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I have a thought. An innocent thought. Like, "Carmen Sandiego and Catwoman should totally hang out together. Maybe play some poker."

Then the next thing I know, Blackarachnia is making off-color comments.

And Ursula shows up with snacks.

And before you know it, I've committed UTTER CRACKOVER.

Poker Night With The Girls. )

I may also be pondering the possibility of Darkwing Duck having some sort of breakdown when he realizes Carmen's hat is more flamboyant than his.
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But by gods I am still managing 750 words every day!

And today, there was FIC.

[personal profile] jehanne1431 wanted to know what would happen if KITT met the Borg. I answered in comments, but here is an answer in double drabble form.
The Borg wanted the secrets of his molecular bonded shell. )

And then I wrote my "they shot the dog horse" moment in "A Cowboy Needs a Horse":
No horses who were formerly cars were harmed in the writing of this scene. )

And now, to do laundry and knit.
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Over 500 of them were fic. The rest were me stalling and trying not to write fic.

Horse crack, sans both horse and crack. In which we meet two more members of the Chamber of Commerce of Wildside. )

Of course, what I really wanted to write was the scene in Fallen Knight that follows KITT's second malfunction, where Devon is all, "We really do need to find out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, you know," and Ali is all, "Yeah, and I will happily go investigate WITHOUT KITT, because I would prefer he NOT GET FRIED AGAIN." Which I am mostly resisting because I fear my desire to write about Ali is kicking her over into the Mary Sue category. Even though I tell myself it's because this is still three chapters away and why don't I work on something I can post, instead. My brain, ladies and gentlemen. My fucking brain.

I don't feel well, but I think that's a combination of staying up until almost 4am - yes, I do know better; no, I didn't have a good reason, I was just working on socks - and the Knight Rider Archive site, which my eyes STILL haven't forgiven me for.

96 day streak! 4 days to go! And a total of 96,488 words written since I started this.
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No, instead I ask, "How wrong is it that I want to cross over Knight Rider and Street Hawk?"

Keep in mind, I already have THREE KR fics in the works, one of which qualifies as a crackover.

Edit of "I might as well keep notes of the bunny bait".

Other potential crossovers:
M.A.N.T.I.S. ([personal profile] sharpest_asp's fault)
Gargoyles (my own damn fault)
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That this is not my fault. I blame all of you who didn't take the opportunity to talk me out of doing this. It is now becoming a story. It is going to have a plot.

KITT hates you all.

Horse crack behind the cut. )

Edit: The ending. In which I shamelessly indulge in weird meta-humor.

I warned you. Don't say I didn't. )

Guys, guys!

Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:30 pm
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I need someone to photoshop me an icon of Michael and a black horse.

I...I mean, I need someone to talk me out of writing the horsey crack Knight Rider/Wildside crossover.
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But I am not.


Even my CRACK involves tormenting KITT. I don't even know, guys.

On the up side, [insanejournal.com profile] deepbluesquee drew me horsey!KITT. (Or, as I fondly call him, My Little KITT. ^__^)

And I've decided this will be a Wildside crossover. So it gets the crackover tag. :D
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Guys, who's going to be the upstart bronze rider who crashes Ritath's flight on bronze Zeddeth? (Not Rocky, Adam, or Aisha...as awesome as I think bringing a female bronze rider to the party would be *grin*...because I want them to come in as a trio of brown riders. Once I have dragons for them. I cannot in good conscience risk putting Rocky in charge of the Weyr.)


Mar. 29th, 2010 10:51 pm
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Me 'n' Jose Cuervo wrote 564 words of Angelo and Hades bitching about their mothers in law. Will post tomorrow, when I can be sure it makes some kind of sense.

And because I have NO SHAME at the moment, a double drabble for [insanejournal.com profile] the_willow.

You would make a good Weyrleader, Goldarth said. )

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