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Why did you take a turn for the angsty in that scene? Why? *pokes, pokes* That scene was almost wrapped, and if we don't wrap that scene you don't get to start the other scene. So FFS just cooperate and go the fuck back to your room already!
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Because sometimes, writing things down makes the muses SHUT UP AND GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP.

I thought I was getting a new crop of OCs, but it turned out it wasn't new characters, just new alt modes. )

In my head, it is totally obvious who's who, but I suspect that's because they showed up complete with voices. I'm curious if anyone else recognizes who just rolled into town.

Visual aids, by which I mean, an excuse to post a pic of a pretty pretty Lotus. )

Edit: [insanejournal.com profile] deepbluesquee nailed it. She should probably worry about knowing me that well. XD

Edit2: And [personal profile] katsuko correctly identified who's who.
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Which, apparently, translates into...wanting to write classic!T-cats fic. (I do expect this to change once we have more episodes.) There is a really good chance that if I write, it will be some sort of fusion in which Cheetara kicks ass and saves the boys kind of a lot. My levels of "Cheetara Cheetara CHEETARA!" are matched only by my levels of "I would jump Tygra in a heartbeat." Since I was never a Tygra girl, I find the latter rather...disturbing. (For the record, I would also jump Cheetara in a heartbeat, but that, I consider a given.)

Classic!T-cats was second to Classic!GI Joe in my younger days (I won't say childhood because I don't think high school counts), and yet I've never written GI Joe fic or wanted to, despite the level of awesome GI Joe Renegades reached. Likewise, no desire to write Voltron fic (actually, I think Voltron Force counts as "what happened next" Voltron fic, complete with OCs, and I mean that in the best possible way.)

(Meanwhile, I want ALL the Transformers Prime fic, even though my interest in G1 is...well, is limited to the fact that G1 is what most of the people I read, write. I'm sure I watched G1 because it was there, but truth is, I doubt I could pick more than a dozen characters out of a lineup. I feel somewhat guilty for this, like I'm somehow failing at fandom for liking the reboot instead of the original, rather than in addition to, but...hell, I came into Transformers through Beast Wars, I'm already the red-headed stepchild in this fandom.)

No, this post really doesn't have a point. It's late, I'm rambling, reboots are awesome, Thundercats needs to bring in Pumyra so I can write femslash. The end.

Edit: Today's [community profile] fic_promptly theme is "female characters." This may have been slightly relevant to my interests.

Edit2: Yeah, I pretty much could have kept going all night - I really don't joke when I say it's all girls all the time around here - but a) it's 1:30 and I have work tomorrow, and b), I think once you've prompted for a Blackarachnia vs Airachnid one-upsmanship competition, it's time for bed. It should be noted I really, really, REALLY want someone to write that for me, by the way.
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A semi with pink waves painted down the sides.

I love...

Jun. 30th, 2011 10:10 pm
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...the stubby little arms of Megatron's original beast mode.
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But it should be noted that I'm saying it in a tone of EXTREME JEALOUSY.

GOOD GODS, but Airachnid has some gorgeous webbing.

(What? I'm the person who sometimes has to rewind because I get so caught up admiring how the show handles reflections that I lose track of what's happening. Of course I'm going to notice. And be jealous of the advances in technology between Beast Wars and now. And post about it.)
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I have got to get better at the whole "enjoying myself" thing without the accompanying "self sabotaging into full blown depression" thing. (This is not just a matter of "I ruin fandom for myself". I ruin - deliberately, consciously strip the pleasure from - all sorts of things. I can't count how many vacations I have ruined because they are going to END so why shouldn't I start being miserable halfway through? I'm fairly certain my sister will never go on anything longer than a day trip with me again, because a miserable dragon is a passive aggressive dragon.)

So at some point today there will be icons. And if I want to make twenty Arcee icons, that is okay. And if I decide to freshly screencap my new Beast Wars DVDs and make icons from that, also okay. Because I should feel free to make myself happy without some weird sense that happy on my own terms is wrong.

Or maybe I will just watch cartoons and knit my sweater and enjoy myself that way. That's okay too.

