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As promised, my order shipped on Monday. I chose UPS SmartPost, which is the slowest shipping method, but because I'm in Southern Nevada and they're in Petaluma, CA, my estimated delivery was still Thursday.

Checked my delivery estimate this morning, and it had been revised to today because UPS was going to deliver rather than handing the box off to the post office (benefit of having it delivered to work, I suspect). And indeed, UPS had delivered before I even got to work.

Everything was neatly bagged up in plastic, by type: the jars of dye (holy crap I'd forgotten that 2oz of dry dye powder is a lot) were in one plastic bag, the mixing bottles were in another, the yarn was individually bagged and then bagged up together. Barring the intervention of a trickster god, I don't see any way for dye to get where it's not wanted in an intact package. Everything was nestled down in packing peanuts that, my shipping email informs me, will dissolve in water.

The yarn I got was the Queen Anne's Lace (#28) and Bamboo Cotton Fingering (#57). The one thing I don't like is there's no identifiers except the yarn number written on the bags; for fiber information, you have to check the website. However, both yarns appear to be in nice, securely wrapped hanks, ready for dying (unless you are me, and intend to re-wind everything for various and sundry experiments). Both yarns look just like they do in the photos, with no obvious flaws or trash in them, and the fingering appears to be a nice, even, fairly tight spin that I can only hope will knit up as nicely as expected. The Queen Anne's Lace is much looser *points at the thick-thin texture in the photo* and I may hate it, but I've been looking for something with a bit of texture, so we shall see. I am kind of wondering/hoping the fingering will be sturdy enough for some light lace socks for summer.

So far, Dharma Trading is getting 5 stars from me; I will update if I find anything horribly horribly wrong when I start winding the yarn into balls.
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Dharma Trading is the first company that's ever called to confirm that my shipping address is legit (I have everything shipped to work because I'm there more than at home). Possibly because I just ordered for the first time in five years and last time I ordered, I was working at home and could sign for things (and if necessary, guide the UPS drivers along the scary rural dirt roads that have no street signs).

Hopefully, the yarn (a cotton/bamboo blend)and dye will not take too long to get here, though I missed today's shipping deadline and nothing can go out until Monday.
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Things that I have knit in lieu of being a functional adult.

First up Aster's dragon hat is finished. )

Last year, my boss found Bernat Denimstyle (cotton/acrylic blend) at Hobby Lobby and wanted me to make her a hat. I kind of fell in love with this yarn, and wound up making beanies in almost all of the colors. As you can see behind the cut. )

But! BUT! Dragons can knit things that are not hats. Like this baby kimono, which, fine, has a hat with it. )

And also these hand warmers, which do not have a hat. They do, however, have beads at the wrist. )

And what's presently on the needles is more hand warmers, because KnitPicks had a sale and I fell in love with the Heart Multi colorway in their Stroll sock yarn. This color is, of course, discontinued. )

So there you have it: photographic evidence of what dragons do when they can't cope with anything but knitting and YouTube.
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ArtFire is a site like Etsy: you make things, you post them in your shop, you sell them. They have free accounts, which allow you to sell a few things, and Pro accounts, which have bells and whistles. Right now, ArtFire is getting ready to leave beta, and, in their own words:

To celebrate the beta exit, we are running an exclusive promotion to lock in the best rate ever offered for an ArtFire PRO account. We will be making a group deal offer to everyone who wants an ArtFire PRO account.

If we can get 20,000 people to commit to an ArtFire PRO account, every single person who opts in will lock in a rate of $5.95 per month for as long as they maintain an active subscription with ArtFire.

What can I say? I want them to reach 20,000 people because I want that rate, and when I signed up they were just over 4,000. :( So I am spreading the word! Full terms and conditions can be found here. The sign up form is here, though you may need to already be a member for that to work, in which case, you can join here. (And yes, I do plan to get Dragon Feats actually up and running with something other than placeholder hats* eventually, I just need to stop making socks for myself perfecting my craft and start making product.)

*Except for the two wool ones, the hats are all getting donated to the food/clothing bank at the start of November, so if you see one you want...
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Guys, guys, knitting two socks at a time on one circular needle is the most awesome thing ever! I must have MOAR SOCK YARN and MOAR SOCK BOOKS!

