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(Actually, I'm going to fall down exhausted. And then I'm going to realize how little story is actually contained in all those words and cry for a bit. But for now...)

*victory lap*
dragovianknight: closeup of a green dragon (Writing - NaNoWriMo 2011)
May resort to pointless, plotless porn again when I get home.
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But NaNo has actually made me MORE anti-social than usual. (Except for occasional bursts of "OMG MUST PLOT SOMETHING OTHER THAN NANO", which cause me to grab random RP members and plot at them.)

Hopefully, November will end before I have to build a death ray, is all I'm sayin'. (Death ray is currently unbuilt because it would cut into valuable NaNoing time.)
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...but fukkit, RANDOM PORN until I hit 30k words.
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And you know, I love Dragon Quest and all, but 28k in I have to say...I WOULD FUCKING KILL FOR SOMETHING WITH FOUR TIRES AND AN ENGINE TO SHOW UP RIGHT NOW.


Okay, that's out of my system. I can go back to letting Alena eviscerate a troll now.

Edit: Or a giant spider. I bet I could work a giant spider in...or a flying wolf, maybe. Hell, a fucking munky. MAYBE A PURPLE DINOSAUR I DON'T KNOW. *twitch*
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Comment if you want to be added. (IJ folk, never fear, I'll be crossposting everything, it just won't be filtered on IJ because I can't keep track of two filters.)

This is the sort of thing you'll be reading, though really, it's like to get MUCH more random and rambly as the month continues. Possibly with random other fandoms taking up the word count. If porn happens, I absolutely refuse to post it. Unless I do. In other words: IT'S NANO, YA PAYS YER MONEY AND YA TAKES YER CHANCES. )

All of this gets written in 750 words (ie, pure braindump), which is why there's no proper formatting, and spelling and grammar are optional.

Also, I would like to state for the record that I have already written 2/3 of my usual NaNovel length. GO ME.

Dear Angelo

Nov. 1st, 2011 11:58 am
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I would like to remind you that Alena can beat you up.

Jess can also beat you up.

Cristo...probably can't beat you up, but if you keep hitting on Alena you will make him bitchface more than usual, and then Alena will beat you up again.

In conclusion, stick with the redhead you've got instead of oggling the "guardswoman" you just met, m'kay?
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I spent the morning writing several hundred words of unrelated RP stuff.

But I guess I just needed to get Shadow out of my system, because I spent the drive to work with Princess Alena regaling Eight and Angelo with the story of how Prince Charmles cried and locked himself in his room when she visited Ascantha.

Both times she visited Ascantha.

He was seven the first time.

The second time was...after his engagement to Princess Medea had been dissolved. XD

Of course, given that she's telling this story on the practice yard while beating the crap out of both our fine young heroes probably makes the whole crying-and-hiding thing more understandable.

Oh Alena, you are still my favorite. <3
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But the DQ4/DQ8 crossover was the least embarrassing thing I could think to put in the novel section.

There is a decent chance I'll be writing the Beast Wars movie I mentioned a while back. If I can come up with a name for my human protagonist.
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What the sweet HELL am I writing for NaNo?
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Shockingly(!), I am Dragovian Knight over there.

And I still don't know what the slag I'm going to write. XD

Edit: The best thing about a new computer is, Zen has faith in me. Rommi is going, "Do you KNOW how many 6k word NaNovels are on my hard drive?" I KNOW WHICH OF YOU I'M WRITING ON, ANDROMEDA.
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I have no idea what I'll write, except that it will probably involve giant transforming robots (or not-so-giant transforming robots, a handful of Knight Industries vehicles, and the Winchester brothers, because I never did finish the crackover from however many NaNos ago...yes, my motto is "Need moar wordz, add moar fandomz"). Or possibly I will write the Dragon Quest IV/Dragon Quest VIII crossover that's been in my head.

Oh, and for the record, the new laptop got named Zenithia, Zen for short.

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