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So, anyone who has known me for five minutes knows I name things. I name my pets, I name my vehicles, I name my computers, and hell, I even named my Nintendo DS (Ruby) and my PSP (Fran). I am, in short, completely in agreement with Elisa Maza when she says, "Things need names."

("Does the sky need a name, lass? Or the river?" "The river is called the Hudson." "Then I shall be the Hudson as well." /gargoyles moment)

Which is the background you need to understand my trauma over OMG MY NEW LAPTOP CAME YESTERDAY AND THERE IS NOT A NAME IN THE UNIVERSE AWESOME ENOUGH FOR HER.

(Since she has a red case, I was originally going to call her Charlie, after the A Squad Red Ranger. INSUFFICIENTLY AWESOME. Then I thought, Samus, because, you know, fucking SAMUS ARAN. ALSO INSUFFICIENTLY AWESOME.)

Every other name I've considered has also been discarded on the basis of not badass enough, too crazy, too dead, too pink. (Sorry, Jen. You're still totes my favorite Pink Ranger, though.) And I am running out of fannish inspiration. :(

Maybe she'll just have to be called the Hudson. XD
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The love of a car may be the truest love there is, save maybe for the love of a dog for its person--and even there, there's a divide, because the love of a car proves that the car has been loved. A dog loves because dogs exist to love man. A car loves because man exists to love the car. -- From Tell Laura I Love Her by [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire

HI HI HI Rose Marshall, you are totally relevant to my interests. :DDDD

If hitchhiking ghost stories told from the pov of the ghost (who can totally sense the spirits of the vehicles she hitches rides in *squeebounce*), are also relevant to your interests, you can read the Sparrow Hill Road stories here.
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Firstly, my lovely ladies have arrived.

Cut for a largish picture of fake spiders. )

And J!!!!! I got the package! :D I was not expecting you to send the game along with the CD!!!!! I must now make someone play with me! :DDDDDD
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But OH, the baby dragovian is in love! Beaded Bugs

At this moment, the only thing stopping me from buying a bug is not knowing which one I want. Do I get the beautiful blue and black dragonfly who could be Wingstorm? Do I get a spider? WHICH spider? The black and green one that my color preferences demand? The gold and crystal one that stubbornly keeps catching my eye? The elegant all black, or maybe the black and crystal? Black and amber? I can't choose.
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Playing D&D -- SJ Tucker Stick around for the closing credits. :D

In unrelated news, I think finishing Beast Wars broke something, because I'm kind of looking forward to watching Beast Machines. I mean, it can't possibly be as bad as I remember, right? Right?

*goes to watch cute dorky D&D video again*
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And her list o' happysongs in this post, I very much want a fanvid for Mary Chapin-Carpenter's Shut Up and Kiss Me (YouTube link). I just have no clue what fandom I'd want it in. *ponders*
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So, Saturday morning I broke down and changed the shipping on my Amazon order to "Standard" because, hey, for five bucks it was worth not having to wait until July for Sonic.

Yesterday...yes, that would be Easter Sunday...I got the shipping notice.

Sonic arrived in my mailbox TODAY.

This DVD set is like a love letter to the fans. The packaging, right down to the disc artwork, is all fanart. There's a printable copy of the pilot script. I...I want to hug my DVDs, and possibly the people responsible for making them, because it's like they get it.

Also, HOLY CRAP, Shout! Factory has released Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego on DVD! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? *kermit flail* MUST OWN MUST OWN MUST OWN!


This may...slightly derail my writing plans for the next few days, I'm just sayin'.
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Ficlet about Sagewind, who as she rightly says, is my favorite OC. :D
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Beast Wars: season one and ReBoot: ALL the seasons AND Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM (aka "the good version") have all been purchased and should arrive at various points in June. (I chose super saver shipping because I'm cheap, but it means Sonic will be arriving with ReBoot. I'll manage somehow.)
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Guess who just ordered herself the Pirates of Dark Water DVDs for her birthday? :D :D :D
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Edit: I think I need to sign up for A Ficathon Walked [community profile] intoabar just so Ioz can walk into a bar and meet EVERYONE OMG.
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Muse: So you see, if we move KITT's first malfunction to during the race, not only do we get to give him a "can they lower the ramp?" moment, we also give Ali an opportunity to extol the awesome of Firebirds!

Me: Okay, let's do that, then.

Also, I have ideas for both my Knight Rider Spook Me fic ("Cadaverous Pallor", and I think I'm going to find a way to name them all after lines from the Haunted Mansion), and the Friday the 13th: the series one. (Granted, I knew what I wanted to do with F13 going in: cursed gardening tools! a greenhouse full of killer plants! Ryan getting knocked unconscious again!) I'm not worried about Beast Wars because, let's face it, tentacle monster writes itself, now doesn't it?

In other news, OMG look at the weetiny new iPods! *charmed* (Dulcea is, however, a much prettier green. Also, I'm not sold on wanting my iPod to be QUITE that weetiny. But cute! SO CUTE!)
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REALLY, Amazon. As if I wouldn't already own this if I had the money.

My "Express Checkout with Payphrase" on Amazon today is "D's Instant Stab". :D
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The Knight Rider Archive would be vastly more awesome if most of the pages weren't white on black. *paws at eyes and whimpers* Also, I'm glad fanfic is free to ignore the writer's bible, because apparently KITT only being able to follow Michael's directions, rather than show some damn sense once in a while, was an edict from above...presumably so they could justify paying Hasselhoff after it became clear who the real star of the show was. (Bias? What bias? I have no idea what you could be talking about. There is clearly no bias here.)

For the record, I have been watching the same four episodes of Knight Rider on continuous loop for the past three days. Because the DVD drive is stuck shut. And yes, sure, I COULD go down there with the tiny screwdriver and unstick it, but it's...a lot easier just to watch the same four episodes over and over. I mostly just stare at KITT, anyway.

In totally unrelated news, how is it that nobody has ever told me about It's Effin Science? They blow shit up! WITH SCIENCE! This is totally relevant to my interests!
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So, back when the first Transformers movie came out on DVD, I took one look at the car playing Jazz and emailed [livejournal.com profile] queenoftheskies. Our conversation went something like:

Me: What is Jazz? DO WANT!
[livejournal.com profile] queenoftheskies: [livejournal.com profile] manga_queen says it's a Solstice. They aren't making them any more.
Me: *sadface*

And I assumed, since 'Bee was a Camaro, that she meant a CHEVY Solstice, and thought no more of it beyond "Jazz is the sexiest thing in this movie".

Guess who found out this morning that the Solstice was made by Pontiac? *facepalm*

Also, because I love you all, here's a video of all the turbo boosts in the run of Knight Rider, set to speed metal. This is what I was looking for when a link that said 'Pontiac Solstice' caught my eye. )

Edit of "because I just thought of it": Last night when Bossman and I were talking about cars, he said, "I almost bought a '72 Ford Fairlane, but then I touched the gas and it went *phew* ::complete with 'zoom' hand gestures:: and I decided I couldn't afford the speeding tickets."


May. 11th, 2010 10:31 pm
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For those of you not currently off your feed fic, [personal profile] hope has created The Fanfiction Header Builder! It looks very shiny!
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I deeply love this FF7/FF8 crossover-verse, based on my prompt He couldn't qualify to be a SOLDIER, but maybe he could make it as a SeeD. I was not expecting something so awesomely world-buildy when I came up with that! :D
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[personal profile] myopicmirror04 made me an awesome, awesome DQ8 trailer set to Nox Arcana's Ancient Legacy! *sparkly eyes*

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