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...that I would expect from a robotic race that has been at war for millennia.

The computer analyzes everything I see, overlays my field of vision with tactical symbols over every friend or foe in the vicinity, and then transmits the data to the rest of the squad. Whatever I see, the rest of my squad can see as their computers integrate the feed coming in from mine. If one of us spots a new threat, their tactical computer automatically sends the new data to the other squad computers through the encrypted wireless network, and the entire squad is aware of the threat within a few milliseconds.

Kloos, Marko (2013-03-14). Terms of Enlistment (Kindle Locations 759-762). Frostbite Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Our suits have a brand-new polychromatic camouflage system. It’s an array of tiny electro-optical projectors , designed to blend us in with any terrain. It won’t turn us invisible, but it works well enough that you have to be pretty close to a trooper in polychrome camo to spot them. We don’t know if the Lankies see the way humans do— we don’t even know if they can “see” at all— but the few times where troopers in bug suits have turned on their PC camo to hide from nearby Lankies, nobody has gotten killed.

Kloos, Marko (2014-01-28). Lines of Departure (Frontlines) (p. 23). 47North. Kindle Edition.

Instead, canon gives us an entire fleet of seekers bombing the wrong building because someone painted a new number on the front. *sobs* The closest we have to polychromatic camo is Bumblebee reversing his colors and magically becoming UNRECOGNIZABLE (to everyone but the 7 year old target audience). These are giant alien war robots! Let's give them some credit, here.
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I'm not even saying I won't enjoy it. I'm just saying that every trailer I see for Beast Hunters makes my DNW meter rise a little higher.

Luckily, I have coconut rum and I know how to use it.
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...I still have to admit that the TF Prime RP wiki has some pretty cool worldbuilding for our game canon.

PS: Still not dead. Busy knitting hats and watching my way through Final Fantasy XIII. Oh, and breeding little vampire mice on OviPets. MY LIFE, SO THRILLING.
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One of the players in my TFP RP drew a portrait of my character. She did it in just a few hours. IT IS AMAZING.

It is also under the cut, though it's not really very big. )

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I rang in the new year by playing WoW with my sister* and writing ridiculously self-indulgent, schmooptastic shipperfic that no one but me will ever see. I don't even feel guilty about writing ridiculously self-indulgent schmooptastic shipperfic that no one but me will ever see, and in fact, I keep reading back over it and purring at it.

Speaking of things that make me purr, on the RP front the Shadowrunner/Barricade showdown is rapidly devolving into violence porn**. ♥ XD I kind of approve of this start to the year. And by "kind of" I mean "so damn much". ♥

I think I need to consider swapping out some of my icons, if only because I don't have one I really want to use as my default right now. Hmmmm.

So far, the closest thing to a resolution I have is "write the damn character profiles for Rattrap and Airazor so you can bring them into the game, dumbass." (Yes, their apps have been approved, I'm just not happy enough to post them for everyone to look at. Because I have standards. Or something.) My other resolution may be "do not give into the temptation to app Sharpshot." Because really, the last thing this game needs is a pink Ranger. >_>

Speaking of the RP, we could still use players. *stares meaningfully at you all* Grown-ass players. As opposed to irritating fanbrats.

FAILED at the Hundred Hat Project Two: Acrylic Boogaloo, with a final total of only 75 hats. Stay tuned for me to launch into the Hundred Hat Project Three: Revenge of the Stitch as soon as I get my knitting mojo back.


*We started out with SRS QUESTING and ended up hunting birds for their eggs so we could make eggnog.

**This thread may yet need a warning; Cade's player and I be enjoying ourselves a bit too much.
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Because this Blackarachnia 'n' Airachnid vid to "Super Villain" isn't going to vid itself, you know.

(I mean, unless one of you would like to...? *hopeful*)

The Airachnid clips should be easy; I have three episodes with decent footage to go through. Blackarachnia, on the other hand...three seasons with her in a decent percentage of eps (or possibly I just don't remember the ones without her). There just IS no bad footage of her hot, poisonous, and deadly self. /bias

Gods help me, I want to vid SOMETHING to Powerman 5000's "Transform", too. *ponders*

ALSO, tonight I did something I haven't done in FOREVER and nommed down all the recent TFP episodes, then when I ran out I just started over. Thank you, gods-bedamned season ending cliffhanger, for getting my fanlove flowing again.
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It is: If you want to enjoy a show, do not engage with fandom, just cling to the safety of your dwircleflist.

This post brought to you by my rapidly dwindling tolerance for "I hate Miko/Arcee/Airachnid" comments. Though at least the Miko haters usually have comprehensible reasons; Arcee and Airachnid seem to "just rub me wrong" or "[laundry list of traits which the guys share, but which somehow are okay if the character is not presented as female]".

