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So, after 850 days I finally broke my writing streak on 750 words by failing to post on my birthday. I am...oddly okay with that. Nice even number to screw up on, too.
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Today, 8/01, is day 801 of my writing streak on 750 words. :3


Oct. 5th, 2011 11:14 am
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Today I hit my 500 day streak on 750words.com! \o/

(I really do need to update my icon now.)
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A high school girl in Michigan achieved the unprecedented feat of being crowned homecoming queen and kicking a game-winning field goal for her team all in one night. (My apologies for the link going to Fox.)

Edit: Today I wrote 1,326 words in 750words.com (actually, I wrote them in MS Word and brought them to work and pasted them in, because my internet at home is down). This gives me a 499 day streak.

Also, did you know they have a badge for breaking 500,000 words overall? I discovered that on the first of the month.

I don't know if I should be more pleased at sticking with the site for this long, or distressed that I've written five novels worth of words in the past year and a half (ish) and have absolutely nothing to show for it.
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Because sometimes, writing things down makes the muses SHUT UP AND GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP.

I thought I was getting a new crop of OCs, but it turned out it wasn't new characters, just new alt modes. )

In my head, it is totally obvious who's who, but I suspect that's because they showed up complete with voices. I'm curious if anyone else recognizes who just rolled into town.

Visual aids, by which I mean, an excuse to post a pic of a pretty pretty Lotus. )

Edit: [insanejournal.com profile] deepbluesquee nailed it. She should probably worry about knowing me that well. XD

Edit2: And [personal profile] katsuko correctly identified who's who.
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In lieu of giving all the Maximals Autobot-style alt modes, I started noodling with the "Airazor and Tigatron wake up in the Autobot base" scenelet I wrote however long ago.

Let's just say that as soon as Optimus spoke, Airazor was reconsidering the whole "model plane as alt mode" thing. ^__^

Airazor: *fluffs feathers* You're exaggerating. My first observation was how strange it was the Autobots don't have any beast traits in their body language.

Blackarachnia: Uh-huh. That's why Stripes over there is literally green with jealousy, right?

Tigatron: My robot mode is always this color. *sulks just a little*

Edit: May my Maximal friends forgive me. XD

The scale of the Autobot base made Airazor want to take to the air, but searching from above was simply not feasible. For one thing, she'd have to waste most of her attention avoiding the various pipes and cables and other bits of infrastructure which, to the human builders, had been placed "up out of the way"; for another, her beast mode's otherwise excellent vision wasn't really meant for the kinds of low lighting conditions that reigned in these unused areas.

Fortunately, white tigers tended to stand out well against shadows.

"Tigatron, are you sulking?"

Her only answer was a low, definitely sullen, growl.

"I can't believe you're hiding down here."

He turned so that his back was more fully to her, and tucked his face under one large paw.

"Just because..."

"I don't want to talk about it!" The effect of the snarl in his voice was a little spoiled by it coming out from under the paw muffled.

Airazor shook her head. "Mechs."
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Because now, the Lucky Thirteen are cheerily tossing me slice-of-life ficbits from before Barricade brutally slaughtered them. *head in hands*

At least this got me my 750 words. And I'm sure I can cannibalize this for the RP. But STILL. )

The slaggers are giving me bits of backstory, now. I know why Relay is so obsessed with his ship's weapon system; I know why Labyrinth actually does want them to prioritize one thing above the mission, and that thing is the team. Make them stop.
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Allll Shadow and Knock Out did was zoom around my head and flirt with each other.

Today, when I actually have time to sit down and write? Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada, complete radio silence.

Fucking cars.

So instead, I spent a portion of my 750 words fucking with Ratchet. Not literally, of course. )

Yes, I am weird, thank you for noticing.
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...to actually pull off the ideas I spew out into 750 words.

And then I realize what I actually wish is that I had a good writer who would just write these ideas FOR me.

And then I sulk for a while, and THEN I post raggedy-ass scenelets, behind a cut to spare your retinas. )

I should have just stuck with having Maximals wandering around, I know.

