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Is there a leatherworker in all of Azeroth who enjoyed this bullshit quest for a mount you can't even sell or use on alts?

And this is my reaction while cheesing parts of it with a flying mount. I wouldn't even have tried without one, because I already have the spirit moose from archaeology; WHY would I want a plain white moose who can't fly (though you certainly wouldn't guess that from how the fucker jumps like Superman during the quest).
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But Pinterest informed me that I had already pinned all but one of the images of Varian Wrynn I was browsing today.

"It's not that I can quit anytime, it's just that I'm being cockblocked" is too long for a tag, alas.
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Same bosses as last week, slightly different set of people, VASTLY more trouble on some of the bosses. Nobody was sure why, but on the one that gave us the most trouble I was getting max stacks of a debuff, dropping the debuff, and almost INSTANTLY seeing my debuff come back to max. *shrug* Nobody knew why we were having so much trouble; the guild we were running with had never wiped on that boss before. We didn't wipe last week, so I am pretty sure it was not the fault of me or [personal profile] darthneko.

It felt like something had been tweaked in the encounter, but I don't think there were any changes to normal Tomb of Sargeras in the patch notes, so it could just be "WoW is broken".

Tomorrow, I'm getting a headset so I can actually talk on discord, though. It would have been much easier to warn I was going to drop my debuff if I could have said it myself instead of making [personal profile] darthneko tell everyone.

As of tonight, I have my second piece of tier gear (yay for things that reduce cooldowns) and my ilvl is a nice even 900.
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Then last expac I installed Deadly Boss Mods because raiding is a pita without it.

Now, somehow, in an expansion where I've raided TWICE, I have wound up installing an add-on to modify the mob nameplates from Blizzard's current "late 80s unadorned healthbar" aesthetic back to the actually informative nameplates WoW used to have. I still have DBM, of course. I have an add-on that's supposed to make tab targeting work (but tab targeting is still really fucking broken). I, gods help me, have done what I thought I would never do and installed a custom UI add-on (I will never be able to go back to the default UI).

And since I started maining my tank, I have installed an add-on to make my stagger % easily visible at a glance, and WeakAuras so I can track the duration of my Ironskin Brew, which Blizzard hides up in the corner with the other buffs.

Did I mention I'm NOT EVEN FUCKING RAIDING? *facepalm*

(I mean, yes, I do hope to start tagging along in raids with [personal profile] queenoftheskies's guild, but even if I do that regularly, it won't be as a tank. I don't know what I'm doing.)

Oh, and on my hunter I have an add-on to shriek an alarm at me when my pet's health gets too low, though 9 times out of 10 the correct answer to that is "fuck Mend Pet, I'mma let it die and use Heart of the Phoenix to re-summon it at full health."
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I really want this shirt (Amazon link). Only not with what is obviously a warrior tank, because my main is a brewmaster and proud of it.

How hard do we think it would be for me to bribe [personal profile] darthneko into designing me an appropriately Pandaren shirt for my birthday?

(Someday, I will get up the nerve to try tanking in a group, instead of swapping to windwalker in raids and dungeons. Because I like being able to take a hit - I really love the stagger/purify mechanic brewmasters have - and also, having a healer glued to my ass makes me feel like a GOD. A GOD I SAY. Sadly, I fear messing up mechanics and causing a group wipe.)

I need an icon of my tank looking tanky.
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...that [personal profile] darthneko had never seen Charlie the Unicorn. This had to be rectified, to explain why I started laughing over an Easter egg in WoW. (In Azsuna there's a cliff with a Devious Sunrunner and a Sinister Leyrunner, who are standing over the body of a dead Sunrunner. Hover over the corpse and you see its name is Charlie. You can loot the Enchanted Sunrunner Kidney from a chest at Charlie's feet once the other unicorns sunrunners are dead.)
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To celebrate being together in the new house, [personal profile] darthneko and I will be making a proper fall feast in true Azerothian fashion, courtesy of the World of Warcraft Official Cookbook (Amazon link). We shall be dining on a slow-roasted turkey, stuffing made from Mulgore spice bread, cranberry chutney just like that which graces tables across Azeroth during Pilgrim's Bounty, and side dishes of buzzard bites and fel eggs.

I am really looking forward to the fel eggs.

Expect pictures of tastynoms. Also expect us to start creating our OWN WoW inspired recipes at some point.

I will also be sending Winterveil cards to any and all who would like one. Message me or leave a comment with your address (comments are screened) if you'd like a card. :)
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Because Warlords of Draenor has been a crap expansion that broke several core elements of the game that I enjoyed (crafting, you fuckers) in the name of "level cap as fast as humanly possibly and go raid and don't you dare do anything else". *ahem* But they didn't ruin Brewfest, and so [personal profile] darthneko and I resubbed for a month so that we could race rams and throw beer steins at dwarves and get Brewfest clothes for all our low level characters.

And then, yesterday, we successfully got our last few characters their clothes, and took them, one by one, to a quiet spot by the path up to Ironforge.

Screencaps followed. So many, many screencaps.

And then my lovely wife spent tonight doing this:cut for image )
You can also go see the image on Deviant Art here. For the record, I had to feed Hardwire something like 30 Alterac brandies from my Alterac brewpup before we finally got him to puke.


Sep. 19th, 2014 10:18 pm
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Warlords of Draenor spoilers. Oh gods. THE SPOILERS.


I want Yrel though. I want the THING that happens. OH GODS. THE THING!

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I am gradually replacing the TF blogs I was following on Tumblr with Warcraft blogs, and my dash is a much happier place. Also prettier.
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I have now tried two of the six Beyond the Mists teas that I ordered.

