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One of the players in my TFP RP drew a portrait of my character. She did it in just a few hours. IT IS AMAZING.

It is also under the cut, though it's not really very big. )

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Because now, the Lucky Thirteen are cheerily tossing me slice-of-life ficbits from before Barricade brutally slaughtered them. *head in hands*

At least this got me my 750 words. And I'm sure I can cannibalize this for the RP. But STILL. )

The slaggers are giving me bits of backstory, now. I know why Relay is so obsessed with his ship's weapon system; I know why Labyrinth actually does want them to prioritize one thing above the mission, and that thing is the team. Make them stop.
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End of an Era (2518 words) by faviconTundra and [livejournal.com profile] starkraves
Fandom: Transformers: Prime
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Characters: Barricade (Transformers), OFC

Before she arrived on Earth, Shadow was part of the Lucky Thirteen, the best recon unit the Autobots had. Unfortunately for the Thirteen, the Decepticons had Barricade.

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But it turns out what I was actually doing was writing 270+ words of Impalabot-angst!

The Impala says she's a Winchester, that gives her a God-given right to angst, damn it. )

I hereby declare this to be the fill for the "Exile" square on my [community profile] fanbingo card, too.
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The Impalabot is, with utter sincerity, explaining to Optimus that she was not trying to teach Miko to hustle pool, she was helping with her physics homework. And it's not like she took her hunting or anything. (But can she please borrow Jack, because a little digging isn't going to do him any harm...)
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Early days, which in my fanon means Mary was sneaking the Impala out to go on hunts. Also explains why the Impala never transformed in-series.

Written in 750 words, but actually fairly coherent. )
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The Impala rolled off the blacktop and onto sunbaked dirt. "Raf." She scanned the area, but found only the young human boy. "You were only supposed to use those websites in an emergency. A supernatural emergency."

"I know. But I heard Optimus say you weren't answering your comm."

"It ever occur to you there might be a reason for that?"

He raised his chin defiantly. "Not a /good/ reason."

She was glad her vehicle mode couldn't show amusement; as it was, she was hard pressed to suppress a chuckle. "You could have just had me meet you back at base. How'd you get out here, anyway?"

"I hacked the ground bridge. I wanted neutral territory because you warned me about attracting the attention of other hunters. And...because I was afraid you wouldn't come."

"And how did you plan to get back?"

He just looked at her, stubborn enough to make a Winchester proud.

"Before I open my doors, are you planning to make a habit of this?"

"Depends. Are you going to start answering your comm?"

"I'll turn it back on, but I reserve the right to screen my calls."

"Then I reserve the right to make a habit of this."

She opened her passenger door, and this time wasn't quite able to keep the amusement out of her voice. "You drive a hard bargain, kid."
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However, while I am wrestling with getting the Impalabot into the position I want her in (minds out of the gutter, people!), I think I am willing to let people toss me ideas for Impalabot commentfic.

(Or, you know, if one of you geniuses can come up with a plausible way for the Impalabot and Jack to wind up on the Decepticon ship with the Impalabot as the 'Cons supernatural advisor, I'll take that, too.)
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And then there was coffee, followed by the blinding realization that the Impalabot? Views the world like a Winchester. So now she's in the back of my head going, "My god, these kids can't lie for shit. How are they ever going to scam their way into a crime scene? Even if you don't want them fighting, lying is a basic survival skill!" and the Autobots are going *facepalm x infinity* at her.

Naturally, now I want to come up with a situation that the Impalabot lies her way out of without even blinking, because that's what Winchesters do. (And yeah, she does think of herself as a Winchester, not an Autobot.) Possibly she lies her way out because she hasn't had a working weapons system since '71. ("It didn't occur to you to mention that?" "I haven't even transformed in forty years, what do you want from me?")

Less-coherent-than-usual pre-caffeinated mutterings at myself. )


Jun. 21st, 2011 07:16 pm
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I need some kind of supernatural element for my Impalabot fic. Because she has a skill set that shouldn't be forgotten. I really don't want Starscream trying to sell his soul to a crossroads demon, which is the only thing that's presented itself so far. *ponders*

It's unfair to both Jack and Arcee that there's a period where Jack is under the Impalabot's protection, such as it is. I'm not sure the Impalabot is thrilled about it either, tbh.

Thinking about it, I'd almost rather the supernatural threat be unrelated to the Decepticons, so the 'Cons can be the least of everyone's worries. *thinks moar*
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But knowing what year John bought the Impala...so I know how long Impalabot has been a Winchester...that I like.

(Dammit, now I kind of want to write prequel fic where Mary finds out their car isn't just a car, and she and Impalabot go off and hunt things without John knowing. *facepalm* Edit: Actually, anyone who feels the urge to share in the Impalabot love should feel totally free to write this, or whatever else grabs you. There cannot be too much Impalabot!)

You know the drill...750 words is where my half formed, unspellchecked, un-logic checked writing takes place. And then I inflict it on you behind a cut. )
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You know, [personal profile] raisedbymoogles wrote me a lovely ficbit in which the Impalabot went home to the Ark and got hugs from Jazz and things were as okay as they could possibly be after her boys got themselves dead. It was lovely and filled with hope and also filled with Jazz, which makes it awesome.

Because I cannot have nice things, my brain took things in a different direction (and a different group of Autobots, because I frankly can't keep up with everyone in G1).

An Impalabot/TF Prime drabble, has one. )

I don't know that I'll write more of this, because what's in my head tonight may have scurried off by the time I have energy to write again, but as it stands now, Impalabot is not going to take it well that most of the other Autobots have their own humans. Though after the initial "touch me and I will end you" blow up (which leads to an unofficial "we keep ourselves between her and the humans at all times" rule), she mostly spends her time in her alt mode being as silent and creepy as possible. (Hey, she's had decades to observe the kinds of things that make humans' skin crawl; might as well put it all to good use.) Until finally Miko, who is the only one NOT completely creeped the fuck out by her (and I include the Autobots in this), does something to make her storm out, at which point...*sigh* at which point I will probably have to admit I have something resembling a PLOT for this, and then it's just a matter of deciding whether I'm willing to write it all out.

(Edit: Oh, of course she has it in for Raf and Jack; they remind her of what Sam and Dean might have been at that age, if Sam and Dean hadn't been raised as Hunters. Oh, Impalabot, you are such a Winchester you worry me a little.)

(Also? She totally picked up a lot of Dean's phrasing. By which I mean "son of a bitch" might possibly be her favorite phrase.)
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So, in an effort to sate my desire for Impalabot fic, I was working on [personal profile] raisedbymoogles in an effort to get her to add a beautiful black Chevy to the Autobots' roster.

And then [insanejournal.com profile] deepbluesquee oh so HELPFULLY said, "Since one of you knows one canon, and one is better at the other, why don't you play drabble tag?"

So. Much. Hate. -__-

Impalabot origin drabble. 'Ware humans in refrigerators. )

I now have an unwanted Impalabot/Transformers Prime bunny chewing on my ankles. *sigh*

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