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Jul. 27th, 2009 05:30 pm
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It's hot and humid and Tower of Babil is huge and hard and doesn't have enough save points and OMG FILLED WITH FLAMEHOUNDS WHO SCORCH MY PARTY TO DEATH WAAAHHHH.

And y'all wonder why I'd rather be playing Dragon Quest. :P
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As much as I would love to find Yet Another Cinema Featuring Kain's Sexy Sexy Voice, I seriously do not have it in me to face the magnetic cave tonight. Perhaps next weekend.
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And so did Cecil, Blind, Silenced, and Slowed, with 113 HP and his companions dead around him, defeat Scarmiglione by cutting, because if fandom has taught me anything it's that EVERYTHING is a spoiler. )

I knew it would HURT him, but I didn't think it'd actually have what it took to BEAT him.
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And yes, I do keep reading "twincast" as "twincest". *facepalm*
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Edward does still get XP for battles that end while he's hiding like a spoony bard, right? (I was going to say, "like a little girl", but my little girl is kicking ass right now. *pets Rydia*) Because hiding is apparently his greatest skill right now. (Do you think he's embarrassed to be hitting for 9HP while Rydia is hitting for 50+? Because he should be.)

You know you're in for it when you get a phoenix down, an ether, and an emergency exit at your pre-boss save spot. This is where the endless level grinding in the waterway pays off.

I need FF4 icons.
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How excited should I be getting over Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers?

Also, Amazon keeps recommending games with neither description nor release date. There isn't even cover art yet, FFS. Do we have any news on LoZ:Spirit Tracks or Golden Sun DS?

I note that Metroid Other M still has no description or release date on Amazon, but at least it has a shiny, shiny trailer floating around the internets for me to drool over.
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Is that there are SO DAMN MANY reasons I need to throw Angelo's (very very SLOOOOOOWLY acquired) skill points to bows.

Well, no, okay, one reason: Seraph's Arrow.

Guess I'd better be stocking up on magic water, instead.

Angelo's Fisticuffs skills bite, by the way. Very few special attacks to show off.
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But still, coolness: LucasArts: We're already doing a lightsaber game for the Wii

I'm working on [livejournal.com profile] springkink! I...I swear!

Well, first I scavenge food. Then I write.
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Why don't WE get arcade games like this, huh? WHY????

Dragon Quest Battle Road trailer.

If anyone needs me, I'll be planning my Carmen Sandiego-esque theft of all Japan's arcade games.

I may need to devote my life to finding a way to move to Japan, OMG.
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::stares longingly at Dragon Quest Swords screencaps::

Am getting ready to put my first content up on Dragovian Shrine. Too bad the caps are all tiny. And far too numerous to put up here.

Instead, I shall put up shots I found from Itadaki Street DS. )
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Slime Knights has re-opened, this time focusing on Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker.

Join up, keep Squeenix happy. Want them to know there are lots of DQ fans so they release DQ Swords, after all.

Dragovian Sanctuary is going to wind up expanding, isn't it? Or maybe Dragovian Legends WILL wind up having content after all...

(ETA: Hah, I just remembered I have dragovianshrine.info, which was forwarded to Dragovian Sanctuary, and now, umm...isn't. Because I don't have enough to do! I NEED another website! ::hysterical laughter::)

ETA: And we're counting fannish communities now (seen via [livejournal.com profile] cathexys):

If you manage any communities that were created for purposes related to fandom, then go ahead and add the interest to the community's interest list. Whether the community is still active or not! Simply go to the Community Management page. Click the 'Info' link next to the community. Paste fandomcommscount into the 'Interests' field. Save the changes. You can watch the community count here.

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