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But honestly, the idea of partnering up sentient beings without telling one half of the partnership the other is sentient? Kind of horrifies me.

Also? Letting the one person on your team who's afraid of heights wind up with a flight alt? Kind of a dick move. OTOH, maybe they're all afraid of heights and Blades just got the helicopter alt because he's not as pushy as the others.

I'm not even gonna go into how WHITE and MALE the cast is, because I feel like television stopped trying sometime in the 90s. Just take, "I am horrified by your lack of racial, cultural, and gender diversity" as a given these days. (My surprise that the girl got the helicopter who's afraid to fly as a partner, let me show you it. Maybe she will learn to be more nurturing and compassionate properly female because of this! Also, air support means they don't have to worry about her getting her hands dirty like the boys on the ground. Yay.)

THAT SAID, I still think Rescue Bots is an entertaining show and I feel someone needs to write me a Rescue Bots/Lightspeed Rescue crossover yesterday.
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Last night, I had the brilliant idea to make an ice cream float with whiskey instead of root beer (totally delicious; would nom again), and then the less brilliant idea to keep drinking the whiskey once the ice cream was gone.

But that's not the point of this post.

No. The point is that, while I was slumped at my desk pouring tea down my throat, I pulled up my SJ Tucker playlist. And somehow girl pirates + drowning imagery + sacrificed to become an elemental avatar (+ the thought, "If any canon should have a horned god hanging around, it's Thundercats") fused into "Cheetara should be captured by a band of female pirates who are actually the daughters of a sea god, and ritually drowned to become that god's avatar. Rescue by the other 'Cats optional."

I won't write it, but I really really wish someone would.
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Episode spoilers go behind the cut because I am a well-trained dragon.

But as I was saying... )
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I find I still really want fic where the Impala turns out to be an Autobot. (It says something about me that I can't understand why there isn't a universe of Impalabot fic out there, I'm sure.)

Edit: Thanks to [personal profile] giandujakiss and [personal profile] niqaeli: More Than Meets The Eye by faviconastolat, which is tagged Sam/Dean but I feel is really an OT3. With the Impala.

There must be more fics like that out there, right? Because if there are not, I am going to unearth the crackover, and do you guys really want me running around with an Impalabot, two versions of KITT, two KARRs, and a bunch of Transformers? I THINK YOU DO NOT WANT THIS AND WILL THEREFORE FILL MY IMPALABOT NEEDS FOR ME.

(Oh gods, I did not just think, "There must be a way to kitbash an existing toy into an Impala." I mean, sure, you'd never be able to get it to transform again, but I can't imagine it would be that hard if all you wanted was something to pose...)

Edited again for new icon. *facepalm*
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I find it entirely plausible that Blackarachnia would let Megatron blast Silverbolt at the end of season two.

There's an AU in that. Someone should totally write it for me. To reward me for not coming home with a puppy. Or console me for not coming home with a puppy. One of those.

Edit: And then there are days when I almost think that would have been for the best. ::smacks Silverbolt in the head::

Edit2: Not to mention the days when I think we just shouldn't let boys play at all and it's really time to bust out the damn lionesses, already. ::smacks Cheetor in the head, too::

Cheetor: Bolt? Do you...have the faintest idea why she did that?

Silverbolt: Not really, no.
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How awesome would it be if Xanatos' Steel Clan had KITT's molecular bonded shell? The formula for which was sold/given* to Xanatos by Garthe Knight, of course...

*Okay, possibly Fox stole it from Garthe. It's tough finding an anniversary present for the Evil Genius Who Has Everything, after all.

*cough* My birthday is in a couple of weeks. I'm just sayin'.
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So I'm pretending to work and listening to my iPod, right? And Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" comes on. And I am amusing myself by mentally vidding Bayformers to this, because talk about larger than life, you know? (Also, someone should totally make this vid.) And the next thing I know, Blackarachnia is in the back of my brain, looking Sam over and going, "Did I miss the memo where we're supposed to be impressed?"

