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But even knowing that, I have no words for how SICK I feel that the mod is responding to the departure of several players by resetting the whole game canon so that the last three years of game never happened.

The new players seem fine with this, at least. God only knows if there are enough of the old player base left to care.
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But when you haven't posted or commented or given the mods any sign that you're still alive in several months, perhaps it's time to accept you don't have time for the RP and admit you're dropped rather than claiming you still intend to play. Conversely, perhaps the mods should just give up the farce of activity checks.

On the other hand, my guilt over sometimes going three or four weeks between posts is totally assuaged.

(Ves, yes, I still intend to come play with you on sex island. Though I still feel like I haven't internalized the rules enough to app.)

*defiantly chooses to leave post unlocked*
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Anyone interested in applying?

Transformers Prime RP   ::   Rules   ::   Plot   ::   Apply

Look, we even have a wiki for our game canon. Wikis are cool. And we are awesome. Come play with us. ^_^
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...I still have to admit that the TF Prime RP wiki has some pretty cool worldbuilding for our game canon.

PS: Still not dead. Busy knitting hats and watching my way through Final Fantasy XIII. Oh, and breeding little vampire mice on OviPets. MY LIFE, SO THRILLING.
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Transformers Prime RP   ::   Rules   ::   Plot   ::   Apply

(I should really update my RP icon over here.)
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One of the players in my TFP RP drew a portrait of my character. She did it in just a few hours. IT IS AMAZING.

It is also under the cut, though it's not really very big. )

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Why did you take a turn for the angsty in that scene? Why? *pokes, pokes* That scene was almost wrapped, and if we don't wrap that scene you don't get to start the other scene. So FFS just cooperate and go the fuck back to your room already!
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I think it would be kind of nice to have some other Beast Era characters *coughRHINOXcough* Prime-ified and brought into the Transformers Prime RP. If only so my Autobot versions of Rattrap and Airazor aren't lonely when I finally start playing them.
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I rang in the new year by playing WoW with my sister* and writing ridiculously self-indulgent, schmooptastic shipperfic that no one but me will ever see. I don't even feel guilty about writing ridiculously self-indulgent schmooptastic shipperfic that no one but me will ever see, and in fact, I keep reading back over it and purring at it.

Speaking of things that make me purr, on the RP front the Shadowrunner/Barricade showdown is rapidly devolving into violence porn**. ♥ XD I kind of approve of this start to the year. And by "kind of" I mean "so damn much". ♥

I think I need to consider swapping out some of my icons, if only because I don't have one I really want to use as my default right now. Hmmmm.

So far, the closest thing to a resolution I have is "write the damn character profiles for Rattrap and Airazor so you can bring them into the game, dumbass." (Yes, their apps have been approved, I'm just not happy enough to post them for everyone to look at. Because I have standards. Or something.) My other resolution may be "do not give into the temptation to app Sharpshot." Because really, the last thing this game needs is a pink Ranger. >_>

Speaking of the RP, we could still use players. *stares meaningfully at you all* Grown-ass players. As opposed to irritating fanbrats.

FAILED at the Hundred Hat Project Two: Acrylic Boogaloo, with a final total of only 75 hats. Stay tuned for me to launch into the Hundred Hat Project Three: Revenge of the Stitch as soon as I get my knitting mojo back.


*We started out with SRS QUESTING and ended up hunting birds for their eggs so we could make eggnog.

**This thread may yet need a warning; Cade's player and I be enjoying ourselves a bit too much.
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I am pretty sure that when this story arc has played out, I'm going to have an unplayably broken pup on my hands. Hence my desire to Autobot-ify Airazor and sneak HER into the game. I'm reasonably certain I can't manage to break her.

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