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And in my head Conner is going, "You know who has experience fighting monsters with giant robots? WE DO."

Or, in other words, if PR/PR crossovers start popping up, you can blame [personal profile] darthneko for writing Pacific Rim/TF crossovers and stirring things up. This has been a public service announcement.

Drabbly thing under cut. Also blame. So much blame. )
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Because sometimes, writing things down makes the muses SHUT UP AND GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP.

I thought I was getting a new crop of OCs, but it turned out it wasn't new characters, just new alt modes. )

In my head, it is totally obvious who's who, but I suspect that's because they showed up complete with voices. I'm curious if anyone else recognizes who just rolled into town.

Visual aids, by which I mean, an excuse to post a pic of a pretty pretty Lotus. )

Edit: [insanejournal.com profile] deepbluesquee nailed it. She should probably worry about knowing me that well. XD

Edit2: And [personal profile] katsuko correctly identified who's who.
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But it's gonna be a fun ride on the way there. :D

So, my Unmixy Things fill:

Transformers Prime/Power Rangers RPM ficlet behind the cut. )

Sweet holy fuck, how is it almost 3 in the morning? *cries* Bed nao.
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Even when I have to timeshift the Beast Era roughly four million years forward. Which is to say, one of the hazards of trying to crossover-bunny your dwircleflist is that the next thing you know, Maximal stasis pods are dropping suspiciously near Jasper, NV.

I am reasonably sure the coyote chasing her was a Predacon, too. )

Alas, I can't even think of a way to blame this on [personal profile] raisedbymoogles.
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You know in Feral Scream, when Cheetor is turned all Demon Kitty? The engravings, the redesign, the whole look...kind of gorgeously viral, don't you think?

All I'm saying is, Hex has a pet, I think Megabyte should have a pet.

In non-crossover writage, lampshading the fact that my season 2 AU is going to be all girls, all the time:

Cheetor: Gee, Optimus, there sure were a lot of femme protoforms in the stasis pods.
Rattrap: Why d'ya think I signed up on this bucket, kid?

Must now work "Crusher recruits lionesses, who have been pretty happily terrorizing the local wildlife" into my timeline. Also must come up with names. And talk myself out of giving them both normal beast modes and transmetal beast modes, because having black lion, blue lion, and red lion options would be way, way too tempting.
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While I was sitting in the drive-thru waiting for my noms, I tweeted to the effect of "OMG I am a grown woman writing about robots who turn into animals; what is wrong with me?" (If you follow my twitter, you saw it; if not, that was the jist, though I'm too lazy to copy/paste over here.)

And then I thought, Self, you should clarify that you weren't making an, "Oh, woe, how is my life so empty?" post, but rather a "How is Sharktopus the best movie I saw in 2010?" post. I mean, I saw many movies in 2010; what is up with my brain that the one which I tentacles-down liked the most was Sharktopus?

(Dinocroc vs Supergator was a close second, I admit.)

Only my food came, and all that was too long for Twitter anyhow, so I didn't clarify. And now I'm sure everyone who reads my Twitter feed thinks my life is sad and empty enough that Beast Wars is the best part of it.

But that whole thought chain up there? Reminded me that I wanted to do a Sharktopus/Beast Wars crossover.

Yeah. That...can't possibly end well, can it?
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I intended to write my [personal profile] spook_me fics! But no, the imaginary people insisted on not only going AU, but adding a crossover into the mix. Who am I to refuse the imaginary people?

merfilly, this does not mean I've stopped hoping for you to write a Knight Rider/Gargoyles crossover. )
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Guys, who's going to be the upstart bronze rider who crashes Ritath's flight on bronze Zeddeth? (Not Rocky, Adam, or Aisha...as awesome as I think bringing a female bronze rider to the party would be *grin*...because I want them to come in as a trio of brown riders. Once I have dragons for them. I cannot in good conscience risk putting Rocky in charge of the Weyr.)


Mar. 29th, 2010 10:51 pm
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Me 'n' Jose Cuervo wrote 564 words of Angelo and Hades bitching about their mothers in law. Will post tomorrow, when I can be sure it makes some kind of sense.

And because I have NO SHAME at the moment, a double drabble for [insanejournal.com profile] the_willow.

You would make a good Weyrleader, Goldarth said. )
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But unlike Scooby Doo, my crossover actually makes sense.

Because who do we know who already rides an unnaturally intelligent white horse?

Who is driven to bring justice to those whom justice has passed by?

Who wears a mask to cover his scars?


(I will someday write this. Well, probably not Alberich as the Lone Ranger, but the Lone Ranger as a Herald misplaced by a rogue Gate? Oh, yes, I will write it. I will write it so hard.)

(Also, I think the animated version of the Ranger wears white; I will have to pull my DVDs and check that.)

(BWAHAHA, rogue Valdemaran magic in the Old West may be my solution to the problem of writing a Lone Ranger/Zorro crossover! \o/)

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