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Last night, I had the brilliant idea to make an ice cream float with whiskey instead of root beer (totally delicious; would nom again), and then the less brilliant idea to keep drinking the whiskey once the ice cream was gone.

But that's not the point of this post.

No. The point is that, while I was slumped at my desk pouring tea down my throat, I pulled up my SJ Tucker playlist. And somehow girl pirates + drowning imagery + sacrificed to become an elemental avatar (+ the thought, "If any canon should have a horned god hanging around, it's Thundercats") fused into "Cheetara should be captured by a band of female pirates who are actually the daughters of a sea god, and ritually drowned to become that god's avatar. Rescue by the other 'Cats optional."

I won't write it, but I really really wish someone would.
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I don't care if you spent last night reading Quantum Leap fanfic, Sam Beckett does not need to Leap anywhere NEAR the Autobots. He most ESPECIALLY does not need to Leap into Sam Witwicky. My gods, what is wrong with you?

(Would Autobots see Sam as Sam, or Sam as himself? Would they be able to detect Al? I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO COPE WITH THESE QUESTIONS!)

*cries a little* I miss the days when I was just adding Maximals to everything, I really do.

(No, you can't use the transwarp explosion as an excuse to Leap Sam into Optimus Primal. Or Rhinox.)


Edit: Nommed by bunnehs, BBL...

Edit 2: Dear June, I am sorry Dr. Beckett Leaped into your son, and I am sorry that you are going to be oggled by a hologram, and I am doubly, doubly sorry that there is no real way to prevent the hologram from "accidentally" walking through the wall while you're showering. I can only appeal to your sense of parental responsibility and point out that Sam could have Leaped into Miko.
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Or, well, rather, a hat meter. Because what 2010 was missing - and 2011 should not lack - is a Hundred Hat project. So, let 2011 feature The Hundred Hat Project 2 - Acrylic Boogaloo.

Also, I take back my last post re: Castle. There is one story I want. I want one where Castle gets shot - not badly, just enough to get him started in on how if he'd known how much it hurt he'd have written the Derrick Storm novels differently, and Beckett to wonder if he's babbling because he's going into shock or babbling because he's Castle - and Beckett is Totally Not Worried (Not Worried enough that at one point she calls him Rick while they're waiting for the ambulance; Not Worried enough that she's still hanging around the hospital when Alexis and Martha get there, that flavor of Not Worried). And afterwards Castle is a bit gunshy and takes things more seriously, and Beckett realizes that non-irritating Castle is kind of...irritating. And meanwhile they solve a case and *handwave handwave* things get back to the status quo. Please feel free to point me at this story or, you know, write it. Because the world needs more mildly angsty Castle casefic.
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He's a suave voodoo cyborg on a search for his missing sister. She's a virginal gypsy research scientist with someone else's memories. They fight crime!

(Come on, you know you want to.)

Edit: Oh look, here's one for SPN!

He's a globe-trotting alcoholic grifter plagued by the memory of his family's brutal murder. She's a vivacious Buddhist single mother with a birthmark shaped like Liberty's torch. They fight crime!

And frankly, I expect to see this on the CW next season:

He's a genetically engineered alcoholic vampire hunter who believes he can never love again. She's a strong-willed red-headed Hell's Angel who believes she is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian queen. They fight crime!
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Because I spent far too many hours last night looking for (and failing to find) decent Thundercats porn, here is my ridiculously detailed Holiday Wish:

WilyKit attends a Third Earth celebration that owes entirely too much to Jean Auel (read: orgy) that the older Thundercats forbade her and Kat to attend. She gets drunk, she has lots of really fun sex, and she winds up pregnant. At some point during her Pregnacy of Teen Pregnancy WOE, she and Kat run away to live with the natives and we get teh twincest. Long and delicious and plotty preferred, but cracky and Clan of the Cave Bear flavored will be eaten up with a spoon, because those books warped me as a wee dragon.

My Sekrit Dark Wish is that the 'Cats punish her for her wanton ways by making her have sex with ALL the Thundercats (kind of like catching your kid smoking and then making them smoke til they puke). Or she could just become the official *ahem* Thundercats 'ho.

Yes, I know; I am a Very Bad Person. But if you can't ask for the Dirtybadwrong porn at the holiday season, when CAN you ask for it?
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Is that it always makes me want A Squad fix-it fic. (Or pre-series fic. Possibly I just want fic about a non-evil team with a female Red; it's hard to tell with me.)

Edit of "One Plot Bunny, Free to Good Home": I think this is related to the desire that spawns bunnies like When the apocalypse wipes out most of the vampire population, and the demons all retreat to their various hell dimensions, what's a Slayer to do? Well, trying out for the open Power Ranger slot seems like a good start... (Yes, I want an AU where Green is female, competent, and more than happy to put the smackdown on Ziggy when he says something creepy.)
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No one wanted to admit that, in addition to his molecular bonded shell, KARR had been the first nanotech prototype.
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But unlike Scooby Doo, my crossover actually makes sense.

Because who do we know who already rides an unnaturally intelligent white horse?

Who is driven to bring justice to those whom justice has passed by?

Who wears a mask to cover his scars?


(I will someday write this. Well, probably not Alberich as the Lone Ranger, but the Lone Ranger as a Herald misplaced by a rogue Gate? Oh, yes, I will write it. I will write it so hard.)

(Also, I think the animated version of the Ranger wears white; I will have to pull my DVDs and check that.)

(BWAHAHA, rogue Valdemaran magic in the Old West may be my solution to the problem of writing a Lone Ranger/Zorro crossover! \o/)
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Over on lj, seanan_mcguire asked about tales of hitchhiking ghosts, and I was surprised how many of the variants where the ghost was either a) the driver who rescued a stranded hitchhiker or b) the hitchhiking ghost chatted with the driver and kept them from falling asleep at the wheel and dying.

And now I kind of want SPN fic where the Winchesters lay a hitchhiking ghost, and everyone in the area is pissed at them because they've all had friends or family that the ghost helped out at one time or another.

::packs carrots for the bunny and sends it out into the world::

Edit: Now I kind of want Dillon to encounter a hitchhiking ghost. Send help.

Edit of editiness: This variant makes me wibble. Poor car. (What does it say about me that I'm wibbling over a car that wants to complete its journey, huh? Oh, it probably says I'm a Transformers fan.)

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