Edit: It shouldn't be any harder to convert instructions on two circular needles to two on one, than it is to convert instructions for DPNs to one circular, right? I mean, it's still a matter of dividing up the front/top and back/bottom stitches into groups. I ask because I'm considering going back to my copy of Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles (the book that nearly made me swear off socks) and knitting the kitty socks.
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But Knit Picks has their sweater kits half off right now, which means 15 balls of Wool of the Andes (7 of one color, 8 of another, colors vary depending on which kit you get) for $14.99. I cannot resist yarn for $1/ball. Plus, free sweater pattern if I ever decide I do want to make a sweater!
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Rockin' Beads, which is a small but (in my experience, at least) quick-shipping and reliable site, has a 10% discount code good until NEXT September. From the newsletter behind the cut )

They don't have the biggest selection, but I've found their prices reasonable, and they beat the hell out of my local bead store. (Of course, keep in mind my local bead store is located in a 10x20 shed in someone's back yard.)
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Today at work I had to remind myself to say, "I'm tired," rather than, "Tired Dragovian is tired." Man, it's going to suck royally having only one day off before I have to go back to work. (Normally, I'm off both Sunday and Monday.) However, being off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday next weekend visiting [personal profile] queenoftheskies and [personal profile] manga_queen is going to rock. :D

Now, on a different subject, a question. I have decided that what would really make my life complete is slime light switch plates/covers. I remember, years back, searching eBay for Power Rangers stuff, and someone had done such plates/covers with the Rangers on them. Anyone out there know how to make such magic? I assume step one is, "buy a blank light switch cover", and one of the steps must be, "have an image/photo of appropriate size". It's the rest of it I can't figure out. (Of course, if anyone had ideas on how to actually make a cover shaped like a slime, I would be all ears.)
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If a pattern (well, a chart) says "make 1" and gives no further information on which technique to use, what's the best default M1 to use?
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My pink dragon grew up Adopt one today!, my purple dorsal dragon hatched Adopt one today!, and my pink Adopt one today! and frill Adopt one today! eggs are cracking.

But that's not why I'm posting, as you may have guessed from the subject.

My niece, [personal profile] manga_queen, has to wear black socks at work. Now, my whole attraction to knitting socks is based entirely on wanting an excuse to play with pretty colors of sock yarn, okay? I...I don't really LIKE socks that much, because I don't like turning the heel, because...well, honestly, that's probably a mental block about picking up stitches (and gods know, I pick up enough stitches doing tote bags that I shouldn't have that problem, but I do; perhaps knitting many socks will cure me, as hats cured my aversion to 2x2 ribbing).

Where was I? Oh, that's right: I like socks for the yarn, not for the knitting itself, but I also don't think it's fair for [personal profile] manga_queen to be stuck with boring store-bought black socks! So I'm looking for socks that can be awesome even in basic black! I think Knittyspin's Blackrose socks will be my first pair (I also plan to make a pair for myself in KnitPicks' Essential Multi Peacock), and then, if I can figure how to convert directions for DPNs to magic loop or two needles, I'm going to give Knitzi.com's Nutkin socks a go (and I'd kind of like to try that pattern in Turtle, for myself).

But! There must be other relatively-simple-but-pretty patterns out there that don't rely on the yarn for their awesome. And that are free, in case I wimp out on making them. Because I am new to socks, having avoided learning to knit them for most of my life, and it doesn't take much to make me go D: and abandon a pattern.
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Yeah, so far my Monday has been a Monday. *sigh* At least it's a day off. There shall be knitting later. And possibly some retail therapy ([personal profile] queenoftheskies finally picked out colors for her market tote, and as pretty as the natural colors that came with the kit are, I will be PAST ready to deal with some REAL color by the time I'm done. It doesn't hurt she picked out lots of green. :D)

Speaking of the market tote, my provisional cast on wasn't. :P I did the crochet cast on following instructions, and knit my first row through the back of each stitch, just like it said. This twisted the yarn together so that all I could do in the end was cut the crochet stitches and pick them out one by one. -_- Later, reading the KAL blog, I learned that the instructions should have included an initial purl row before the slip stitch pattern started; I don't know if purling would have saved me the headache, but it would have saved all the knitters who wound up with 25 stitches when they removed the provisional cast on, instead of 41 (though, I don't know how badly that hurt them, as the first thing you do is reduce the 41 stitches to 25 anyway).

But, yeah, I lost probably an hour trying to get my 41 stitches free of the provisional cast on (I finally wound up with 39, two of them vanishing in the picking apart process; I picked up extra side stitches to compensate), buggered the first set of lace completely, knit around plain for about an inch (my "I meant to do that" restart, because I was too lazy to totally start over), and set up my knitting with markers every eight stitches, to keep myself on track. Things went much better after that. I'd feel worse about the mistakes if the bag were going to someone who'd use it, but instead, it's going to the person from my previous post of petty wrongness (she saw me knitting it and asked for one, despite never using anything I've made her). I'm about a quarter way up the sides, now.