Oh, oh, oh! One more thing. My green hair is fading at a rather alarming rate - I give it a week before I simply look over-chlorinated, I've already stopped getting the "OMG YOUR HAIR IS GREEN!" reaction - which leaves me facing the vitally important question: purple or blue?
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Things that make me go "Argh": A few weeks ago, I ordered a B&N gift card for my sister. I deliberately did not create an account there, because I found the site not-dialup-friendly (of course, what is these days?), and quite honestly, I'm happy shopping Amazon. Guess who now gets more B&N spam than Amazon spam? *headdesk*

Things that make me go "Argh", part two: Being awakened at 3am by pain shooting from my right hand to my elbow for no slagging reason. I was sleeping for a change. *cries*

Things that make me go "Argh", part three: Going to a designer's Ravelry group for clarification on a confusingly-written bit of pattern, seeing that other people have already indicated confusion, and that the designer reacted as if the person asking the question didn't know their left from their right, rather than accepting that maybe, just maybe, the instructions were unclear. (I PM'd the person in question to let her know it was Not Just Her, and sent her the revised instructions I scribbled in my pattern's margin. And then I snarled a bit, because this was a pattern specifically "written for beginners", "I'll happily answer questions about it". If your answers are no more informative than the pattern, what good are they? *oh, hello there, hotbutton*) For the record, by the time I remembered my new Ravelry password I'd already decided that logic trumps pattern and proceeded accordingly, so this *argh* is not even on my own behalf.

Things that make me go "D'oh!": "Gods, Arcee really does like hiding in small spaces and ambushing people; I can totally see her being related to Rattrap." (And then my brain exploded.)

Things that make me go "D'oh!", part two: "Starscream in Manipulative Bastard mode kind of reminds me of Dinobot." (Dinobot swears it was just my brain exploding again, and not him smacking me in the back of the head. I offered to give Starscream The Complete Works of Shakespeare and see what happened. And then Optimus Primal separated us.)

Things that make the cats look at me funny: "Don't roll around on the cardboard, chase the ball! Chasing balls is how you learn to catch Predacons. Mice. Predacon mice." (For the record, the ball remained unchased. I'm clearly screwed if the Preds show up at my door.)

Things I do not need: A Kindle. Fortunately, I don't need to be talked down from this, because I have been engaged in a month or two of intensive retail therapy. If the desire persists once my money has recharged, you'll see either a "OH GODS TALK ME DOWN" post or a "O HAI, I HAZ A KINDLE" post.

Things I do not need, part two: An [community profile] hc_bingo card. THIS time, I need to be talked down, for any number of reasons, ranging from "Dragovians do not do well with the whole 'bingo' thing" to "the Autobots still think I'm harmless, and I'm trying to keep it that way" to "I do not need any more reasons to parade my naked id around the internet."
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And it was rated R. For swearing, sexual content, and violence.

Given that I was not writing fic, but just murbling on about my day, I have to assume this rating is based on the fact that I wrote "Do not fuck with Arcee" three times in a row. Unless there is some super secret meaning to "laundry", "stupid hot weather", and "quail" which I am unaware of.
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However, I post this morning's snippet in celebration of the fact that for once, no one is being eviscerated by zombies.

Pointless! Contextless! And completely, 100% zombie free! \o/ )

Reasons Optimus wants to have A Little Chat cheerfully accepted. So long as they continue the whole non-zombie theme.

In semi-related news, has anyone else noticed that when we need an infodump of Cybertronian History 101, Blackarachnia gets the job? I suspect that before being reprogrammed into the aft-kicking Predacon spider we know and love, she was a librarian or something. Possibly brought along on the Axalon to help catalog discoveries. Mind you, when I bring this up she makes new and exciting suggestions about just who needs to be eviscerated around here, but I still think this is a completely reasonable backstory for her. At least when Rhinox is around to hide behind protect me.

Spell check suggests changing "Axalon" to "Abalone". I don't even.
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No one told me Transformers Prime was going to be computer animated. (Granted, I didn't ask; I've been LA LA LA DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THANKS since the initial shock of horror over TF Animated's character designs.)

Now I have to watch it. -__-

I will even try to keep the *looks at TF Prime* *looks at Beast Wars/Shadow Raiders/Reboot* THIS is how far we've come in fifteen years? *polite cough* comments to a minimum. Arcee is apparently going to be in it? I...I want to be optimistic, but a lifetime of experience means I am filled with trepidation instead.