Having a new episode to discuss should not make me feel so...weary.


And fuck, am I glad I've never felt the urge to hunt down communities for Voltron Force or Thundercats or GI Joe Renegades.

Eh, at least this confirms that I will never be posting any of my TF fic to any comms but [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100. Wouldn't want to get girl cooties on anyone. *vows that no matter what this week's prompt is, drabbles will be all Airazor&Blackarachnia all the time*

Edit: And then for my own mental health, I dropped the [livejournal.com profile] tf_prime community from my reading list, because somehow, no matter the topic of the episode, some people find excuses to bash Arcee and Airachnid. But not because they're femmes, of course. Just because they suck and can do nothing right.
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Here. Sign ups are open until 8/16.

Even if you aren't interested in the exchange, you really ought to go to her journal and look at the TFP ponies in the header. XD
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Which, apparently, translates into...wanting to write classic!T-cats fic. (I do expect this to change once we have more episodes.) There is a really good chance that if I write, it will be some sort of fusion in which Cheetara kicks ass and saves the boys kind of a lot. My levels of "Cheetara Cheetara CHEETARA!" are matched only by my levels of "I would jump Tygra in a heartbeat." Since I was never a Tygra girl, I find the latter rather...disturbing. (For the record, I would also jump Cheetara in a heartbeat, but that, I consider a given.)

Classic!T-cats was second to Classic!GI Joe in my younger days (I won't say childhood because I don't think high school counts), and yet I've never written GI Joe fic or wanted to, despite the level of awesome GI Joe Renegades reached. Likewise, no desire to write Voltron fic (actually, I think Voltron Force counts as "what happened next" Voltron fic, complete with OCs, and I mean that in the best possible way.)

(Meanwhile, I want ALL the Transformers Prime fic, even though my interest in G1 is...well, is limited to the fact that G1 is what most of the people I read, write. I'm sure I watched G1 because it was there, but truth is, I doubt I could pick more than a dozen characters out of a lineup. I feel somewhat guilty for this, like I'm somehow failing at fandom for liking the reboot instead of the original, rather than in addition to, but...hell, I came into Transformers through Beast Wars, I'm already the red-headed stepchild in this fandom.)

No, this post really doesn't have a point. It's late, I'm rambling, reboots are awesome, Thundercats needs to bring in Pumyra so I can write femslash. The end.

Edit: Today's [community profile] fic_promptly theme is "female characters." This may have been slightly relevant to my interests.

Edit2: Yeah, I pretty much could have kept going all night - I really don't joke when I say it's all girls all the time around here - but a) it's 1:30 and I have work tomorrow, and b), I think once you've prompted for a Blackarachnia vs Airachnid one-upsmanship competition, it's time for bed. It should be noted I really, really, REALLY want someone to write that for me, by the way.
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Spoilers for Transformers Prime 1x20 behind the cut.

Apparently, I'm still sailing without a moral compass here. )

I feel like I need an "Everything I need to know about life, I learned from the Evil Overlord's Checklist" icon.
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Allll Shadow and Knock Out did was zoom around my head and flirt with each other.

Today, when I actually have time to sit down and write? Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada, complete radio silence.

Fucking cars.

So instead, I spent a portion of my 750 words fucking with Ratchet. Not literally, of course. )

Yes, I am weird, thank you for noticing.
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...to actually pull off the ideas I spew out into 750 words.

And then I realize what I actually wish is that I had a good writer who would just write these ideas FOR me.

And then I sulk for a while, and THEN I post raggedy-ass scenelets, behind a cut to spare your retinas. )

I should have just stuck with having Maximals wandering around, I know.

New ep should be up tonight, thus fulfilling my reason for still having a journal.
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Which is why, in my head, Airazor and Tigatron are going O_O inside the (otherwise deserted) Autobot base, and Quickstrike and Inferno are out in the desert spying on it.

This better be out of my brain before I get home, is all I'm saying.

Edit: And while this would not explain Quickstrike and Inferno, saying, "Fuck the Vok, that weird plant sent Airazor and Tigatron across dimensions" is... a damned tempting explanation to use.

*kicks frantically at the bunnies some more*
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So far, every reaction I've seen to the description of the next episode of TF Prime has been a variation on "went to the porn place, brb."

The description in question. )

There really IS a fangirl on staff, isn't there?
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How did I fail to know Gina Torres was voicing Airachnid?

(The crossover bunnies are giggling at me. But they are not the crossover bunnies one might reasonably expect.)

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