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The good: I have a solid idea for the short story I want to write for the Fell Beasts and Fair anthology.

The bad: Said idea came with enough backstory for a novel (or three)...IF I had the skill to plot and write the backstory properly, which I do not. And even if I did, the novel would suffer from a raging case of genre confusion, with elements of classic sword and sorcery, political intrigue, and icky romance cooties.

But the short story idea should work, if I can get it done by the November 1 deadline.

In other news, I have become mostly nocturnal, with my prime sleeping time between 7am and 1:30pm, and my prime writing time between 3am and 5am. IDEK.
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I have proto-ideas that I would like to write. I have...sorta-kinda words, at least when in impractical-for-writing places like the shower.

I also have a mental block where opening a writing program = too much pressure re: quality.

Which is stupid, because a) it's porn and b) I desperately need to goose my income for October, because September has been shit. New words...any new words...will help achieve this. WE LIKE MONEY, BRAIN, Y U GOTTA BE THIS WAY?

(I have also utterly failed at writing fanfic for the past month, so this isn't just a "zomg professional writing is too much pressure" thing. Brain is just really fucking contrary atm.)
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I mean, the thought, "I should take some programming classes, maybe some introductory engineering, so I can write giant transforming space robots with greater verisimilitude"...that's perfectly normal, right?
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This is...odd for me, as my cure for melancholy is usually "play something ear-bleeding at extremely high volume until my blood boils the sad out". (This is why I blame my tinnitus directly on my depression.) It is not, "sing off-key along with Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins."

...the worst part of this is that now my NaNo is fighting a losing battle against my desire to write ALL THE WESTERN AUs. *facepalm* My brain is all full of horses and stetsons.

Edit: On the up side, cowboys = somewhat more compatible with NaNo than giant robots, so there's that. No, Silverbolt, you cannot be a Texas Ranger, STFU.
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Apparently, some insidious part of my brain takes the words "very female" in regards to one of my OCs as an insult/criticism/sign something must be fixed/changed. *head in hands* (It probably doesn't help that this character is across-the-board broken held together by a thin veneer of Action Girl {TV Tropes link redacted so you don't all lose your weekend}.)
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Last night, I had the brilliant idea to make an ice cream float with whiskey instead of root beer (totally delicious; would nom again), and then the less brilliant idea to keep drinking the whiskey once the ice cream was gone.

But that's not the point of this post.

No. The point is that, while I was slumped at my desk pouring tea down my throat, I pulled up my SJ Tucker playlist. And somehow girl pirates + drowning imagery + sacrificed to become an elemental avatar (+ the thought, "If any canon should have a horned god hanging around, it's Thundercats") fused into "Cheetara should be captured by a band of female pirates who are actually the daughters of a sea god, and ritually drowned to become that god's avatar. Rescue by the other 'Cats optional."

I won't write it, but I really really wish someone would.
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Which, apparently, translates into...wanting to write classic!T-cats fic. (I do expect this to change once we have more episodes.) There is a really good chance that if I write, it will be some sort of fusion in which Cheetara kicks ass and saves the boys kind of a lot. My levels of "Cheetara Cheetara CHEETARA!" are matched only by my levels of "I would jump Tygra in a heartbeat." Since I was never a Tygra girl, I find the latter rather...disturbing. (For the record, I would also jump Cheetara in a heartbeat, but that, I consider a given.)

Classic!T-cats was second to Classic!GI Joe in my younger days (I won't say childhood because I don't think high school counts), and yet I've never written GI Joe fic or wanted to, despite the level of awesome GI Joe Renegades reached. Likewise, no desire to write Voltron fic (actually, I think Voltron Force counts as "what happened next" Voltron fic, complete with OCs, and I mean that in the best possible way.)

(Meanwhile, I want ALL the Transformers Prime fic, even though my interest in G1 is...well, is limited to the fact that G1 is what most of the people I read, write. I'm sure I watched G1 because it was there, but truth is, I doubt I could pick more than a dozen characters out of a lineup. I feel somewhat guilty for this, like I'm somehow failing at fandom for liking the reboot instead of the original, rather than in addition to, but...hell, I came into Transformers through Beast Wars, I'm already the red-headed stepchild in this fandom.)

No, this post really doesn't have a point. It's late, I'm rambling, reboots are awesome, Thundercats needs to bring in Pumyra so I can write femslash. The end.

Edit: Today's [community profile] fic_promptly theme is "female characters." This may have been slightly relevant to my interests.

Edit2: Yeah, I pretty much could have kept going all night - I really don't joke when I say it's all girls all the time around here - but a) it's 1:30 and I have work tomorrow, and b), I think once you've prompted for a Blackarachnia vs Airachnid one-upsmanship competition, it's time for bed. It should be noted I really, really, REALLY want someone to write that for me, by the way.
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Normally, I don't bother with sharing my frequently used words, but this one is honestly representative of my interests, so I had to share.

against airazor always arcee back before best better blackarachnia close could course didn't enough even gawdawful get girls go good he her here interesting just keep know make me my no not now okay only prompts really same see she should silverbolt sort team think tigatron too up words

(See, I'm not really joking when I say it's all girls all the time around here.)