No, I will be positive. It might not suck! I might even like it! See me, being a positive dragon! \o/

*ohgodsdoom* *tiny stormclouds gather overhead*
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The whole "failure to get anywhere near the amount of sleep I need" thing continues. Mind, I suspect the whole "blasting Metallica at bedtime" habit is not helping the matter. (Yes, I am using my dreamsheep icon ironically, why do you ask?)

[personal profile] raisedbymoogles wrote me a thing, in apology for cruelly bunny-ing me into yet another epic AU. Yes, we're mutually coercing/bribing/guilting each other into writing.

Also, Moogle made a LOLarious Beast Wars vid to "King Kong". (Fortunately, I do not vid, and can therefore not be guilted into making a Beast Wars vid to "Master and Servant". Not that anyone who isn't me would want such a vid. Or a Silverbolt/Blackarachnia vid to "Holding Out for a Hero". It's okay, you can judge me for that last one; I judge myself.)

Eventually I'm going to get my three remaining braincells together long enough to finish posting my 3W4IJ fic on AO3. And catch up with posting my [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100 drabbles on AO3. And replace the fics I deleted from AO3. Just to warn you.
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Courtesy of some bored noodling with the Seventh Sanctum Cartoon Generator:

Alice Commando
Captain Flash And The Blaster Kids
Captain Galactic
Captain Velocity And The Mouse Knights
Cat Teens
Cosmic Birds
Dirk Omega And The Beartix
Freddie Action And The Gyrotix
Galactic Bears
Lady Midnight And The Agents Of Time
Max Midnight And The Astrobears
Nancy Action And The Ironwolves
Professor Mighty And The Commando Tigers
Race Mighty And The Blasters Of The Future
Speed Magic And The Mouse Challengers
Super Sherrifs
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Someone point me to where the GOOD Beast Wars fic is hiding itself. (The mediocre and downright bad I have found on my own, thanks.)

Failing that, write me some.

Random crying jags are random. Have thus far resisted the urge for more retail therapy, though I still kind of want to smell like a giant robot.

Off to do MOAR laundry! My exciting life, I show you it!
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Dragovian Knight has written 15,919 words and completed 15 days so far this month. We are on the 15th day of April.

This in spite of the fact the site stopped working in my version of Firefox* and I've had to write my words using Internet Explorer. Yeah, it's been that kind of a month.

In other news, I reached the point in Beast Wars season three where my only options were rewatch season two, or rant at length on my journal. I'm sure you will all be pleased that I chose option #1. I have now watched "Bad Spark" twenty-seven** times.

Blackarachnia: I'm putting up with this slag from you why?
Silverbolt: Because you love me?
Blackarachnia: *scathing look*
Silverbolt: Erm...because if you kill me you'll have to listen to one of Optimus' lectures?
Blackarachnia: Oh yeah, that was it.

*How wrong would it be to name a character that?

**Exaggeration. I think I watched it three times tonight.
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I find it entirely plausible that Blackarachnia would let Megatron blast Silverbolt at the end of season two.

There's an AU in that. Someone should totally write it for me. To reward me for not coming home with a puppy. Or console me for not coming home with a puppy. One of those.

Edit: And then there are days when I almost think that would have been for the best. ::smacks Silverbolt in the head::

Edit2: Not to mention the days when I think we just shouldn't let boys play at all and it's really time to bust out the damn lionesses, already. ::smacks Cheetor in the head, too::

Cheetor: Bolt? Do you...have the faintest idea why she did that?

Silverbolt: Not really, no.
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In retrospect, finishing off my TV Tropes crawl with "Nightmare Fuel" and "High Octane Nightmare Fuel" was, perhaps, not the best idea when it was late...and dark...and the wind was rattling at the windows...and I was all...alone...


Luckily, once I forced myself down the hallway...past the gaping dark maw of the bathroom...into the safety of my bed, and pulled the covers over my head (and the cats assumed defensive positions on top of me), I was able to distract myself with, "Oh slag! If I go AU directly after Coming of the Fuzors, as was the plan, how in sweet hell do I get Blackarachnia free of Tarantulas? NO DON'T THINK ABOUT THAT NOISE! Beast Wars! FOCUS!"


Apr. 6th, 2011 12:29 am
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Perhaps...perhaps this means it's time to sleep...

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