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The February mini-challenge is a postage stamp table, which means one fic using all four prompts. Table under the cut:
Read more... )

Robots and Stockholm syndrome are easy, but how to work in crucifixion? And what SHALL my wild card be?
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I am one prompt (Talent) away from having written for ALL the previous [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100 prompts.

I have a title - A Talent for Understatement - which would seem to indicate my last drabble of the Past Prompts round should be a Rhinox drabble. I'm just not sure what he should be under stating.

All of my other Talent ideas involve Blackarachnia and porn, but we already KNOW Blackarachnia's primary talent is turning Silverbolt into a puddle of goo.

Edit: I think my next entry - the zombie apocalypse meme one - has given me an idea for my last drabble. XD

Edit 2: And now I do believe I have written for ALL the prompts! *victory lap*
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Yesterday, I poked a toe into [community profile] fic_promptly's "forever" theme, with two prompts, one Beast Wars and the other Beast Machines. Yes, I know no good can come of that second promt; nothing good ever came out of Beast Machines. /snark

I am, I discovered, very out of practice coming up with ideas for things I'd like to see written, rather than things I'd like to write. Possibly because I long ago learned nobody wants to write the things I want to see.

Okay, now back to pouting.
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To help me finish Enter the Dragonfly by June 7, I have signed up over on [community profile] writethisfanfic in search of cheerleading and brainstorming. I will naturally accept cheerleading and brainstorming help from my dwircleflist as well.

In conclusion: Jackalope perfume oil
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Since I never manage to write anything for my bingo cards. My only excuse is that [community profile] fanbingo has really pretty rainbow cards and lets you hand-pick a bunch of your prompts (and exclude the things you simply cannot stand). Which is how I have a card containing tentacles, evil twins, mpreg, and "Now You're Just Being Silly", which is an entire category of crack prompts to pick from.

Pretty rainbow card behind the cut. )

In other news, [personal profile] telesilla posted a scent review, which made me drag out my BPAL box, and now my beloved DeSade is making me sneeze. :(
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I have no idea why I started on these this morning.

As a reminder, my card. )

Here is my "defective" Shifter, who has only a prey form, and no hunter form, taking it on the hide for torture. Oh honey, if you had any idea what Shifter society was really like, you probably would have stayed put...

Origfic Bingo fill: Torture )

And here is my poor half elf king, wondering what the hell he did to get a dragon egg and a prediction of war dumped on him...

Origfic Bingo fill: Orphans and Runaways )

In other news, still only semi-functional. Never did get the Halloween spirit. :( Contemplating hibernation until spring.
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He claims he's not really evil, he's just misunderstood. )

And for those of you keeping track, my bingo card, let me show you it behind the cut. )
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...that once Disneyland was over and I wasn't freaking out, my writing mojo would come back.

I was wrong.

However, this morning I did fill one square on my origfic bingo card.

My gargoyles, let me show you them. For the square 'sleepy times'. )
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But for some reason, my [community profile] intoabar characters always just want to sit and bitch to one another over drinks. Umm, at least Ioz is using this as an opportunity to get free booze? (He is a pirate, after all.)
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I discovered that the excessive use of "virgin" will get you an R rating for sexual content, swearing, and violence. (Okay, I don't actually know where the violence came from.)

Iolaus meets a virgin. He isn't quite sure what to make of this fact. )
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Why the Adventures of Sinbad (the series with Zen Gesner) is available on DVD in Canadia and not in the US. *woe*

(This post brought to you by receiving Tetsu, a minor recurring character from Sinbad, as my second [community profile] intoabar character, and thus being forced to watch poor quality streaming video to remind myself who he was, because they don't want to sell me DVDs. Sad dragon.)

(Yes, I am aware I can just order them from Amazon.ca. That is not the point.)
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I has an [community profile] origfic_bingo card!