Also, I think I am five prompts away from having written for ALL the prompts at [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100. Granted, I have not made it through the full list as past prompts, but I will be really pleased with myself if I catch up with where I came in - crossovers - before Sunday.

In other news, I have practically bathed in calamine lotion and look like a My Little Pony.
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Safely home, finally, and I still keep having to consciously force my shoulders down from the vicinity of my ears. Plus all this hunching up is giving me a sore neck.
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During my not-drunken (but you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference) ranting about Beast Machines, I said, Also, just once when one of the good guys, for some half-assed reason, goes over to the bad guy's side? And the bad guy is doing the whole seduction-to-the-dark-side, "are you afraid you'll enjoy it?" routine? I would like the good guy to go, "You know, you're right, this is kind of awesome," and blow the bad guy's head off.

To this, I would like to add that the next time someone objects to a perfectly sensible plan for winning with, "But then we're no better than the bad guys!" I would like the answer to be, "Hmm. Moral superiority versus saving thousands of lives. I opt for door number two." Followed by blowing the bad guy's head off and not immediately being corrupted by the horrible evils of practical behavior.

And now if you'll excuse me, I must go contemplate a Beast Machines AU that deviates from the series something like twelve minutes in and has nothing in common with canon besides the setup. As you might guess, this is all [personal profile] raisedbymoogles's fault.
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After determining yesterday that, in fact, writing and posting cause excessive anxiety on my part - and in light of certain other, RL, events - I had pretty much decided that in a cost/benefit analysis, writing loses.

Then I discovered I'd lost the paper on which I'd written my [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100 drabbles (and which I know was in my truck with me when I left work, because I'm paranoid about leaving writing at work), which I can only interpret as the universe supporting my decision.

Now the only question, really, is what to do with my FF.net and AO3 accounts. I'm not really comfortable leaving the stories up, but deleting them means losing what comments I've gotten over the years. (Also, I value my new story alerts.) I wish they were like journals, and I could just lock them rather than taking them down. I suppose I could take down the stories individually, but that is... wow, that is looking at a lot of things that are just going to trigger more anxiety, on top of figuring out how to delete stories from FF.net (AO3, at least, makes it easy). :( So for now, I'm just trying not to think about them at all.

Edit: And AO3 is dealt with. I left anything with a comment or bookmark, since it doesn't seem fair to delete things someone has interacted with, and also anything written for a person or comm.

I...cannot even think about dealing with FF.net right now. Best solution might be to forget that account exists.

And I still wish DW made it possible to change security setting by tag, rather than individually or globally.
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But it did provide valuable data regarding my comfort levels re: posting fic. Which is to say, "Pretty damn non-existent."
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As I'm sure was evident to everyone I interacted with today *waves weakly at [personal profile] raisedbymoogles and [personal profile] jlsigman*, today has not been a good day. On the up side, I did manage to limit myself to locking down my writing:beast wars tag rather than deleting everything up to and including my journals and AO3 account. So, um...yay?
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In retrospect, finishing off my TV Tropes crawl with "Nightmare Fuel" and "High Octane Nightmare Fuel" was, perhaps, not the best idea when it was late...and dark...and the wind was rattling at the windows...and I was all...alone...


Luckily, once I forced myself down the hallway...past the gaping dark maw of the bathroom...into the safety of my bed, and pulled the covers over my head (and the cats assumed defensive positions on top of me), I was able to distract myself with, "Oh slag! If I go AU directly after Coming of the Fuzors, as was the plan, how in sweet hell do I get Blackarachnia free of Tarantulas? NO DON'T THINK ABOUT THAT NOISE! Beast Wars! FOCUS!"
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While I was sitting in the drive-thru waiting for my noms, I tweeted to the effect of "OMG I am a grown woman writing about robots who turn into animals; what is wrong with me?" (If you follow my twitter, you saw it; if not, that was the jist, though I'm too lazy to copy/paste over here.)

And then I thought, Self, you should clarify that you weren't making an, "Oh, woe, how is my life so empty?" post, but rather a "How is Sharktopus the best movie I saw in 2010?" post. I mean, I saw many movies in 2010; what is up with my brain that the one which I tentacles-down liked the most was Sharktopus?

(Dinocroc vs Supergator was a close second, I admit.)

Only my food came, and all that was too long for Twitter anyhow, so I didn't clarify. And now I'm sure everyone who reads my Twitter feed thinks my life is sad and empty enough that Beast Wars is the best part of it.

But that whole thought chain up there? Reminded me that I wanted to do a Sharktopus/Beast Wars crossover.

Yeah. That...can't possibly end well, can it?
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So last night I dreamed I was in a parking lot, watching a bunch of teenage girls dressed as Princess Aurora (most in dresses that were more "senior prom" than "Disney Princess", and also, they had their hair dyed pink to match the dresses...one girl was in a pink cocktail dress with purple feathers at the neck, and hot pink curls...oh, and there was one chartreuse-haired Lois Lane. My brain is apparently populated by anime schoolgirls.) arrive for some kind of costume party. Anyway. This lead me to wake up thinking about costumes, because at the Disney Trick or Treat [personal profile] queenoftheskies and I knocked around the idea of going in costume next year, but didn't come up with anything to really go AS.

