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So, back when the first Transformers movie came out on DVD, I took one look at the car playing Jazz and emailed [livejournal.com profile] queenoftheskies. Our conversation went something like:

Me: What is Jazz? DO WANT!
[livejournal.com profile] queenoftheskies: [livejournal.com profile] manga_queen says it's a Solstice. They aren't making them any more.
Me: *sadface*

And I assumed, since 'Bee was a Camaro, that she meant a CHEVY Solstice, and thought no more of it beyond "Jazz is the sexiest thing in this movie".

Guess who found out this morning that the Solstice was made by Pontiac? *facepalm*

Also, because I love you all, here's a video of all the turbo boosts in the run of Knight Rider, set to speed metal. This is what I was looking for when a link that said 'Pontiac Solstice' caught my eye. )

Edit of "because I just thought of it": Last night when Bossman and I were talking about cars, he said, "I almost bought a '72 Ford Fairlane, but then I touched the gas and it went *phew* ::complete with 'zoom' hand gestures:: and I decided I couldn't afford the speeding tickets."
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If Michael Long got his face shot off on August 8, 1982 (A Good Knight's Work), how could Michael Knight have caught the Chameleon in August of 1982 (Knight of the Chameleon)? Unless we're going to make an argument that Michael is an Immortal, that is.

No, that is not a crossover I intend to write.
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It still weirds me out a little to hear the Ghost Host's voice coming out of KARR. I half expect him to say, "Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense your car shouldn't be talking to you."

KARR is a lot crazier in this episode. ::pets him::

Edit: You know, if I had KARR he'd never have to tell me to press Turbo Boost twice. He would, probably, have to make me STOP pressing it. (Srsly, the fun we could have busting into casinos and then vanishing into the desert...)
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I spent this morning trying to get Dante to understand that yes, he does have printers. He used them ALL DAY YESTERDAY (when I was printing out things for today's Bark for Life, which is like the Relay for Life, only you take your dogs with you; we is a sponsor). The print spooler kept being off, even though I kept going into services and restarting it and double-triple-quadruple checking that, yes, the print spooler is set to auto restart. I rebooted. I turned him off completely. I turned the PRINTERS off. At one point, he recognized the printers as printers, but still claimed "function not available" when I'd try to, you know, PRINT.

This, my friends, is what you get when you name a computer after an SUV with a huge stick up his tailpipe. :P

Eventually, I said, "Fuck you," installed the latest Windows updates so they'd stop nagging me, and rebooted.

And his printers came back.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW, YOU GUYS! Rommi never gave me this kind of trouble even back when we were running Win 3.1.

So today's 750 words started mostly about my adventures with apparently drain bamaged computers, and ended with me outlining how to bring the TKR cars into the Indestructible-verse. *facepalm* Because simply having two KITTs clearly can't get me into enough trouble. (Billy wants Domino. Domino is all, "Yeah, no," about it.) THIS IS BECOMING LIKE THE CRACKOVER* ONLY ANGSTIER.

Also, today I discovered that if you go 20 days without distractions, you get an "undistractible" mutant hamster inna hamster ball badge. :D

*For those who weren't around for my last NaNo project, it was a crossover between Knight Rider, Knight Rider 2008, Supernatural, and Bayformers. The Impala is sekritly an Autobot. KARR kidnapped Dean. Mike and Michael bonded over cheap diner coffee while they waited for their supercars to be towed back to base. Hence the name, crackover. There is still a part of me that wants to finish it.
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I CAN'T GET INTO ECHO BAZAAR! D: I get error message: Something terrible has happened. Possibly a server has caught fire, or a database flared and guttered like a dying star.

::weeps bitter, bitter tears::

So, since I can't go play in Fallen London, I post next KITT ficbit. This would have been so much cooler on screen.

I'm not (just) an attention whore, but I haven't had anything to post in ever so long, and jehanne1431 spoiled me by talking to me about fic. SO YOU MUST ALL SUFFER. )
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*wiggly butt dance*

As always, raw, unfiltered, and doubtless full of typos. Plus, I think everything else I've written on this was past tense. D'oh.

Oh KITT, my hart, you iz brakin it. )
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While I was typing my 750 Words - I figured since I was up, I'd just get it all done right after midnight (KITT wishes I had slept on it, and says [personal profile] queenoftheskies is a dirty enabler) - the site slowed down, and then it showed me as having one distraction even though I actually had no breaks over 3 minutes. In fact, the one break I had was because the site was telling me it was slow, and oh, by the way, it delusionally thought my entry used to be longer, would I like to cancel and revert? That break was about 30 seconds, a minute at the outside, so I am very pissed that my streak of no distractions was broken by site error.


Looking at the graph, it apparently thinks I wasn't typing between the six minute and ten minute marks. And the rating still thinks I have swearing, sexual content, and violence. Swearing I can, admittedly, almost guarantee, since I cuss like breathing, but I promise there was no sex, and the only violence was, I believe, threatening to toss a cat out a window if he didn't behave. Well, there was no sex unless you count KITT getting mindfucked (CPU fucked?) by his new owners.

Oh, well, at least I still have my penguin, which is the important thing, right? RIGHT!

Despite the swearing, non-existent sex, and violence, I am apparently feeling mostly affectionate, and concerned mostly with money. Even though I never once mentioned anything money related. Oh, I do love the cracked out results the word scanner thingy gives. ♥

Here, y'all can view my swearing, sex, and violence, at least the Knight Rider portions of it. )

As I told [personal profile] queenoftheskies (who is a dirty enabler), I have to cross this with KR2008, because seriously, Billy and Zoe would have so much fun tracking down what happened to KITT.
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Posted to AO3: Indestructible. Knight Rider classic, set present-day.

And behind the cut, for those interested, the original 750 words version, typos and all. Go read the final version first. )

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