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But if I leave these scenelets in comments on IJ, I will never find them again.

A gathering of snippets from the Beast Wars AU which completely lacks the Wars part and so is more Beast Exploration and Interaction. )

Yes, I did waste the entire day writing this slag. Your point?
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I am one prompt (Talent) away from having written for ALL the previous [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100 prompts.

I have a title - A Talent for Understatement - which would seem to indicate my last drabble of the Past Prompts round should be a Rhinox drabble. I'm just not sure what he should be under stating.

All of my other Talent ideas involve Blackarachnia and porn, but we already KNOW Blackarachnia's primary talent is turning Silverbolt into a puddle of goo.

Edit: I think my next entry - the zombie apocalypse meme one - has given me an idea for my last drabble. XD

Edit 2: And now I do believe I have written for ALL the prompts! *victory lap*
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I've honestly lost track of what I've written for past prompts; I just know I haven't written them all.

And I've reached the point where unless the other characters DEMAND a prompt, I'm just defaulting to Blackarachnia and Silverbolt. Those two never fail to provide me with SOMETHING.

(Speaking of BA and 'Bolt: [personal profile] raisedbymoogles, have you changed your mind about vidding Holding Out for a Hero? Because if you don't want it, I have Ideas. Once WMM and I are on speaking terms again. And after Super Villain. And after I find time to rip my DVDs to avi files.)
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I just realized "trapped!" and "hypothermia" are in the same column of my bingo card.

Rattrap: Great. We're all gonna die.

Optimus Primal: We're not going to die.

Dinobot: I refuse to huddle for warmth with this vermin.

Rattrap: Fine. Only Dino-butt's gonna die.

Optimus Primal: Shut up, Rattrap.

*points up* That is pretty much the entire story right there.

Edit: Except then I made it 300+ words long.

Maximals! Trapped in a cave! \o/ )

Edit 2: And now, this is what my bingo card looks like:Read more... )

It's looking like my best bet for Bingo is "Now you're just being silly" (which...when am I NOT being silly?) and "tentacles" (\o/!), plus tossing a coin for the wild card. On the other hand, I already have plans for "unmixy things", and ALL the spiders are looking at me hopefully in regards to "all tied up". Decisions, decisions, decisions...
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Just not when my brain is on the verge of falling into a steaming pile of freakout. Good to know.

Fortunately, food fixed it this time, and then I was able to write my Before Earth drabble for [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100. And I will admit that even I didn't realize Blackarachnia flirted Silverbolt into joining the crew of the Axalon. :D

I kind of want a bingo card to play with, but [community profile] kink_bingo doesn't appeal to me (for writing, I mean; I'm all over reading it). What other bingos can I poke at?
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Even when I have to timeshift the Beast Era roughly four million years forward. Which is to say, one of the hazards of trying to crossover-bunny your dwircleflist is that the next thing you know, Maximal stasis pods are dropping suspiciously near Jasper, NV.

I am reasonably sure the coyote chasing her was a Predacon, too. )

Alas, I can't even think of a way to blame this on [personal profile] raisedbymoogles.
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However, I post this morning's snippet in celebration of the fact that for once, no one is being eviscerated by zombies.

Pointless! Contextless! And completely, 100% zombie free! \o/ )

Reasons Optimus wants to have A Little Chat cheerfully accepted. So long as they continue the whole non-zombie theme.

In semi-related news, has anyone else noticed that when we need an infodump of Cybertronian History 101, Blackarachnia gets the job? I suspect that before being reprogrammed into the aft-kicking Predacon spider we know and love, she was a librarian or something. Possibly brought along on the Axalon to help catalog discoveries. Mind you, when I bring this up she makes new and exciting suggestions about just who needs to be eviscerated around here, but I still think this is a completely reasonable backstory for her. At least when Rhinox is around to hide behind protect me.

Spell check suggests changing "Axalon" to "Abalone". I don't even.
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...on this week's [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100 prompts, I think it's safe to say that by Sunday all of my muses are going to be looking at me with sad, betrayed optics.

Except for the ones who want my head on a platter, that is.
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Hey, if the world is ending I have to get some last minute wolf-whumping in, right?

Silverbolt and Stonecrusher: bff right from the start, heh. )

Also, if the world ends two days before I get my Pegasus badge (today's words give me a 363 day streak, w00t!), I will be seriously pissed.
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Because I strongly suspect it's going to grow up into something else, someday. (And if it does, I have thirteen tags by which I can find it. Tagging makes up for not having any memory to speak of.)

Silverbolt looked uncertainly at the webs, twining and twisting into a maze, shimmering in the moonlight. Blackarachnia leaned close, observing his hesitation.

"What's wrong, Bowser?" she asked, her voice sending a chill through him. "Afraid you'll get lost?"

He gazed down at her wicked smirk, into the ebon-dark optics that held him as surely as ever her webbing could. /I am already lost,/ he thought, reaching for her, but she danced back, out of his reach.