And of course, my mind went "Maleficent...Evil Queen..." because those ARE the Ladies of Disney Villainy, after all, and I love them best. But every year there are quite a few Maleficents and Evil Queens, and this year there were quite a lot of Queens of Hearts (both classic and Burton). And then it hit me.

Ursula. I can go as URSULA!

I mean, let's face it, I've got the build. The costume from the waist up is simple: a lavender leotard, a black strapless swimsuit over it (and likely, a sweatshirt under it, if it's as cold as it was this year), a bit of lavender body paint, blue eye shadow, screaming red lipstick and a white wig. Possibly I could even make myself an eel scarf to disguise the seam where the leotard ends and the body paint begins. The only real problem is from the waist DOWN.

How do I do proper looking tentacles that won't trip me (or violate Disney's silly rules about not endangering other guests), won't weigh a ton, and won't keep me off the rides? *ponder* I'm thinking maybe black sweat pants with two tentacles wrapped around or painted on the legs, and then... a half skirt of tentacles to the front and sides? Made of what? They're tentacles, they have to have some bounce/spring to them.

Thoughts, people, thoughts!

Advice on how to make them respond to my psychic commands to molest Jungle Cruise skippers also accepted.

I need an icon of Ursula doing that hip-shimmy thing SO HARD, guys.
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Let me tell you a secret: the baby Dragovian does not do travel well. Or rather, she does not do travel preparation well.

Here is the thing: I am packed. My clothes take up approximately 1/3 of the space in my small duffel, with the remaining space given over to, erm, yarn. (Shaddup. It's a long drive, and I'm a passenger.) My computer bag contains Dillon, with Ruby (the DS) tucked in the front compartment, and small notebooks and pens in the zipper pouch. The little green cloth bag my $7 sheet set came in (which has been recommissioned into a knitting bag) contains my knitting needles, my camera, and my iPod. I have a box with Things To Take To My Sister.

Most importantly, for this post, I will only be gone something like 48 hours.

I know - in my head I know - that even if I didn't go home tonight, and my animals were left with nothing but the food and water I put out when I left the house this morning, no one would be dead come my return Saturday morning, bar a freak meteor strike. I know this. And yet I am freaking out that maybe I will forget to top off everyone's dishes, maybe I will fail to set up the gravity-feed water system, maybe I will forget some other completely unnecessary preparation and kill all my pets. Pets who will, rationally, at the very WORST be inconvenienced by having to jump up on the edge of the bathtub to drink from the leaky faucet (which drips into the Bucket That is Always Full, and which will, in turn, drain into the Giant Vacation Water Trough while I'm gone...yes, the leaky faucet is an important part of the feline ecosystem around here).

I even put out a bag of cheap catfood for the outside ferals to tear open, so they won't be tempted to try to raid the dogs' food and get killed. Rationally, I am totally prepared, I swear it.

Now ask if I've stopped freaking the fuck out, yet. :P
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Behold my thoughts on what I shall write for Spook Me! Tremble in terror at my unfiltered brain dump!

Don't click if you prefer surprises come fic posting time. )
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Watching Knight Rider, there are lots of things that bug me (damsel in distress of the week, anyone?), but which would really have pissed me off when I was a younger and less tolerant dragon. I'm okay with the pilot, but man, how did I make it past the first couple of episodes? (I actually remember debating whether I should just tape over "Bad Day at White Rock".)

Of course, the answer is the same as the answer to "how did I manage five seasons of Supernatural": focus on the car. The humans are irrelevant. The plot is irrelevant. Focus on the car.

I think there's a clue here on how to get me to watch more television, really. Or they could just make a show about awesome lesbians with superpowers (who drive awesome cars). But I think one is more likely than the other.

This post brought to you by the fact that Bossman has started suggesting shows I might like based on the kind of car the main character drives. ^__^
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Last night I had a nightmare in which I went into a room where some sort of demon/reaper thing was trapped (I remembered, in dream, that [insanejournal.com profile] deepbluesquee had summoned it, but I thought she'd dispelled it when she left and the room was safe), and something I did allowed it to grab me and start dragging me off to a Very Bad Fate. And I was screaming and pounding on the blacked out window, trying to get it to break and let light in, but that wasn't working. Lucky for me, [insanejournal.com profile] queenoftheskies avatar showed up and blasted the thing (and then I wouldn't let her leave, until she called a Power Ranger to come babysit me).

(Not a talking car in sight, I'm sad to report. I think KITT's mad at me.)

And I woke up freaked so completely the fuck out that I didn't even mind that the cats had decided I needed to be covered from head to toe. Nightmares are less awful when you have a kitteh!Iolaus curled against your chest purring (Iolaus is the Cat of Endless Purr), and a Tygra to watch your back.

Unrelated, but I really fucking hate people who complain about medical costs (often with bonus racism of the "if I was an illegal alien, I wouldn't owe anything" variety), and yet who STILL oppose nationalized health care. This paragraph brought to you by just now being subjected to such a conversation.

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