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Perfume fandom peeps: do any of you know of a scent that's a combination of cherry blossom, bamboo, metal, and white musk? (I will accept sandalwood in place of musk.) I have REASONS. And NEEDS. And the BPAL general catalog is terrifying in its enormity.

Obviously, it doesn't HAVE to be BPAL, I just know they tend to have the biggest fandom.

Damn it

Jun. 13th, 2011 12:46 pm
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Moon of Horses smells amazing on me. I knew I should have sprung for a full bottle. -__-


Jun. 8th, 2011 03:56 pm
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Both 13 and Moon of Horses smell spectacular in the bottle, but I can't try either because I essentially bathed in Obsidian Widow this morning (apparently, De Sade has been replaced as my comfort scent).
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So all day today, I've been reveling in Malediction, because sometimes no matter how shiny the new gods-damned limited edition smells are, you just have to enjoy the classics, you know? And then I thought, "Self, I bet this would be awesome layered with something else."

What should come first to hand but my imp of Obsidian Widow?

I SMELL LIKE A GOD! Granted, I smell like one of those scary gods who require lots of blood sacrifices and probably aren't all that safe to worship, but still. A GOD. :D
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WILF (forum only scent): Warm fur coupled with red and black musk, vanilla bean, patchouli, champaca flower, juniper berry, chocolate peppermint, frangipani, browned sandalwood, ferntop ash resin, and massoia bark.

I'm not picking any actual notes out of this blend, except for something that's doing a jasmine-like "settle in the back of Dragovian's throat" thing (this fades, unlike jasmine, and the surrounding awesome makes it worth it). But I got this yesterday, put it on, and pretty much wanted to roll around in the grass and then hump my own arm (clearly, my inner werewolf needs to be fixed). So today I ordered a second bottle, which I have done ONCE in the history of ever (Dragon Moon, where I hoarded every bottle I could find - I think I have four - though if I could ever FIND Cerberus, I would do the same with Cerberus). I mean, even with my most beloved general catalog scent, DeSade, I am still on my first bottle (I have a gift bottle that lies untouched in the box). The odds I will ever crack open my second bottle of WILF are slim to none (really). But I simply couldn't bear the thought of not getting it while it's available (this sentence needed a parenthetical, so I added one).

(I *cough* may have also finally gotten myself bottles of Villain and The Obsidian Widow. You know. To maximize shipping. Yeah, that's it.)

I need a BPAL icon.
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This 13 is all about getting lucky! A base of rich cacao absolute and honey with thirteen lust-inspiring oils: patchouli, vanilla absolute, rose otto, red sandalwood, devil’s bit, caraway, cardamom, cubeb, carrot seed, ginseng, yohimbe, saffron, and grains of paradise.

Except for the notes I have no clue about (devil's bit, grains of paradise), there is NOTHING in this blend that shouldn't make me happy. Now watch the rose overwhelm everything else. :P
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Sweet-warm-spicy as it settles into my skin, with something underneath that almost smells like orange spice cake. I don't have a list of notes handy, so I have no idea if there's any basis for thinking this smells like a delicious, if somewhat perfumy, dessert.

I would report on how Lawful Evil smells along but, being stupid, I added Cleric to both wrists instead of just one.

I'm a little sad that I like Lawful Evil (well, at least with Cleric thrown in) and Chaotic Good better than Chaotic Evil. It feels like I've failed somehow. :(


May. 11th, 2011 09:49 am
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I got my shipping notice for my ZOMG Smells order. Meaning that by weekend, I should have squees of ALL the Girl Genius scents (Jägers! For the record, my money is on Jäger #3 being the winner.), Dastardly Banyan, and Brontosaurus Loves Triceratops.

Guess I'd better give Lawful Evil a whirl before then.
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Straight up, I will tell you that sniffing from the imps, I haven't been able to pick out individual notes. However, I can tell you that Chaotic is less raw and, well, chaotic than I had hoped, and seems to have a persistent under-scent of...Pez candies. Evil smells vaguely like lemon cleaner. And, though it wounds my chaotic evil soul to admit it, straight Paladin smells wonderful and I would wear it all the time by itself.

Now, since these are layering scents, it's unfair to judge them individually (and especially without wearing them). But, alas, Chaotic Evil Paladin will have to wait until tomorrow, because The Obsidian Widow is getting first crack at my skin. (There was an initial...sourness, almost like very old lotion, when I first put it on, which I blame on the pinot noir in the absence of another suspect, and a powderiness I blame on the jasmine. After drydown, though, the attar of rose and sandalwood are stepping forward, and if the myrrh could just be coaxed out, this would be perfect. The patchouli is thus far AWOL.) Barring unforeseen morphing, or an overly aggressive rose (I have Kurukulla for days when I want in-your-face rose), this could be a bottle scent.