Someone should totally write that crossover. (Looks hopefully at [insanejournal.com profile] raisedbymoogles and [insanejournal.com profile] deepbluesquee.)
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Last night, I cleverly posted the fourth part of Indestructible to AO3 without a summary. Hopefully, I didn't make any similar bonehead mistakes when actually patching together the story. This is the first part that's crossovery. First and so far only use of the Knight Rider (2008) fandom tag on AO3! Indestructible part 4 - Discovery (FF.net link)

[personal profile] merfilly wrote me a Knight Rider drabble. ♥

Speaking of people writing me things, she said shamelessly, someone totally needs to write me Indestructible-verse crack where, for some reason, Mike is driving KITT 2k and manages a comment as obnoxious as the time he told 3k to "suck it up" before fighting KARR. I would like KITT screeching to a stop and a lecture that begins with "Young man" and doesn't end until Mike apologizes profusely. (In even crackier crackfic, I would like someone to write about the cars being introduced to icanhascheezburger.com and spending the next week speaking in LOLcat.)

Indulged in retail therapy by pre-ordering Nox Arcana's Theater of Illusion, and then decided I should listen to every bit of Nox Arcana on my hard drive.

Edit: OMG the day is almost OVER and I still haven't even done my 750 Words. Someone please send me some incentive to do something other than sit in this chair and melt.
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I should not be allowed to play with the Seventh Sanctum crossover generator. Most viable crossovers so far: West Wing/Devil May Cry, Reboot/Phantasy Star, Golden Girls/Legend of Zelda, Quantum Leap/Sonic the Hedgehog, and Little House on the Prairie/Metal Gear Solid.

Okay, maybe not that last one. Though Sesame Street/Devil May Cry has possibilities...

(And, generated by my own twisted brain: This Old House/Silent Hill.)
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Absolutely STARVING, for TKR fic.

Now, I am the first to admit that TKR? Not actually a good show. (Come on, it was part of Action Pack, which gave us Hercules, Xena, and a buttload of shows without leads capable of somehow making up for the complete failure of everything around them.) I watch it NOW, and I think, "Self, I totally understand why, first run, you missed about half these episodes." Because I was just there for the talking cars - try to act surprised - and none of the talking cars could hold a candle to KITT (or even KI3T).

There are only 22 TKR fics on the Pit of Voles. This in itself should tell us something. (Edit: Of these, I have read the four readable ones. One I recoiled from like a vampire when Jenny walked into a "Christian themed coffee shop"*, and several are written in German. Why did I stop studying German?)

And yet, having mainlined the show (on second complete view-through right now; thank you, Hulu) and started writing the TKR team into the Indestructible verse, I am desperate for fic worth reading. I...I may have to write it myself. *sob*

Also, there is a Toyota Tundra staring at me hopefully going, "I think a REALLY BIG SHIPPING CONTAINER should be arriving at the KITT Cave any day now, don't you?" *sigh* Oh, Tundra, why couldn't you just stay happy as a Maximal reindeer, I ask you? (No, "Because you stopped writing Beast Wars" is not an answer. Go away.)

Edit: I CAN HAZ ALBATROSS NAO! (Yes, fine, most of my 750 words involved brainstorming TKR fic.)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

*Although now I do kind of want to see "Holy Grounds" appear in Highlander fic, because there it could have LOLarious uses. Or possibly in Forever Knight. And no, I am not going for the obvious Knight crossover.
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Power Rangers Time Force/Power Rangers RPM crossover! That starts like this...

Consider this a prompt, or swipe it wholesale. )
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Last night I dreamed that Jem (of Jem and the Holograms) was about fifteen months pregnant and about to go on tour. (No, I don't know either.) And people were out to kill her. And she had a ten-foot tall, silvery muppet-dog for a pet (I told you, I DON'T KNOW EITHER). It had scars on its face from rescuing her the last time people tried to kill her, but of course, they weren't taking it along to protect her on tour.

The only people I saw other than the muppet-dog and Jem were Aja and some chick named Amy who was apparently Jem's manager.

I believe the least the guilty parties can do is write me this crackfic.
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Specifically, the episode with the planet where all the men were captured, so it's just womens trying to get along, oh woes. They kidnap Buck, because clearly, a reasonable solution to the problem of 99% of your men being taken is to kidnap random men and sell them as breeding stock. And Buck is all "Why not just ask for help?" and the daughter of the leader is all, "OH NOES, if anyone knew we have no MANZ we'd be invaded immediately D:" (though I will grant that Buck, who two DVDs ago was going "LOL WOMAN COLONEL" is now, "You have women pilots, right?" just as if womens can fight like MANZ can! I like to consider this a type of growth in his character.) And it does come out that without the MANZ, there just aren't enough women pilots to train replacements, which I can accept as a cautionary tale about letting the men be in charge of things.

