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And in my head Conner is going, "You know who has experience fighting monsters with giant robots? WE DO."

Or, in other words, if PR/PR crossovers start popping up, you can blame [personal profile] darthneko for writing Pacific Rim/TF crossovers and stirring things up. This has been a public service announcement.

Drabbly thing under cut. Also blame. So much blame. )
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[personal profile] darthneko is currently writing ficbits featuring her Transformer OCs. Playing World of Warcraft. And she is illustrating them with screencaps of "their" WoW avatars, as found in the Guild of Awesome.

You should go read. And squee at her. Because AWESOME.

Edit: Now collected at AO3 for your convenience: Guild of Awesome. ♥ This means I can officially add "recs:fic" to my tags.
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And yet, as I read "many similar groups, always made up of four humans and an animal, have existed," in the Wikipedia article on Scooby Doo! Mystery Inc, I couldn't help thinking, "the Ghostbusters are made up of four humans and an animal ghost."

If I thought I could sit through two seasons of a Scooby Doo reboot, something might come of this.
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It's wrong that I wish someone would start an RP where the Autobots have to deal with the Great Old Ones rising, huh?
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In lieu of giving all the Maximals Autobot-style alt modes, I started noodling with the "Airazor and Tigatron wake up in the Autobot base" scenelet I wrote however long ago.

Let's just say that as soon as Optimus spoke, Airazor was reconsidering the whole "model plane as alt mode" thing. ^__^

Airazor: *fluffs feathers* You're exaggerating. My first observation was how strange it was the Autobots don't have any beast traits in their body language.

Blackarachnia: Uh-huh. That's why Stripes over there is literally green with jealousy, right?

Tigatron: My robot mode is always this color. *sulks just a little*

Edit: May my Maximal friends forgive me. XD

The scale of the Autobot base made Airazor want to take to the air, but searching from above was simply not feasible. For one thing, she'd have to waste most of her attention avoiding the various pipes and cables and other bits of infrastructure which, to the human builders, had been placed "up out of the way"; for another, her beast mode's otherwise excellent vision wasn't really meant for the kinds of low lighting conditions that reigned in these unused areas.

Fortunately, white tigers tended to stand out well against shadows.

"Tigatron, are you sulking?"

Her only answer was a low, definitely sullen, growl.

"I can't believe you're hiding down here."

He turned so that his back was more fully to her, and tucked his face under one large paw.

"Just because..."

"I don't want to talk about it!" The effect of the snarl in his voice was a little spoiled by it coming out from under the paw muffled.

Airazor shook her head. "Mechs."
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I don't care if you spent last night reading Quantum Leap fanfic, Sam Beckett does not need to Leap anywhere NEAR the Autobots. He most ESPECIALLY does not need to Leap into Sam Witwicky. My gods, what is wrong with you?

(Would Autobots see Sam as Sam, or Sam as himself? Would they be able to detect Al? I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO COPE WITH THESE QUESTIONS!)

*cries a little* I miss the days when I was just adding Maximals to everything, I really do.

(No, you can't use the transwarp explosion as an excuse to Leap Sam into Optimus Primal. Or Rhinox.)


Edit: Nommed by bunnehs, BBL...

Edit 2: Dear June, I am sorry Dr. Beckett Leaped into your son, and I am sorry that you are going to be oggled by a hologram, and I am doubly, doubly sorry that there is no real way to prevent the hologram from "accidentally" walking through the wall while you're showering. I can only appeal to your sense of parental responsibility and point out that Sam could have Leaped into Miko.
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Which is why, in my head, Airazor and Tigatron are going O_O inside the (otherwise deserted) Autobot base, and Quickstrike and Inferno are out in the desert spying on it.

This better be out of my brain before I get home, is all I'm saying.

Edit: And while this would not explain Quickstrike and Inferno, saying, "Fuck the Vok, that weird plant sent Airazor and Tigatron across dimensions" is... a damned tempting explanation to use.

