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I feel strongly that I need this decorating tip set. Because if I'm going to blog about food, it should be pretty food, right?
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And her awesome Pandaren tailor isn't getting nearly enough love, so go give him some.
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[personal profile] darthneko is currently writing ficbits featuring her Transformer OCs. Playing World of Warcraft. And she is illustrating them with screencaps of "their" WoW avatars, as found in the Guild of Awesome.

You should go read. And squee at her. Because AWESOME.

Edit: Now collected at AO3 for your convenience: Guild of Awesome. ♥ This means I can officially add "recs:fic" to my tags.
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Discovering people have already made Pacific Rim/Power Rangers mashup videos.

Linked from [personal profile] tptigger Pacific Rim by way of the original MMPR opening credits soundtrack Then I found this. AND THIS.

And now, god help me, I can't stop thinking, "I'm sure these could be made more awesome with Tommy sound clips." >_> Also that more movies could be improved by Zordon.
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I abso-freakin-lutely loved Battleship.

There were things I would have changed. For example, I think the introduction of the main character as a pretty decent but unfocused doofus was about 30 minutes too long, and I frankly would have axed the scientist character completely (though I suppose he provided vital plot exposition on the satellite uplink, he just seemed a pretty stereotypical wash as a character). But overall, once the first 40 minutes were out of the way, I LOVED the movie. It hit my emotional buttons dead center, especially when spoiler ) And I really liked the alien projectiles looking like pegs from the old battleship game. Don't judge me for that either.

So yes, Battleship, a movie made of explosions and tactics and shiny Bayformer-esque special effects and Earth as underdog. Or, as I described it in IM, it's a typical Michael Bay movie except the director, Peter Berg, is capable of coherent storytelling and the movie mostly lacks the things I hate about Bay movies. I recommend it, though frankly whenever I rewatch I will probably skip the first half hour to forty minutes and get straight to the aliens.
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Since I don't have anything interesting to post, let me show you [personal profile] white_aster's half finished dragon hat.

Two photos behind the cut: )

The pattern is, mostly, the Dragon Hat from Morehouse Farm. By which I mean, I looked at how the spikes were made, said, "Oh good gods, why didn't I think of that?", and proceeded to make a hat without looking at the pattern again. The yarn in Lion's Tweed Stripes in Athena (no, you can't make me feel guilty for knitting with acrylic yarn), knit on size 8 needles. And if you think the spikes are all different sizes...yes, the spikes are all different sizes, from the nine stitch "nub" at the front to the nineteen stitch third spike, and back down to thirteen for number four. The spikes will continue to taper down until I decide it's done.
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I'm sure you've all see the Evil Overlord list, but thanks to [community profile] fic_promptly I can now show you the lists for Heroes, Sidekicks, One True Loves and Normal Innocent Bystanders.

Also, I left a few prompts while I was there.
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Firstly, my lovely ladies have arrived.

Cut for a largish picture of fake spiders. )

And J!!!!! I got the package! :D I was not expecting you to send the game along with the CD!!!!! I must now make someone play with me! :DDDDDD
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The whole "failure to get anywhere near the amount of sleep I need" thing continues. Mind, I suspect the whole "blasting Metallica at bedtime" habit is not helping the matter. (Yes, I am using my dreamsheep icon ironically, why do you ask?)

[personal profile] raisedbymoogles wrote me a thing, in apology for cruelly bunny-ing me into yet another epic AU. Yes, we're mutually coercing/bribing/guilting each other into writing.

Also, Moogle made a LOLarious Beast Wars vid to "King Kong". (Fortunately, I do not vid, and can therefore not be guilted into making a Beast Wars vid to "Master and Servant". Not that anyone who isn't me would want such a vid. Or a Silverbolt/Blackarachnia vid to "Holding Out for a Hero". It's okay, you can judge me for that last one; I judge myself.)

Eventually I'm going to get my three remaining braincells together long enough to finish posting my 3W4IJ fic on AO3. And catch up with posting my [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100 drabbles on AO3. And replace the fics I deleted from AO3. Just to warn you.
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But OH, the baby dragovian is in love! Beaded Bugs

At this moment, the only thing stopping me from buying a bug is not knowing which one I want. Do I get the beautiful blue and black dragonfly who could be Wingstorm? Do I get a spider? WHICH spider? The black and green one that my color preferences demand? The gold and crystal one that stubbornly keeps catching my eye? The elegant all black, or maybe the black and crystal? Black and amber? I can't choose.
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Playing D&D -- SJ Tucker Stick around for the closing credits. :D

In unrelated news, I think finishing Beast Wars broke something, because I'm kind of looking forward to watching Beast Machines. I mean, it can't possibly be as bad as I remember, right? Right?

*goes to watch cute dorky D&D video again*
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And her list o' happysongs in this post, I very much want a fanvid for Mary Chapin-Carpenter's Shut Up and Kiss Me (YouTube link). I just have no clue what fandom I'd want it in. *ponders*
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This is the pair that did NOT make me want to weep and give up knitting FOREVAH. The lace pattern was adapted from a scarf pattern that I found...somewhere.

Two photos behind the cut. )
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Uncomfortable Plot Summaries. ('Ware a certain amount of assholery in the comments.)

Because nobody had done Castle, my brain did this:

CASTLE - Murder-obsessed millionaire uses political ties to influence police investigations.

You're welcome.

Also, I'm still totally waiting for someone to write me the Castle story I sketched out. Not that I'm needy or anything. But I would totally pay money for that story.

Oh, shiny!

Apr. 3rd, 2010 03:18 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] plot_wout_porn is "A ficathon to celebrate the plotty side of writing, where conflicts are debated and mysteries are solved." There can be sex, but plot is king in this ficathon. I probably won't sign up, because a) 2000 words is a lot for me, and b) I don't really do plot so well (and c) how much have I written lately? Not bloody much.) But I would love to see lots and lots of delicious plotty fiction, so I'm signal boosting and staring at y'all with big puppy eyes.
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[personal profile] myopicmirror04 made me an awesome, awesome DQ8 trailer set to Nox Arcana's Ancient Legacy! *sparkly eyes*


Jun. 27th, 2009 11:17 pm
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Searching Etsy for slimes left me, for one of the few times in my life, thinking, "Hell, I could do better than that!"

Except for this one. We wants it, precious.

[personal profile] queenoftheskies, I think you'd be much more interested in this.
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Well, actually, grown dragons; a pink male and female. Adopt one today! Adopt one today! I'm ridiculously excited by them. Plus, baaaaaaby dragons (two three sun eggs, squee!): Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Also, if a baby Dragovian were to buy herself something, should it be a Zenithian sword keyring, a Zenithian shield keyring, or a Shield of Roto keyring? (Keeping in mind that what the baby Dragovian actually wants is a silver slime pendant...but not $106 worth of want, geez Squeenix.)
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...or does one of the socks on the cover of this book have tentacles?

Edit: Is there some benefit I'm not seeing to knitting on two circulars instead of using magic loop? Because I have to say, my venture into knitting with two circulars made me incredibly reluctant to start sock #2 (okay, that might also be Cat Bohdri's instructions :P), and my needles kept getting tangled up, and I'm...really tempted to see if I can just knit the second sock using magic loop instead.

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