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You can just place this drabble late in the Indestructible verse, when everything is worked out and there's time for fluff. :D

Fluff. Pure fluff. )
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Everyone loves a car chase, right?

It's kind of cheating, but Mike and Sarah had to get KITT 2k somehow. )

I really want to get this part finished and assembled before I hop back to Fallen Knight. It's just insisting on being all LONG and stuff.

Oh, Funneh Bunneh anecdote. This morning, I came out into the front rooms, and instead of a Snow in the cage in the livingroom, there was a Mewtwo. Apparently, Snow - doubtless still sulking that she must eat all the things - pushed open the door of her cage and went on a Quest for Noms last night. I found her in the spare room, chillin' with the cats. She followed me back when she heard the food bag crinkling and food being poured in her bowl. Silly rabbit.
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After all, I've already been criticized for focusing "too much on the characters" in Fallen Knight *teh horrorz! gasp!* However, this is the first time I've gotten KITT and Ali in full-on banter mode, so I have to share.

Written in 750 Words, blah blah typos blah )

I have no idea if they had tasers in '84, and like hell was I going to give myself a distraction by taking the time to look it up.

So ready for my days off goooooooods. *thud*

48 day streak, by the way. Almost halfway to a phoenix badge.

Edit: And since 750 words is doing funky, word losing things, I will post here that this morning as I was driving to work, I was pondering my Team Knight Rider team, and I suddenly realized...I have the two big smashy trucks (Armageddon can deploy additional armor for the really TOUGH smashy jobs, since in TKR tradition none of the vehicles have KITT's MBS), the little T-bird who can fly like her namesake (metaphorically, I mean), and the Jeep packed with every "in over our heads, need to save our asses" gizmo his driver could pack into him...and not one of them has weapons.
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So, what with the work disruption (Quickbooks decided to crash work computer; I spent all day Friday and all day today on the phone with Intuit tech support, who were as stumped as I was; I don't actually remember Saturday, although I'm sure there was one and it was not spent with tech support), and my beloved Rommi being down until I can replace her power supply, I am a very keyed up/stressed out dragovian. Sunday and Monday off didn't help, serving only to let me reset my sleep schedule to normal for me/not useful for the real world, which combined with heat and cuddly cats to ensure I didn't get much sleep last night.

Hello, quivering inside my skin; I haven't missed you at all.

So naturally, the thing to do was finish and clean up the next bit of Indestructible, which is...really pretty damn depressing.

Posted to AO3: Then and Now

I think I caught all the times Word changed KITT to KIT, but let me know if I missed any.

Edit: OMFG it is 11:36pm on JULY 6, asshole neighbors, why are you setting off fireworks now? D:
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Just cleaned up and edited a bit, and posted to AO3. Indestructible Ch. 1 - Awakening

You know what I would like? The ability to post a summary and list of tags for a series, to supplement (or replace, at the author's discretion) the summaries and tags for individual stories in the series.
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I CAN'T GET INTO ECHO BAZAAR! D: I get error message: Something terrible has happened. Possibly a server has caught fire, or a database flared and guttered like a dying star.

::weeps bitter, bitter tears::

So, since I can't go play in Fallen London, I post next KITT ficbit. This would have been so much cooler on screen.

I'm not (just) an attention whore, but I haven't had anything to post in ever so long, and jehanne1431 spoiled me by talking to me about fic. SO YOU MUST ALL SUFFER. )
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*wiggly butt dance*

As always, raw, unfiltered, and doubtless full of typos. Plus, I think everything else I've written on this was past tense. D'oh.

Oh KITT, my hart, you iz brakin it. )
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While I was typing my 750 Words - I figured since I was up, I'd just get it all done right after midnight (KITT wishes I had slept on it, and says [personal profile] queenoftheskies is a dirty enabler) - the site slowed down, and then it showed me as having one distraction even though I actually had no breaks over 3 minutes. In fact, the one break I had was because the site was telling me it was slow, and oh, by the way, it delusionally thought my entry used to be longer, would I like to cancel and revert? That break was about 30 seconds, a minute at the outside, so I am very pissed that my streak of no distractions was broken by site error.


Looking at the graph, it apparently thinks I wasn't typing between the six minute and ten minute marks. And the rating still thinks I have swearing, sexual content, and violence. Swearing I can, admittedly, almost guarantee, since I cuss like breathing, but I promise there was no sex, and the only violence was, I believe, threatening to toss a cat out a window if he didn't behave. Well, there was no sex unless you count KITT getting mindfucked (CPU fucked?) by his new owners.

Oh, well, at least I still have my penguin, which is the important thing, right? RIGHT!

Despite the swearing, non-existent sex, and violence, I am apparently feeling mostly affectionate, and concerned mostly with money. Even though I never once mentioned anything money related. Oh, I do love the cracked out results the word scanner thingy gives. ♥

Here, y'all can view my swearing, sex, and violence, at least the Knight Rider portions of it. )

As I told [personal profile] queenoftheskies (who is a dirty enabler), I have to cross this with KR2008, because seriously, Billy and Zoe would have so much fun tracking down what happened to KITT.
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Posted to AO3: Indestructible. Knight Rider classic, set present-day.

And behind the cut, for those interested, the original 750 words version, typos and all. Go read the final version first. )
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This is what falls out of my brain when I write 753 words in 18 minutes. (The missing sixty-ish words were me blathering about how, no, really, I was going to write, before the actual writing started.)

DQ8, violence, I think I may have posted the story fragment this ties to, but if not you'll be even more lost. )

Four more days of writing and I earn a penguin badge! (SHUT UP I AM ALLOWED TO BE EASILY ENTERTAINED DAMN IT! Though I wish it was a slime badge.)
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I have committed more fic! Supernatural, this time; triple drabble, my answer to the season finale, so spoilers, obvs.

On with the cut, then! )
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Yes, this is a few months late. Behind the cut due to spoilers.

I've a proposition for you. )


Mar. 29th, 2010 10:51 pm
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Me 'n' Jose Cuervo wrote 564 words of Angelo and Hades bitching about their mothers in law. Will post tomorrow, when I can be sure it makes some kind of sense.

And because I have NO SHAME at the moment, a double drabble for [insanejournal.com profile] the_willow.

You would make a good Weyrleader, Goldarth said. )

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