Let's see, this gives me a bingo card, three [personal profile] spook_me prompts, and an [community profile] intoabar prompt that I'm still waiting for. Not to mention three Knight Rider universes, one of which wants to go AU. I am so screwed. ^__^;

Edit: My 'shifters assure me they can handle orphans and runaways, exhaustion, and possibly torture, since that is their lot in life. My Evil Wizard likewise has insanity covered. (CHEER UP EMO CHARACTERS!) If I can find someone who wants to take sleepy times (gargoyles, would you like that? You mostly sleep, anyway.), I can actually bingo with all original fiction. In a, erm, zigzag across the top.
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I am...far too pleased with the ending I have planned for the F13 one. Of course, any time I can manage to end a story about EVIL KILLER PLANTS with Ryan making a bad joke, I have a sense of victory. Now I just need a beginning and a middle, but this is very much an episode style fic, and the show had a nice, comfortable formula, so those shouldn't be that hard. Oh, show, how I miss you.

I also wrote the start of my Knight Rider fic. Let's just say, Michael Knight is one of the few characters where you can get away with having someone try to run him down as he comes out of the grocery, and his reaction is, "Well, I guess my date tonight will just have to settle for takeout."

Still counting on Beast Wars to write itself while I'm not looking.
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Behold my thoughts on what I shall write for Spook Me! Tremble in terror at my unfiltered brain dump!

Don't click if you prefer surprises come fic posting time. )
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Muse: So you see, if we move KITT's first malfunction to during the race, not only do we get to give him a "can they lower the ramp?" moment, we also give Ali an opportunity to extol the awesome of Firebirds!

Me: Okay, let's do that, then.

Also, I have ideas for both my Knight Rider Spook Me fic ("Cadaverous Pallor", and I think I'm going to find a way to name them all after lines from the Haunted Mansion), and the Friday the 13th: the series one. (Granted, I knew what I wanted to do with F13 going in: cursed gardening tools! a greenhouse full of killer plants! Ryan getting knocked unconscious again!) I'm not worried about Beast Wars because, let's face it, tentacle monster writes itself, now doesn't it?

In other news, OMG look at the weetiny new iPods! *charmed* (Dulcea is, however, a much prettier green. Also, I'm not sold on wanting my iPod to be QUITE that weetiny. But cute! SO CUTE!)
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You know, the one where I hate everything I've ever written or ever will write, and would like nothing more than to never write again? Yeah, that one.

And yet I'm still considering signing up for the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon. Because I am an idiot, that's why.

Edit: And I am an idiot not once, not twice, but THREE times!
Look behind the cut to see what kind of an idiot I am! )

You do not EVEN KNOW how close I was to picking "spider" as the creature I wanted to write in Beast Wars. But we all know 'Bolt likes being tied up spider would be redundant.
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[community profile] ranger_bingo's Dreamwidth incarnation is open for sign ups! All Power Ranger and Sentai incarnations welcome!

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My brain is full to overflowing with Knight Rider fic: Fallen Knight, Indestructible-KITT flavr, Indestructible-TKR flavr, possible continuations of the Indestructible continuity, TKR Neo. Ideas that are milling about and stamping on each other and sometimes trying to breed. Thousands of words worth of ideas. Enough ideas that I seriously considered that I should find a multi-fandom Big Bang to write Indestructible for.

The very LAST thing I need is to join [community profile] overlooked and generate more ideas. :(

(But damn if Team Knight Rider isn't looking at the first theme set and going, "Oh, we could WORK with that!" I'd say one theme for each driver, one for each vehicle, but Erica wants at least three of them.)


Edit of "And then I decided to make things worse": I took all five theme sets, and made myself a bingo card. )
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Over in [community profile] multiverse5000, June 21 brings us the prompt: "Power Rangers/Torchwood: Torchwood investigates the alien invasion in Angel Grove."

I also would not say no if someone wanted to take June 15th's "Firefly/Star Trek DS9: Shepherd Book and Benjamin Sisko, different kinds of faith." and "Star Trek DS9/Babylon 5: Odo & Garibaldi, they fight crime!", or June 18th's "Stargate SG1/Star Trek DS9: Jacob Carter and Jadzia Dax". You know, just in case anyone is looking for things to write.

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