New ep should be up tonight, thus fulfilling my reason for still having a journal.
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Even though what I actually wrote was a) a scene with the Impalabot, which was not about ghosts or hunting or anything like that, and b) a small commentary on how in my head there are Maximals hanging around the Autobot base, and Airazor is getting along best because she can just perch at eye level for whomever she's talking to. And sometimes she and June hang out and talk about kids (yeah, apparently the grifflets are part of my permanent headcanon now. One can only hope my brain never decides Airazor and Optimus Primal need to hook up and produce flying munkys.)

The closest reference to death I can come up with is Jack asking if maybe they should intervene before Shadow and Ratchet kill each other. Aside from that, I have no clue.

Edit: And looking at my pie chart, apparently 1/4 of the non-death related stuff is related to...religion? Okay then!
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Normally, I don't bother with sharing my frequently used words, but this one is honestly representative of my interests, so I had to share.

against airazor always arcee back before best better blackarachnia close could course didn't enough even gawdawful get girls go good he her here interesting just keep know make me my no not now okay only prompts really same see she should silverbolt sort team think tigatron too up words

(See, I'm not really joking when I say it's all girls all the time around here.)

Also, I think I am five prompts away from having written for ALL the prompts at [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100. Granted, I have not made it through the full list as past prompts, but I will be really pleased with myself if I catch up with where I came in - crossovers - before Sunday.

In other news, I have practically bathed in calamine lotion and look like a My Little Pony.
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Even when I have to timeshift the Beast Era roughly four million years forward. Which is to say, one of the hazards of trying to crossover-bunny your dwircleflist is that the next thing you know, Maximal stasis pods are dropping suspiciously near Jasper, NV.

I am reasonably sure the coyote chasing her was a Predacon, too. )

Alas, I can't even think of a way to blame this on [personal profile] raisedbymoogles.
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But not tonight.

I wrote over 1600 words on the site today. NONE OF IT WAS ON THE STORY I'M TRYING TO FINISH. I blame [personal profile] raisedbymoogles.

Also, this week on [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100, the prompt is EXPLOSIONS! Come play with us! You know you want to blow shit up (and I'm tired of being the only one posting over there). [syndicated profile] beastwars_100_lj_feed exists to follow the comm on DW.

It's cold, it's windy, and I have an earache. And I need to be at work at 8am intstead of after noon. :(

Edit: Make that over 2k words. Most of it on a Beast Wars Fantasyland human AU. *headdesk* And now I'm going to bed and you can't stop me.
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Hey, if the world is ending I have to get some last minute wolf-whumping in, right?

Silverbolt and Stonecrusher: bff right from the start, heh. )

Also, if the world ends two days before I get my Pegasus badge (today's words give me a 363 day streak, w00t!), I will be seriously pissed.
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Because I strongly suspect it's going to grow up into something else, someday. (And if it does, I have thirteen tags by which I can find it. Tagging makes up for not having any memory to speak of.)

Silverbolt looked uncertainly at the webs, twining and twisting into a maze, shimmering in the moonlight. Blackarachnia leaned close, observing his hesitation.

"What's wrong, Bowser?" she asked, her voice sending a chill through him. "Afraid you'll get lost?"

He gazed down at her wicked smirk, into the ebon-dark optics that held him as surely as ever her webbing could. /I am already lost,/ he thought, reaching for her, but she danced back, out of his reach.

"You have to find me, first," she said, and swift as thought, transformed, the shadow of her beast mode vanishing into the twists of the labyrinth she had built.

Silverbolt raised his head and stepped forward to face the maze.
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...but I will bore you with data!

My 750 words streak, let me show you it:
Since beginning
Total words: 353,733

Quickest entry: 00:00

Word record: 3,740

Total completed days: 351 (this is screwed up because of the day the site wouldn't save anything over 749 words; for some reason, they could fix the streaks, but not the totals)

Longest streak: 352
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Why? Because Silverbolt and Blackarachnia have just met in my AU for the very first time.

I am not even capable of being rational about this scene, I'm sorry. )

And yes, I really am going to switch POV at this point. Because I am evil. ^__^
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Has anyone else had trouble tonight with 750 words vs Firefox 3? Because I could get the screen to load, and I could type, but it wouldn't register any of my words, even with multiple refreshes and one restart of Firefox. I finally had to take my copied words into Internet Explorer *spits* and paste them in.

The things I do to keep my 326 day streak, honestly.

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