Edit: And the rose amped, and amped, and amped, and JUST as I was thinking, "Damn it, this is turning into a Kurukulla clone on me", sandalwood stepped up and gave it a sharp rap on the head, and brought myrrh along to play. So now I am sitting here attempting to inhale my wrist, and reminding myself that it would be silly to place an order before I have tested ALL the things.
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Much more interesting than it was in the bottle. Starts out sweet - vanilla-y? - and becomes more herbaceous while the vanilla fades back. No trace of the sour berry smell I got from the bottle, but it's still a little flat for my liking. And I don't think it smells wintery at all. I like it, but I'd be just as happy to trade it on for one of my beloveds (Cerberus, Dragon Moon, or godsdamnedmonkeyfuckingnewfavorite Metal Tiger 2010).
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I'm apparently the only person who's yet needed a "Quickstrike (Transformers)" tag on AO3.

Edit: I'm also kind of intrigued by how much of my recent Blackarachnia/Silverbolt fic involves her consciously manipulating him to see what works.

I'm apparently fascinated with body language between them, right now. Not that way, you pervs.

I blame the star (planet, actually) gazing scene, in which my brain manages to parse BA's little sidestep toward 'Bolt as both utterly adorable and completely calculated to be utterly adorable. I'm perhaps a tad cynical about my favorite spider, some days.

In other, completely unrelated, news, I got my ship notice from BPAL and my RPG imps are on their way. :DDDDD Chaotic Evil Paladin, here I come! \o/ (Also, various combinations involving Orcs, Clerics, Mages, Rogues, and Rangers, and yes, fine, I admit it, I did get Lawful and Good. Yes, that is more than six imps. If I'm paying $7.50 in shipping damn well better believe I'm getting more than six fucking imps, okay? I rounded out the twelve with The Obsidian Widow - yes, fanbrain, shut up - and The White Rider.)

Does BPAL have anything that smells like gargoyles?

Dear gods, I need a night with more than four hours sleep.
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As bright and citrusy with delicate floral undertones as it promised in the bottle. Oh gods, this is going to become my new beloved LE that I can't find, like Cerberus and Dragon Moon, isn't it? WHY CAN'T I EVER FALL FOR THE GENERAL CATALOG SCENTS, WHYYYYYY?
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...of tracking down the current BPAL "forum only" scent.

… because vampires aren’t the only supernatural beings worthy of our amorous attentions.

Warm fur coupled with red and black musk, vanilla bean, patchouli, champaca flower, juniper berry, chocolate peppermint, frangipani, browned sandalwood, ferntop ash resin, and massoia bark.

Will report back when it arrives.

Meanwhile, I have a strong suspicion I should go to bed before the migraine hits.
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Sniffed from the bottle only (because my skin is slathered in Lilith).

Metal Tiger 2010: OMG YUMMEH FRUIT & FLOWERS NOM NOM NOM. I can't WAIT to try this on skin (and I pray it doesn't morph weirdly).

Phoenix in Winter: Underwhelming. Tart/sour berries, kind of dull/flat and not at all wintery. I'm hoping that actually hitting my skin will perk it up, because otherwise this one goes on into the swap box.
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I will point you to [personal profile] yhlee's BPAL destash.
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BPAL's Wolfsbane

What it smells like: hamster cage

Okay, no, that's doing it a snarky disservice. What it smells like, straight out of the imp and onto my skin, is cedar. Like being buried alive under a pile of fresh cedar shavings. And there's something deliciously sharp under the cedar, but whenever I go in for a closer sniff, the cedar makes me sneeze.

I think I want to love it? I just...have to quit sneezing first.

Edit: Yeah, I had to wash that off before it became Dragonsbane instead. *sneezes* Will try again when my nose is less tetchy.

Have switched to Anne Bonny; still a nice woody scent (mmm, sandalwood), but less sneeze inducing.
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Was just me, opening the envelope containing the half-bottle of Cerberus I swapped for. OMG it smells just as awesome as I remember; why can't I find anything else that smells this good? I mean, something that is NOT a long-discontinued limited edition?

In other squee-worth news, [personal profile] raisedbymoogles is posting sketches of her Beast Wars steampunk AU characters, which makes me SQUEE LIKE A SQUEEING THING. :D
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Or at least, smelling like BPAL's Villain. Description. ) This is definitely a gentlemanly villain; David Xanatos, not, say, Negaduck.

This is one of my top BPAL scents; the lilac and musk settle the lavender nicely, but when I think about it, I think of the lavender.

I'm going to be sniffing myself all day.

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