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And in my head Conner is going, "You know who has experience fighting monsters with giant robots? WE DO."

Or, in other words, if PR/PR crossovers start popping up, you can blame [personal profile] darthneko for writing Pacific Rim/TF crossovers and stirring things up. This has been a public service announcement.

Drabbly thing under cut. Also blame. So much blame. )
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Discovering people have already made Pacific Rim/Power Rangers mashup videos.

Linked from [personal profile] tptigger Pacific Rim by way of the original MMPR opening credits soundtrack Then I found this. AND THIS.

And now, god help me, I can't stop thinking, "I'm sure these could be made more awesome with Tommy sound clips." >_> Also that more movies could be improved by Zordon.
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Doesn't the dude from Pacific Rim look like Hunter from Ninja Storm? (Not Idris Elba, obviously; blond beefcake.)

Edit: I choose to believe this movie is Power Rangers for grownups. (Edit: Thanks to [personal profile] tptigger I know I'm not alone in thinking this. And another one, fusion with the MMPR movie. AND YET ANOTHER GLEEEE. /edit) And not just because the lead looks like Hunter. GIANT ROBOTS VS GIANT MONSTERS GAIZ.

Also also, Gipsy Danger, one of the Jaeger, totally looks like BGY-11, aka The Big Guy. My fannish heart goes pitter-pat.
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Obviously, I bought one. I mean, OBVIOUSLY.
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But honestly, the idea of partnering up sentient beings without telling one half of the partnership the other is sentient? Kind of horrifies me.

Also? Letting the one person on your team who's afraid of heights wind up with a flight alt? Kind of a dick move. OTOH, maybe they're all afraid of heights and Blades just got the helicopter alt because he's not as pushy as the others.

I'm not even gonna go into how WHITE and MALE the cast is, because I feel like television stopped trying sometime in the 90s. Just take, "I am horrified by your lack of racial, cultural, and gender diversity" as a given these days. (My surprise that the girl got the helicopter who's afraid to fly as a partner, let me show you it. Maybe she will learn to be more nurturing and compassionate properly female because of this! Also, air support means they don't have to worry about her getting her hands dirty like the boys on the ground. Yay.)

THAT SAID, I still think Rescue Bots is an entertaining show and I feel someone needs to write me a Rescue Bots/Lightspeed Rescue crossover yesterday.
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Power Rangers Time Force/Power Rangers RPM crossover! That starts like this...

Consider this a prompt, or swipe it wholesale. )
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This is all [personal profile] raisedbymoogles's fault.

Morphin Grid Selector results under the cut. )
Morphin Grid Selector

How can I be both the focus of attention and reserved, is what I want to know. (Wait, I also...Darkwing Duck? I think we greens have been insulted, here.)

My neck still hurts, and I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow. (AMUSING WORK ANECDOTE, in light of these results: On St Patrick's Day, Gigantor stole my (green) hat, to justify the giving of pinches. I immediately grabbed the neck of my (green) turtleneck so it was more visible above my grey sweatshirt, much to Gigantor's disappointment. Bossman, observing this, said, "I don't know why you bothered; she wears green every day." Which is untrue! I'm sure there are at least a few days out of the year I wear other colors. I have at least three odd-colored shirts!*)

*Look, as a wee Dragovian my family was all, "OH NOES, if you wear the same color every day people will think you never change clothes!" Which meant I was forced to have a great deal of clothing I did not like, and led to a hatred of pink that I only broke in my twenties. Now that I am a grown Dragovian, I buy clothing in green, grey, and black almost exclusively, because those are the colors I like, and nobody can make me shop differently. Neener.
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Because this morning, I decided the best AU ever would be Power Rangers as dragonriders.

Yeah, I KNOW.

Now, I am lazy, and can't even get the stuff I want to write written, but I did go to the trouble of deciding on dragons and their riders...Cut for those who want to retain their sanity. )
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And apparently, what my heart wanted last night was a third Power Rangers movie (with the same cast as the first one) and a Wii-based multi-player arcade game where you not only use your Wiimotes to control the game, you have a whole miniature countryside of little plastic castles and mountains that you need to grab things out of. (I was not playing; I heard the Dragon Quest music while [personal profile] queenoftheskies and I were waiting to see the movie, and spent most of the dream curled up on a squishy sofa, watching people much younger and more athletic than I fling themselves across tiny plastic obstacles to grab/trigger whatever they needed for their party. The best part was watching them start a new game, where the party leader was determined by throwing virtual Wiis across the screen; the Wii that went farthest was the leader!)

Alas, I woke up as [personal profile] queenoftheskies and I were entering the theater, so I never got to see the movie. AJJ was adorable on the poster, though.
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If the Power Rangers panel at Anime Expo taught me anything, it's that an amazing number of little girls wanted to be Rita Repulsa when they grew up. ^__^

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