But really, the point of this post isn't to talk about very old sci-fi, it is to say: I think it would be LOLarious if someone took the old "remove all the MANZ to cripple the planet" trope, and had it backfire because, well, this is a very traditional planet, where the woman's job is to protect home, hearth, and children while the men are off hunting, exploring, and doing MANLY THINGS, and since the MANZ are all out exploring new planets, "home and hearth" has expanded to include the whole planet. And these traditional women take their job of protecting home and hearth very seriously.

Yes, I am easily entertained.
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And, also, I haven't watched the seasons I did watch in AAAAAGES (though Netflix is remedying that). But, assuming this isn't canon, where's the fic where Ares seduces/tries to seduce Gabrielle as a way of getting to Xena? (Even is canon, where's the fic where we do it even better?)
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Last night I dreamed that Peter Pan knocked up Wendy and they had twins.

Peter gave Wendy a fruit, and when she went to eat it, Tink magically goosed her, so that she swallowed it whole and came up pregnant with twins. (This happens surprisingly often in fairy tales.) And we know it was the fruit because the twins (one boy, one girl, named Nut and Berry) had skin the yellow-orange color of the fruit's flesh (yes, they were literally peach colored) and green hair and eyes like the fruit's skin. Oh, and also they were born in seed pods, which, you know, ouch.

And since part of my dream was a dream, and part of it was me reading the book, I woke up with passages like, "The twins grew quickly, so that in perhaps a year - or a bit more, or a bit less, for time is hard to reckon in Neverland - they were old enough to join the Lost Boys. And Berry ran as fast and laughed as loud and flew as high as any of the others, for Wendy had been quite unable to make a proper young lady of her (Wendy privately blamed Peter's influence)."

Then later the twins accidentally left Neverland (which was apparently in a giant beehive, IDEK), and as they grew up and lost their innocence and outgrew their clothes I suspect there would have been twincest, but I woke up before then.

Oddly, the whole dream was of the Disney style characters, even though Disney's Peter Pan is by far my least favorite (I prefer the character designs from Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates, where Peter actually looks like a little boy).

Someone should totally write this for me, of course.
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[personal profile] bridgetmkennitt, you might want to not click the link until after you're done with your fic fest fics. :D

Random ideas are pretty womancentric, actually. )
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[profile] yonmei linked me to The Big List of Fanfic Pet Peeves, some of which I share, some of which I disagree with. But, I was reading along, nodding or "meh"ing depending on my agreement levels, and I hit this (under "Expository Lumps"):

Beware: some of the worst offenders are x-overs, have you noticed? The characters get together, and as Katrina says, all of a sudden it's a convention of Norse warriors, all reciting their mighty deeds.


Seriously, give me Jean-Luc Picard telling Cid Highwind about The Picard Maneuver, and Cid embellishing detailing his own exploits. Angelo and Sephiroth, comparing bad hair days! Scotty and Rodney McKay, one upping each other with "how I saved the day" stories. Dillon and Wolverine having a brood-off!

Come on, guys, comment fic me! :D
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Over on lj, seanan_mcguire asked about tales of hitchhiking ghosts, and I was surprised how many of the variants where the ghost was either a) the driver who rescued a stranded hitchhiker or b) the hitchhiking ghost chatted with the driver and kept them from falling asleep at the wheel and dying.

And now I kind of want SPN fic where the Winchesters lay a hitchhiking ghost, and everyone in the area is pissed at them because they've all had friends or family that the ghost helped out at one time or another.

::packs carrots for the bunny and sends it out into the world::

Edit: Now I kind of want Dillon to encounter a hitchhiking ghost. Send help.

Edit of editiness: This variant makes me wibble. Poor car. (What does it say about me that I'm wibbling over a car that wants to complete its journey, huh? Oh, it probably says I'm a Transformers fan.)

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