*kicks frantically at the bunnies some more*
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...because Castle is not, in fact, my latest One True Fandom. Despite current evidence to the contrary.

1) Beckett interrogating someone claiming to be "Ryan Dallion" (which he can't be, of course, because Dallion would be a good fifteen years older than this guy), who keeps poking around really weird murder scenes. REALLY weird murder scenes.

2) Some smartass with a hot Mustang barging in on a case. (Beckett wishes Castle would shut up about the car talking; you'd think he'd never encountered GPS before.)

3) Jonathan and Jennifer Hart dropping in to visit with their dear friend Martha. (Murder naturally ensues.)
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So I'm pretending to work and listening to my iPod, right? And Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" comes on. And I am amusing myself by mentally vidding Bayformers to this, because talk about larger than life, you know? (Also, someone should totally make this vid.) And the next thing I know, Blackarachnia is in the back of my brain, looking Sam over and going, "Did I miss the memo where we're supposed to be impressed?"

Someone should totally write that crossover. (Looks hopefully at [insanejournal.com profile] raisedbymoogles and [insanejournal.com profile] deepbluesquee.)
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I should not be allowed to play with the Seventh Sanctum crossover generator. Most viable crossovers so far: West Wing/Devil May Cry, Reboot/Phantasy Star, Golden Girls/Legend of Zelda, Quantum Leap/Sonic the Hedgehog, and Little House on the Prairie/Metal Gear Solid.

Okay, maybe not that last one. Though Sesame Street/Devil May Cry has possibilities...

(And, generated by my own twisted brain: This Old House/Silent Hill.)
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Today my ENTIRE 750 Words was Billy telling Sarah that, oh yeah, you know how officially TKR was killed in action? Actually, it looks like the drivers are still alive and in prison, and the cars are mothballed. *facepalm*

My word cloud, I show you it. )

My wurds, I show you dem, too. )
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Guys, who's going to be the upstart bronze rider who crashes Ritath's flight on bronze Zeddeth? (Not Rocky, Adam, or Aisha...as awesome as I think bringing a female bronze rider to the party would be *grin*...because I want them to come in as a trio of brown riders. Once I have dragons for them. I cannot in good conscience risk putting Rocky in charge of the Weyr.)


Mar. 29th, 2010 10:51 pm
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Me 'n' Jose Cuervo wrote 564 words of Angelo and Hades bitching about their mothers in law. Will post tomorrow, when I can be sure it makes some kind of sense.

And because I have NO SHAME at the moment, a double drabble for [insanejournal.com profile] the_willow.

You would make a good Weyrleader, Goldarth said. )
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Because this morning, I decided the best AU ever would be Power Rangers as dragonriders.

Yeah, I KNOW.

Now, I am lazy, and can't even get the stuff I want to write written, but I did go to the trouble of deciding on dragons and their riders...Cut for those who want to retain their sanity. )
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Tell me I'm not allowed to knit a Heraldwhite and blue scarf, hat, and mitt set for next winter. Mostly, tell me this because gods know I never wear white (and also, by the time any of the above were finished they wouldn't be white, they'd be cat hair colored). But I have a lot of nice white wool yarn to use up...

I should not have watched the MANTIS pilot before the series, because going from that insanely pretty cast to the substantially less pretty cast of the series made it harder to watch (though, easier to focus on plot, so there's that). Plus, there was 100% less wet-Carl-Lumbly-in-swimtrunks in the series. I pout.

I have eaten approximately all the food in the world today, and am trying to convince myself I ought to eat the salad in the fridge rather than order pizza. I blame hormones.

Alas, I cannot blame hormones for the fact I've been too unfocused to write for something like three weeks now. That's just evil brain chemistry at work. Bad brain. (Though I did almost want to start my Lone Ranger-as-Herald fic today, in part because yesterday I found a site with some Lone Ranger radio scripts posted.

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