Townlong Steppes disappointed not for failure to be delicious, but because I was hoping for the Yaungol firecamp and got the Underbough instead. It smells like SPIIIIICE but it tastes very green, and the smokey, "dark" taste I associate with gunpowder tea just isn't there. I may get some of Adagio's plain gunpowder to brew up and see if it's just their tea. I may reformulate this one for a little more "in yo FACE".

Tillers, on the other hand, is a black, dry, gloriously rich tea with an edge of bitterness (possibly because I steeped it too long) that thinks it's coffee. It will thump you on the back of the skull and yell "GET UP" in your ear. Tillers have got WORK to do; no lazy citypaws allowed. Tillers got all the kick-in-the-face that Townlong didn't (and then I let my boss taste it and he STOLE MY TEA). The other four blends are going to have to work to top this as my favorite.

[personal profile] darthneko got the blends I didn't; you can read her reviews here on Dreamwidth or here on Tumblr.
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...I find another to play in.

By which I mean, there is still a WOEFUL LACK of perfumes based on Pandaria, which makes me SAD.

But there is also Adagio teas, which will let me (and my partner in crime, [personal profile] darthneko) make PANDAREN TEA BLENDS, which mollifies me somewhat. Because tea.

Neko, obviously, is responsible for the beautiful labels and the descriptions. We are equally to blame for the blends, except Wandering Isle, which is all her fault, (I quote, "shen zin su is going to BURN with spices - explorers are crazy.") There may possibly be a spreadsheet with 14 blends already created, just waiting for art and descriptions.

So, if you are a fan of Adagio teas, watch this space, because I expect Beyond the Mists to grow quite a bit once Neko has a chance to finish making labels. When we're done, we intend to have eight locations and eight factions, and yes, as much as possible we will be shipping the factions with their locations ("as much as possible" because the Celestials are all over and the Golden Lotus got nuked out of the Vale).

Why, YES, we are the geekiest Pandaren-loving gamers in the world, why do you ask?
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And screencapped all the screencaps. But lo, I am tired, and unfunny, and you will have to wait until another night for me to post.

However, let it be known that, after kitting Anying out in gear from PEARLFIN VILLAGE (literally the lowest level of Pandaren gear), I ran her through the opening quests with no difficulty at all. Her ilvl started at 363 and ended at 390 when I opened up my garrison in Shadowmoon. I barely even noticed the upgrade from the jinyu crossbow to the almost-as-good-as-my-Timeless-bow quest reward, because things were already dying THAT FAST. That's...ridiculous, honestly, and I'm advising a bump up to the difficulty level because otherwise even the newest of the n00bs will be bored.
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I bring you screencaps of the Warlords of Draenor beta!

Spoilers for stepping through the portal and the first couple of quests. And a ton of images. )

And that was my first night of Warlords of Draenor (because look, I have a guild, I have responsibilities; that means crops to harvest and put on auction, dailies to finish, that sort of thing. I can't spend all my time running around after strapping young orcs.) There will undoubtedly be more tomorrow, if the server doesn't fall down sobbing again.

You have been warned.
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Expect so many screencaps once I'm actually able to play.
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And her awesome Pandaren tailor isn't getting nearly enough love, so go give him some.
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As you may know, I dragged [personal profile] darthneko into playing World of Warcraft with me when Mists of Pandaria came out. We have plot bunnies; we have headcanon. Oh GODS do we have headcanon.

This...is only part of our headcanon in the most irreverent sense.

So first, the convo: )

And now, the fic. )

If you have encountered the Students of Chi-Ji (or planted melons to suck up to the August Celestials) you know exactly what we're talking about, don't pretend you don't.
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Seriously, after playing hunters for years, and not touching my level 25 druid in...four months? five?...I was very nearly in tears of frustration trying to drag my druid through one of the holiday quests last night. (It did not help that my computer had been choking on WoW all day, forcing me to abandon Pandaria for lower resolution zones.) Just, argh, how the HELL do you druid? Will it get better in a few levels when I actually have AoE attacks? Because the Crown Dusters in Darkshire were owning my ass. I WANT TO GROW UP TO BE ONE OF THE LEVEL 90 DRUID BEARS WHO EFFORTLESSLY TAKE OUT ENTIRE HERDS OF GOATS IN FOUR WINDS*, AND I DON'T KNOW HOOOOWWWWW.

(Cat form: higher DPS but more damage. Bear form: lower damage but less DPS. Either way, I was killing one mob and then running frantically from the other three bastards shooting me in the back while Low Health flashed up on the screen. And I only seem to have Maul and one other really useful attack. It would have been nice to pick the mobs off from the edges, but the damn Darkshire guards kept sniping my kills out from under me.)

*As a freshly minted level 90, my hunter stood and watched in awe as a druid bear slaughtered goats by the herd, and then very sadly went back to carefully pulling one. goat. at. a. time. (And still getting the crap kicked out of her, and frequently reviving her pet.) Granted, in the months since my hunter has gotten geared to the point where she, too, can take out a herd of goats with little effort. However, the impression made by the druid bear has never faded, and I really really want one of those.


Jan. 23rd, 2014 04:32 pm
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I have been squeeing about my latest WoW commission all over IM and email, but totally failed to squee here.

Adorable cuddly pandas behind the cut. )

The artist who drew this (and who is working on my worgen warlock next) is still taking commissions, and does TFs and other things, too.
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(Cut for large photos)

One of the ways [personal profile] darthneko and I amuse ourselves in WoW is by taking our pandas to places where they are ridiculously over-leveled and letting them kill things in their underwear. I have dubbed this the Naked Panda World Tour, though by "world" I mean "everywhere but Northrend and the parts of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms where things are high level enough to hit us".

But that still leaves a lot of the world! Yesterday we toured southern Kalimdor. )

And THAT is how I spent my very productive Saturday.

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