possibly I could even make myself an eel scarf to disguise the seam where the leotard ends and the body paint begins. The only real problem is from the waist DOWN.

How do I do proper looking tentacles that won't trip me (or violate Disney's silly rules about not endangering other guests), won't weigh a ton, and won't keep me off the rides? *ponder* I'm thinking maybe black sweat pants with two tentacles wrapped around or painted on the legs, and then... a half skirt of tentacles to the front and sides? Made of what? They're tentacles, they have to have some bounce/spring to them.

Thoughts, people, thoughts!

Advice on how to make them respond to my psychic commands to molest Jungle Cruise skippers also accepted.

I need an icon of Ursula doing that hip-shimmy thing SO HARD, guys.
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I am...far too pleased with the ending I have planned for the F13 one. Of course, any time I can manage to end a story about EVIL KILLER PLANTS with Ryan making a bad joke, I have a sense of victory. Now I just need a beginning and a middle, but this is very much an episode style fic, and the show had a nice, comfortable formula, so those shouldn't be that hard. Oh, show, how I miss you.

I also wrote the start of my Knight Rider fic. Let's just say, Michael Knight is one of the few characters where you can get away with having someone try to run him down as he comes out of the grocery, and his reaction is, "Well, I guess my date tonight will just have to settle for takeout."

Still counting on Beast Wars to write itself while I'm not looking.
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Behold my thoughts on what I shall write for Spook Me! Tremble in terror at my unfiltered brain dump!

Don't click if you prefer surprises come fic posting time. )
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Muse: So you see, if we move KITT's first malfunction to during the race, not only do we get to give him a "can they lower the ramp?" moment, we also give Ali an opportunity to extol the awesome of Firebirds!

Me: Okay, let's do that, then.

Also, I have ideas for both my Knight Rider Spook Me fic ("Cadaverous Pallor", and I think I'm going to find a way to name them all after lines from the Haunted Mansion), and the Friday the 13th: the series one. (Granted, I knew what I wanted to do with F13 going in: cursed gardening tools! a greenhouse full of killer plants! Ryan getting knocked unconscious again!) I'm not worried about Beast Wars because, let's face it, tentacle monster writes itself, now doesn't it?

In other news, OMG look at the weetiny new iPods! *charmed* (Dulcea is, however, a much prettier green. Also, I'm not sold on wanting my iPod to be QUITE that weetiny. But cute! SO CUTE!)
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You know, this fellow is a lovely Halloween icon - doesn't he just look like he should be hanging out in the Haunted Mansion? - but I think if I'm going to be writing Halloween stories I ought to have an actual Haunted Mansion inspired icon.

Here, have a transcript of the Mansion script for inspiration. )
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You know, the one where I hate everything I've ever written or ever will write, and would like nothing more than to never write again? Yeah, that one.

And yet I'm still considering signing up for the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon. Because I am an idiot, that's why.

Edit: And I am an idiot not once, not twice, but THREE times!
Look behind the cut to see what kind of an idiot I am! )

You do not EVEN KNOW how close I was to picking "spider" as the creature I wanted to write in Beast Wars. But we all know 'Bolt likes being tied up spider would be redundant.
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The other day, someone looked at the flyer for the pumpkin patch the church across the street is doing, and said, "That surprises me. Most Christians don't celebrate Halloween." Which made me wonder, when did the War on Halloween* start? Because if it's not a fairly recent phenomenon (the first I remember hearing about it was in the 90s), then either America has not always been a Christian Nation, or generations of Christians are in for a big shock.

Of course, when I mentioned to this same person that the Episcopal church near my home when I was a child did a haunted house every year, his reaction was, "Is that like Christian?", which tells me rather a lot.

*See what I did there?
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It's Halloween Month, guys!

Big old Halloween banner behind the cut. )


If anyone can find/manip an image of Jack Skellington with a teacup, I would very much like an icon that says, "Some people are afraid of the things in the dark. I invite them home for tea." ^__^
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...there is a day trip down to Disneyland for Halloween fireworks and Trick or Treat in my future. This of course means I must get crackin' on my Zero hat (ie, a black hat with Zero on top instead of a pompom).

Ideally, I would like to have a ring of pumpkins above the ribbing, but so far I haven't found any charts that I like, just cartoony looking jack o'lanterns. What I want are realistic pumpkins, preferably with scrollwork-looking vines. (I plan to add these in duplicate stitch, because I don't think I have the mad skillz to knit them in at this time.)

So, anyone have links to any cool looking pumpkins I can add to my hat?

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