"You have to find me, first," she said, and swift as thought, transformed, the shadow of her beast mode vanishing into the twists of the labyrinth she had built.

Silverbolt raised his head and stepped forward to face the maze.
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...on why your OC is not, in fact, a Mary Sue, odds are you're already doomed.

(I say this not from a hatred of OCs - hello, have you SEEN my Beast Wars AU? - but rather because that level of defensiveness generally results in a non-fun amount of Trying Too Hard To Justify the OC. Not that I don't understand the defensiveness, because hello, have you SEEN fandom lately?)

Also, if your defensive essay includes sentences like, Goodness no because in most fics that I read, all these stuff happens which turns everything written into cliches. In other words, unoriginality and creativity invalid. I am not going to be too hopeful about your fic.

In short: WHY do I leave my journal bubble again?

AND SPEAKING OF my Beast Wars AU, do you know what's the opposite of fun? Trying to figure out how to pair up the Maximals for patrol (because the Predacons got both the Cape Buffalo power-up AND the Lioness Triplet power-up, and there's a slightly insane mutant fuzor out there, and it's kind of...not safe outside for solo Maximals right now), and realizing the only pair you can count on to consistently act like grown adults is Tigatron and Airazor. And Dinobot is refusing to babysit Cheetor or Wingstorm anymore, even if it means being partnered with the rodent, although really, he would prefer just to take his chances, thank you.
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I hate myself a little for what I just posted to [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100. *head in hands*
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I'm apparently the only person who's yet needed a "Quickstrike (Transformers)" tag on AO3.

Edit: I'm also kind of intrigued by how much of my recent Blackarachnia/Silverbolt fic involves her consciously manipulating him to see what works.

I'm apparently fascinated with body language between them, right now. Not that way, you pervs.

I blame the star (planet, actually) gazing scene, in which my brain manages to parse BA's little sidestep toward 'Bolt as both utterly adorable and completely calculated to be utterly adorable. I'm perhaps a tad cynical about my favorite spider, some days.

In other, completely unrelated, news, I got my ship notice from BPAL and my RPG imps are on their way. :DDDDD Chaotic Evil Paladin, here I come! \o/ (Also, various combinations involving Orcs, Clerics, Mages, Rogues, and Rangers, and yes, fine, I admit it, I did get Lawful and Good. Yes, that is more than six imps. If I'm paying $7.50 in shipping damn well better believe I'm getting more than six fucking imps, okay? I rounded out the twelve with The Obsidian Widow - yes, fanbrain, shut up - and The White Rider.)

Does BPAL have anything that smells like gargoyles?

Dear gods, I need a night with more than four hours sleep.
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I have a thought. An innocent thought. Like, "Carmen Sandiego and Catwoman should totally hang out together. Maybe play some poker."

Then the next thing I know, Blackarachnia is making off-color comments.

And Ursula shows up with snacks.

And before you know it, I've committed UTTER CRACKOVER.

Poker Night With The Girls. )

I may also be pondering the possibility of Darkwing Duck having some sort of breakdown when he realizes Carmen's hat is more flamboyant than his.
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The reason tonight? Finding fic on my hard drive labeled only "kinkfest november 2008", and not knowing whether I wrote it (and if I wrote it, did I post it? Why didn't I name it, if so? Or put header information? Why isn't it in the fandom appropriate folder? I don't have these answers. If I did, I wouldn't be all *headgorilla* over it.)

I could have written it; it is Silverbolt/Blackarachnia. (Was my last flirtation with Beast Wars really two and a half years ago?) Or I could have prompted for it, and saved the fill (but normally, for other people's fic I put the author right in the file name). Either way, I have no memory of the damn thing to guide me. I'm not even sure which journaling service kinkfest is from.

Edit: And apparently, I did write it. It's the only fill I did over there with no comments, so I guess everyone else found it just as un-memorable as I did. :P
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Because I just finished writing 949 words of Terrible Things happening to him. (Okay, the aftermath of Terrible Things.)

Blackarachnia must only be my second favorite; all she got in that 949 words was zombie!'Bolt* attacking her.

*Not literally a zombie. That's for Halloween.
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And that goal it to finish at least the FIRST story in my Beast Wars season two AU before the new DVD set is released on June 7.

("Dragovian," you may ask, "why do you keep linking to the DVD set?" I will tell you true: I want it to sell many copies and ensure the release of seasons two and three, because my season two DVDs are in dire need of replacement. Find a new fandom! Buy them for friends! Buy them for random strangers! Just buy them.)

In pursuit of this goal, if you know Beast Wars, please feel free to suggest character themed music. (Hell, even if you don't know Beast Wars, knock yourself out.) I have an iTunes gift card, and I am not afraid to use it.

In other news, even though this hasn't been a particularly walking/standing heavy week, I'm in so much pain I'm considering chopping my legs off at the knees. Fucking ankles.

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