I really, really need to figure out a way to do a provisional cast on that works, though.

Edit: There are not even words for how much I want this. (My current set of interchangeable circular needles is of uncertain origin, possibly Sears, purchased for 50¢ at a yard sale, the cables are like actual cable OMG, and the tips tend to unscrew themselves.)
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Go to YouTube and watch just the first couple of minutes of this week's Power Rangers RPM, where the Rangers ask Dr K questions like "why do our zords have eyes?" and "why is there a big explosion behind me when I morph?" and Dr K gives them answers. RPM: taking meta to an adorkable new level. ♥

Oh, further proof that I fail at girl: today, there was talk about how one of the rabbits in the store hates women (he bites them), so naturally, I picked him up and wandered around with him for a while, snorgled my face in his fur, played with his ears, all that stuff. No bitey. Hah.

I have nearly finished the bottom of the Montavilla Market Tote. I'm not bothering with the knit along blog, though, because most everyone got it like a week before me and finished already. :P Stupid slow shipping. I suppose that means I'll bug you guys with updates.

Now, back to action work. *sigh* I wanna watch the rest of Flynn's episode, damn it.
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Little help, knitters?

I am knitting my sock on two circular needles. I just finished turning the heel, with the last row of instructions reading K across all 18 stitches.

The next heading is "Picking up Gusset Stitches", and frankly, from the instructions I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. Maybe I'm just stupid. Hopefully, y'all are smarter and will explain in tiny tiny words.

Instructions behind the cut, for those who don't want to be bothered. )

Edit: How is that math even supposed to work? I started with thirty stitches on each needle. In the heel turn, I decreased needle A down to eighteen, with thirty stitches still on needle B. If I pick up fifteen plus one on A, then that's thirty-four, right? 18+16=34. If I transfer nine from A to B, that leaves 25 on A and 39 on B; if I'm actually supposed to transfer nine from B to A, that gives me 43 on A on 21 on B. Where the hell am I getting forty stitches anywhere with these instructions???

Edit 2: OMG YAY SORTED (with the help of [personal profile] helens78; thank you for confirming I was not insane with my first instinct of where to pick up stitches). After picking up stitches and shuffling stitches and spending ten minutes untangling my needles, because after that they looked like something from an Escher painting, I'm actually knitting around again yay! Cat Bordi suffers from severe explanation fail. (Seriously, everything up to this point was very clear and straightforward, and then it was like, "Magic happens and you have a heel!" Like those drawing books where between step two and step three you go from an oval with some ovals inside, to a photo-realistic human face, and the only explanation is "add detail to the features".)

I have a headache now. *whines*
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And waiting for my market tote kit to arrive from Knitpicks. So, I'm trying my hand at socks, using the Simple Sock pattern from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles and Knitpicks' Essential Multi sock yarn in the turtle colorway. All my practice at knitting 2x2 ribbing is coming in handy. And instead of pooling, the colors are striping*, even though this isn't supposed to be a self-striping yarn. So I'm happy, even though teeny tiny needles drive me mad. The sock leg looks too small to fit anything but a toddler, and yet, when I slipped everything onto the cables and tried it on, it slid all the way over my calf with no trouble (and I have big calves). I went 0_0. Guess 2x2 ribbing really IS that stretchy. (I'm not going to do the full 6" length on the leg part of the sock, anyway, as I like ankle socks, but it's good to know these would fit if I wanted them to. [livejournal.com profile] queenoftheskies, you shouldn't have any trouble with these binding your ankles when I make you a pair.)

Pleased Dragovian is pleased. We'll see how I feel when it's time to shape the heel, I suppose. That's what's kept me from doing socks before this. Pretty sock yarn won me over, though. *weak against pritty pritty colors*

Hats are ahead of schedule, by the way:
Zokutou hat meterZokutou word meter
38 / 100

Edit: Since [insanejournal.com profile] raisedbymoogles is fond of reminding me "pics or it didn't happen", I give you the start of my sock, behind the cut. One photo, not particularly large or, erm, focused. )

*Note to self: size 3 needles and 60 stitches, long tail cast-on starting from the intersection of the yellow-green and the soft green.

I think

Apr. 19th, 2009 05:03 pm
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I shall go to the store, buy a box of gallon ziplock bags and a sharpie, and package up my yarn that is for Akshul Projekts (as opposed to yarn I bought for Pure Shiny) with a copy of the pattern inside the bag. This will save me from staring at yarn going "why do I have this, and if I use it will I be sad later when I remember what it was for?"

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